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Darke County Red Cross... American Red Cross Tips Help Kids Stay Safe When Home Alone
Develop and Practice Plan to Ensure Safety after School - Darke County OH, August 26, 2011 — As children around the nation are returning to school, many of them will be spending time home alone after school until their parents get home from work. The American Red Cross has steps parents and children can take to make these after-school hours safer and less stressful. “Decide if your child is mature enough to be home alone and ask him or her if they would be comfortable being… read more
Darke County Fair… 2011 Youth Livestock Sales total nearly $350 thousand
An increase of more than $100,000 since 2002 - A complete list of buyers for 2011 is provided in a pdf link below. According to the Junior Fair 4-H and FFA Livestock Sale Exhibitors, in 2010 there were 427 lots sold for a total of $327,890. This year there were 431 lots sold for a total of $349,185. “The Junior Fair 4-H and FFA Livestock Sale Exhibitors would like to take this opportunity… read more
Great Darke County Fair… A College Student “Bucket List” By Bob Robinson
Two young college students descended on The Great Darke County Fair during its closing hours Saturday evening with one goal in mind… to finish off their “bucket list” of things to eat! Darke County Native and former Teen Advocate Editor Jordan Pridemore, and her friend Sarah Wilson – both Ball State University Seniors – left campus for one evening to attend the Great Darke County Fair… read more
Kiddie Tractor Pull awards 72 trophies… all were winners, By Elaine Bailey
Words of support and encouragement from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends punctuated the air as these 3-year-olds resolutely pedaled their way along the floor of the Swine Building at the 2011 Darke County Fair. The event was conducted by the National Kiddie Tractor Pullers Association. Over 90 children, from the ages of three through eight, pedaled tractors pulling weighted… read more
Darke County Parks... Creeks Camp Held!
Darke County Park District recently hosted Creeks, Ponds and Beyond summer camp for 8-9 year olds.  Campers created a wetland environment in the Nature Center and added to the environment each day.  First, plants, crawdads and other critters were added from the wetland and the creek to the indoor environment.  Then, campers took a break from building the environment to… read more
Darke County Parks... Wayne Industries individuals busy helping Park District
Individuals from Wayne Industries have been very busy this summer for the Darke County Park District. As they continue their weekly adoption of the in-town Parks, they have completed everything and anything from trimming and mowing the trails, to picking up litter, and ensuring all areas of the park are safe for the public to enjoy! Additionally, they stained the wooden structure around the… read more
Feet at the Fair... By Lyn Bliss, Senior Scribe
Like most of us, I do a lot of people watching at the fair. Other than the animals and political talk, that is my main entertainment……. Well, there is a lot of eating thrown in, also! The week usually starts off with just generally noting what people are wearing as I walk around. But as the week progresses, and I get worn out and spend more time sitting around, I tend to end up looking at what people have… read more
Darke County Youth Fair Results, Prepared by Lyn Bliss
The Culmination of a Year’s Hard Work - Photos by Bob Robinson - Hundreds of young people worked hard all year preparing for the Event of the Year… the Great Darke County Fair. Here are the Youth Fair Results along with several pictures from the livestock areas of the fairgrounds. More results and photos will be published soon. County News Online would like to congratulate everyone who… read more
Ultimate summer vacation essay, By Elaine Bailey
Remember returning to school in September and writing the much expected essay, “What I Did Over Summer Vacation”? Well, second grader Harley will have the ultimate tale to tell.  She will tell the tale of a tail that she touched and sat on.  So what tail did she sit on? Why, an alligator tail, of course! Both Dave, the alligator handler, and Harley, an enthusiastic yet cautious spectator, entertained… read more
Great Darke County Fair… Square Dancing is Alive and Well at the Fair, By Elaine Bailey
“… get on your dancin' shoes… There's gonna be a shindig in the barn.”  This shindig was hosted by the Darke County Swinging 8’s. Folks learned how to swing, promenade, allemande, dosado, and star right, as directed by caller Mark Libert, active member of the Darke County Swinging 8’s. The square dancing group took a recess this summer from their monthly dances at a local church recreational… read more
