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Frazes at the Fair......

By Lyn Bliss
Senior Scribe

Two years ago, some of the unusual footwear caught my eye while people watching at the Great Darke County Fair.  A considerable amount of my time at the Fair was spent looking down......and pointing my camera in that direction when something unusual was found.  This resulted in a photo page of "Feet at the Fair".

Last year, my attention was rivited by all of the food being enjoyed by the fair-goers. I must have been hungry on the first day!  Whatever the cause, my photo offering  for last year became  a youtube video , "Food at the Fair".

This year, my planning started early....with thoughts that there needed to be a photo essay of something along the lines of these previous two efforts. After considerable thought, and a visit to the Thesaraus, "Frazes at the Fair" was settled upon (Even though the spelling may raise a few eyebrows!).

Opening Day at the Great Darke County Fair arrived and during the 9 days of the fair, when my camera was active, it was pointed at clothing that had a phraze, saying, photo, advertising, etc. on it.My brother was visiting from Iowa -- and even wore a shirt specifically so it could be featured -- front and back! 

After looking around at what people were "saying" -- it seemed that Harley Davidson was most frequently featured -- followed by vacation destinations and then statements of personal interest.

Hope you will enjoy the following shots......

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Hope you enjoy this compilation.

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