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Townhall… What if it's True? by Cal Thomas

Suppose what some call the "Christmas story" is true -- all of it, from the angels, to the shepherds, to the virgin birth, to God taking on human flesh. By this, I don't mean to suggest it is true only for those who believe it to be true, but what if it is objectively true, no matter what the deniers say? What difference would it make? Should it make any difference? The narrative and the quotations written by the physician named Luke and by John, the closest disciple of Jesus of Nazareth... read more
Human Events… The ObamaCare Nightmare Before Christmas by Jason Mattera

You’re probably thinking, "Jason, hasn’t this entire Barack presidency been a nightmare thus far?"  True that. But the ghoulishness doesn’t stop with the intrusive blocks of legislation that have already passed. We got a lot more opacity and conniving to look forward to. Crap!
You see, with all the attention being given to the Democrats' attempt to treat the lame-duck session as Barney Frank’s stocking-stuffer of left-wing gifts galore
... read more
Human Events… Terror In A Handful Of Pork, by John Hayward

For Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, December is the cruelest month, weeding government waste out of the dead land.  He’s just released his “Wastebook 2010,” a long, depressing poem about our bloated government at morning striding behind us, and at evening rising to meet us.  The book is available for the bargain price of $11.5 billion, which you have already paid, so you might as well enjoy it... read more
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