Darke County Parks... Early Morning Discovery Hike Report
8/24/11 - This week’s Early Morning Discovery Hike had great weather, great birds and good times! We hiked Shawnee Prairie Preserve this week, and it was a good thing!  We started the hike in the Parking Lot area and heard Wild Turkeys in the distance “arguing” as a dog barked at them.  We walked up the lane and soon discovered something quite exciting in the tree-tops… read more
Great Darke County Fair… Three generations of Domestic Arts exhibitors set records
By Elaine Bailey - A number of new records were set by the Domestic Arts department during the 2011 Great Darke County Fair.  Harry Niswonger, an accomplished, eighty-five-years young woodworker, won two rosettes.  And he was a first time exhibitor! Nine hundred and seventy-one items made by 217 exhibitors were entered in Domestic Arts.  A group of items represented three generations… read more
Sunday at the 2011 Darke County Fair, By Christy Riley
People & Their Animals - This picture is of me with Nixie the cow. Next I have shown a picture of Nixie and her owner Brigitte who says that Nixie is a Guernsey cow. Say hello to photogenic Shetland Sheep dog, Dallas, and thank his owners, Joe & Sherry Shafer for bringing him to the fair. Dallas is 1 ½ years old. He is really cute and loves having his picture taken. Malachi Jones is holding… read more
Great Darke County Fair… Veteran’s Day, By Al Bliss
This was a special day for me and from the vantage point of an interested observer, a raft/gaggle/bunch of other soiled seniors spent some time at the GREAT DARKE COUNTY FAIR, said hello to other veterans and had a good day. The age of the majority of the veterans at the Fair was consistently very senior.  In other words with only a few exceptions… read more
BBBS Match Ongoing for nine years
Connie Hamilton, age 64, and Ashley Schoffner, age 17, both of Sidney, represent a successful Big Sister/Little Sister match within the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Shelby & Darke County agency.  Their relationship shows the positive impact of mentoring.  They were matched in May, 2002, and now have more than nine years of meeting twice a month for activities they both enjoy… read more
Why I Love the Fair, By Christy L. Riley, Teen Scribe, Photos by Bob Robinson, Editor
August 1997 was my first year at the Fair. To me it was amazing at how big the Great Darke County Fair was and all it had. Back then I loved the fair because of the rides and food. Fast forward to 2011, the fair to me is so much more than all of that. The fair means many things to fair goers as the following quotes will show. Brenda Glunt said, “I love going to the fair to just sit and watch people… read more
They ‘Blew’ Us Away, By Naiesha Thobe, Photos by Jessica Transue, Teen Scribes
Trumpets, tubas, flutes, amongst other intruments, were included in what could have arguably been the main event at the fairgrounds on Monday. For only three dollars a ticket, fairgoers were treated to the sights and sounds put on by many different bands. Various bands participated in this turnout, including, but not limited to, Tri-Village, Missinawa Valley, Ansonia, Bradford, and our… read more
Big Brothers Big Sisters... High School Big Buddy Mentors Needed
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Shelby and Darke County is excited to announce that another great year is in the works for the Big Buddies after-school program.  This is the thirteenth year the program has been in place.  The Buddies program is a nine-month commitment where high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors volunteer to work with and mentor elementary aged children two times per month.  During… read more
Darke County Visitors Bureau... New Tourism Website Launched
GREENVILLE (Aug. 19, 2011) – Travelers searching for ideas on day trips, extended stays or relaxing getaway weekends in western Ohio will find a wealth of information and entertainment thanks to a redesign of, Darke County’s travel and tourism website. “Years ago, tourists may have planned a trip around a friend’s recommendations or by using a travel agent, but today they use the web,” said Deanna York, Executive Director of the Darke County Visitors… read more
Faces, things and such... courtesy of the Great Darke County Fair, By Lyn Bliss
