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Melville case ‘unfinished business’ - By Bob Robinson
It pulled at my heart strings to the point I took a lone flower and placed it on her casket when her remains were re-interred in the county cemetery. Jane Doe was positively identified in July 2009 as 18-year-old Jeanne Marie Melville. She was exhumed from the Darke County Home Cemetery for the second and last time a month later on Aug. 6 at 1 p.m. Her remains were returned to her home in Green Bay, Wis. - read more
An informed public makes better government - By Bob Robinson - Part 1 of two parts
“What I do want,” said Darke County Commissioner-elect Mike Stegall, “is for you… the Advocate, Early Bird, Policy… to ask questions.” He intends to do his job; he wants the Fourth Estate to do theirs. “The more informed people are about their government, the better it will be,” he said. “Question! Question with boldness… you’ll never get a complaint from me.”... read more
Stegall talks about traits he’ll bring to office - By Bob Robinson - Part two of two
“We’re both Alpha Males,” Darke County Commissioner-elect Mike Stegall said, referring to Commissioner Mike Rhoades and himself. “That’s why there are three of us.” He said he’d heard that people expected Rhoades and him to butt heads. Stegall acknowledged they probably will. “(Greenville Township Trustee) Bill Kelly has a strong personality… we argue… we disagree, but we’re still friends”... read more
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