On Saturday nights it was gathering time in the small Iowa farming town I grew up in. When I was a kid and my folks would sit around and talk for what, at that time, seemed like hours on end, I just could never understand it. Why didn’t they want to be up and running around with all of their friends?? Hmmmm… the Darke County Fair has shown me the error of my ways. What a treat it… read more
Great Darke County Fair… The Dog Show… A Fun Event! By Elaine Bailey
Spectators of all ages filled the stands and crowded around the arena to watch the parade of dogs and their obedience drills at Saturday’s Dog Show. It’s a draw as to who was having the most fun… the audience, the dogs, the trainers, or Ed Swank, Secretary of the Dog Department serving as emcee. The members of the Greenville Area Dog Club (GADC) love to have fun, love… read more
Canine Royalty Named, By Jessica Transue
As part of the festivities of the Greenville Area Dog Club Show, a King, Queen and Princess is chosen. This year’s Canine King is Lucas Chrasman. Chelsea Stout was chosen Canine Queen for 2011 and Addy Frens was named Canine Princess. Contestants took part in the Parade of Dogs and Obedience Drills. Ed Swank, Secretary of the Dog Department was the emcee. Membership in the… read more 
Faces, Faces and More Faces… then there’s Body Language, By Bob Robinson
I love watching people, especially kids. I love seeing their expressions; whether they are happy, sad, angry, determined, questioning, irritated… the expression tells it all. Then there’s body language. If the face doesn’t tell the story, body language does. Humans have a thousand emotions and they usually have no difficulty displaying them, but you have to pay attention. Then there are… read more
Darke County Parks... Six Hummingbirds Banded
Alan Chartier returned to the Darke County Parks Nature Center on Saturday, August 6th for his ever popular Hummingbird Banding Program.  Alan began the program by discussing his on-going research on Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds, the only hummingbird found in Ohio.  This amazing bird weighs less than an ounce and can fly up to 60mph.   After learning about hummingbirds, the… read more
Marker named Little Mister King; Norris is Little Miss Queen, By Elaine Bailey
Fifty-five contestants met at the Great Darke County Fair Gazebo to compete in the 2011 Little Miss & Mister Darke County Fair King and Queen Contest sponsored by The Flower Patch. This year’s 2011 King and Queen are Owen Marker and Jaydn Norris. The theme for this year’s event was Under the Stars! Ken Kurz, Director of Development & Public Relations at State of the Heart… read more
Darke County Parks... DCP helps YMCA Summer Camp!
The Darke County Parks Naturalists assisted with the YMCA summer day camp in August after a last minute change-of-plans with the YMCA’s original plans.  The campers from the YMCA travelled out to Shawnee Prairie Preserve to learn about all about plants.  The program started off by talking about the many different parts of a plant and playing a game of “Plant Part Charades.”  Campers were then broken into groups and took a long hike through the woods to talk about different plants, their… read more
Darke County Friends of the Shelter… Darke Elks Benevolence Group donates to Shelter
The Darke Elks Benevolence recently presented a check to members of The Friends of the Shelter. The Friends of the Shelter is a 501 (c) 3 non profit group that raises funds to provide extra amenities and comfort to the animals that currently reside at the Darke County Animal Shelter. These funds will go toward the newest project of constructing a community dog park… read more
Every Kid a Winner in Freaky Veggie Contest, By Dylan Hoover
The kids did great in decorating their vegetables. They only had 30 minutes to build their artistic creations. Their imagination and creativity really helped them in this competition… every kid came out a winner today. Daniel Booker got 1st Place with his tomato. Vince Wetzel got 2nd Place with his potato, and Bradley Booker got 3rd Place with his pepper… read more
So what’s a Whoopie Pie? By Elaine Bailey
Origins are unknown... taste will “knock your socks off” The origin of the Whoopie Pie is not certain.  But there is no question as to the delectable taste of a Whoopie Pie.  It is rumored that when the dessert is discovered in a lunch bag or box, that a cry of “Whoopie” erupts from the recipient, as she bites into the cake sandwich stuffed with a sweet, creamy filling.  So what could improve… read more
Great Darke County Fair… Sights, People and Events are ongoing Highlights
Photos by Elaine Bailey - The Great Darke County Fair has long presented solutions to a variety of rural county social options. It is a place where hard-working youngsters show off their animals and produce. It is a place where kids can enjoy the carnival flavor of rides and “try your hand for a prize” games. It is a place where top flight local and national entertainment is available for those who wish… read more
State of the Heart Hospice... Darke County Residents earn Hospice Certification
Several State of the Heart Hospice staff members recently earned the Certified Hospice & Palliative Care distinction following the completion of a required course and examination. From the Darke County office, Kim Livingston, Stacy Fry, Susan Elifritz, and Heather Bankson have all achieved this certification over the last few months. “Earning this certification takes considerable studying, followed by an… read more
Not Friday the 13th, By Naiesha Thobe, Teen Scribe
Rather it was Friday the 19th that kicked off the Great Darke County Fair. And what a kick off it was. “Everybody’s a winner!” “Step right up!” “Would you like to sign up to win an Apple Ipad?” There were many cheerful faces crowded into the fairgrounds late Friday evening. There was an assortment of activity that ranged from placing your bets on horse racing or taking the ‘Are you a good person?’ lie detector… read more
Fast action in Saturday harness racing, By George Starks
GREENVILLE- Twelve races highlighted the racing program Saturday afternoon at The Great Darke County Fair with nine more being contested Saturday night. Hollansburg and Darke County native, trainer Kent Wilcox, picked up two big wins in the day session. Wilcox got his first of the day in the third as You Don’t Get It paced his way to the winners circle in a time 2:02, beating… read more
County, state officials flip steaks for agriculture, By Lyn Bliss, Senior Scribe
“It’s a lot more fun to be out here as a state senator. I get to toss my own food and maybe have some fun with it, because I know a lot of the people now. I know where to go to get my favorites and it feels like I am coming home. That’s kind of nice.” said State Senator Bill Beagle (R-5). “I’ll probably have a rib steak.” County and state elected and appointed officials gathered to help flip the… read more
21st Annual Great Darke County Fair Cheerleading Competition, Friday, August 19, 2011
By Dylan Hoover and Elaine Bailey; Photos by Dylan Hoover, Elaine Bailey and George Starks
There were a lot of competitive skills on the mat today as area-wide cheerleaders came out and gave it their all. A long day of hard work really paid off for the girls as they received medals and trophies. Amazing flips and rolls impressed everyone when Mississinawa… read more
The Great Darke County Fair… Day Two kicks off with food, games and happy smiles
Photos by Elaine Bailey and Bob Robinson - Well, happy smiles with an occasional frown or two, like one from a little girl who had absolutely no intention of climbing onto the pony ride… despite the encouragement of Mom and Dad. Then there’s the little boy who would really like his ferris wheel ride to go faster. However, most seemed to be having a good time… including the County News Online volunteers who covered… read more
Austen and Harless team up for a winner, By George Starks
JJS Rosie takes Race 2 on the Opening Night of Darke County Fair Harness Racing - GREENVILLE - When Greenville native Tim Harless watched JJS Rosie racing on television in New York, he watched a horse that struggled. He also saw a horse he thought he could help. He told his long time friend Cindy Austen about the horse, saying he could purchase the horse for very little… read more
Big Brothers Big Sisters... BBBS hosts agency picnic at Earl’s Island
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Shelby and Darke County sponsored an agency picnic at Earl’s Island, Lake Loramie State Park on Thursday, August 11, to provide an evening of fun and food for the volunteers and the children in the program. Over 60 individuals from Shelby and Darke Counties attended the picnic under clear skies and mild temperature.  Everyone had a wonderful time, with the… read more
Big Brothers Big Sisters July match: Larry Schultz and Joseph Jaskiel
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Shelby & Darke County announce Big Brother Larry Schultz, of Piqua, and Little Brother Joseph Jaskiel have been selected as July Match of the Month.  Joseph lives in Sidney with his aunt, Angel Barker.  Larry and Joseph have been matched since May, 2010. Larry enjoys being a Big Brother and realizes the impact of sharing his time, knowledge, and life experiences has… read more
Darke County Parks... The Autumn Nature Notes is Here!
The smell of the crisp autumn air, the crunch of colorful leaves underfoot and the lack of mosquitoes all combine to make this the BEST time to explore the Parks!  Plan on attending our ever-popular Prairie Days festival at the end of September for a celebration of Prairies and the pioneer way of life, grab the kids for the Great Pumpkin Hunt, attend one of the weekly Early Morning… read more
Wave soccer has new theme, By George Starks
GREENVILLE - Kick… kick… kick! Wayne Gretzky once said, “you can’t win if you don’t shoot.” A statement that holds true not only in hockey but in several other sports, including soccer. “Our goal as a team is to take at least 30 shots on goal every game. If 10 percent of those go in, we‘re good,,“ said assistant coach Rob Maher. “In the past, we never wanted to shoot until we got… read more
155th Annual Great Darke County Fair Opens, By Bob Robinson
“It’s a mini city. We rotate gates, walk around, handle calls…” About 50 fair and elected officials, Chamber of Commerce members, media representatives, volunteers and interested fairgoers were on hand Friday morning for the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the 155th Great Darke County Fair. The Ribbon Cutting went off without a hitch and the group… read more
Great Darke County Fair opens today, By Bob Robinson
Photos by Elaine Bailey & Bob Robinson - Preparations for the 155th Darke County Fair began months ago, but weren’t noticeable until a few days ago. For one photo sent earlier this week, Elaine Bailey told CNO: “I came from the fairgrounds this morning and couldn't believe my eyes,” she said. “The chairs were up and ready on a Tuesday... probably were ready yesterday, even before… read more
Jazz in the Park, By Elaine Bailey
“We have the most dedicated audience here this evening,” acknowledged J.R. Price, the director of the Greenville Municipal Concert Jazz Band, as a light rain fell through the tree-covered lawn.  Umbrellas snapped open to the jazzy beat of the first few songs.  While the musical sounds for “Here’s That Rainy Day” floated from the Marling Band Shell, a full rainbow… read more
Wave gearing up for opening night showdown, By George Starks
GREENVILLE - When conditioning started for fall athletes, the heat was unbearable. With several straight days of 90 plus temperatures, football coaches across the state and beyond stressed two words... “Stay hydrated.” According to senior co-captain Sam Jones, it was tough in the beginning. “At the start of conditioning, it was miserable,” Jones stated. “Coach couldn’t stress fluids… read more
Versailles S&L breaks ground on new location
Versailles Savings & Loan Company celebrated the groundbreaking for its new location with an official ceremony that took place on the site located at 10413 Kley Road.  Attending the ceremony were members of the Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce, Marc Saluk – Darke County Economic Development Director, Randy Gump – Village Administrator, Kevin Drees of Urb Drees… read more
Love that fair! By Bob Robinson
Three days until we kick off the biggest annual event Darke County has to offer… the 155th Great Darke County Fair! I love the festivals and remembrances that start with Memorial Day each year, then move into Independence Day celebrations and annual community events from New Madison, Versailles, Union City, Bradford and many other local villages. Then there’s the Annie Oakley Festival… read more
Key Club: Service to community, and a taste of history, By Bob Robinson
Despite challenges – uncooperative weather, vacations, schedule conflicts and more – officers and a hearty group of Greenville High School Key Club members still managed to “give back” to their community… and add to their experiences. After two failed attempts to work on Greenville Township cemeteries – first due to punishing heat and thunderstorm predictions, the… read more
Zechar Bailey Commemorates 9/11 with Wall of Remembrance
The 10th Anniversary display of the 9/11 Memorial will be free to the public from Sept. 2 through 12 - Zechar Bailey Funeral Home, a proud Dignity Memorial® provider in Greenville, Ohio, will display a wall of remembrance dedicated to the victims of Sept. 11, 2001, a 24-foot-long, and four-foot-high wall listing the names of those who perished in the tragedy 10 years ago. The wall of… read more
Resistance of Corn Rootworm to Bt Corn Discovered in Iowa, By Justin Petrosino, OSU Extension
After receiving complaints from farmers, researchers at Iowa State University launched an investigation into several problem fields in Iowa. Farmers complained of heavy rootworm feeding in fields that were planted with a corn hybrid with Bt protection for rootworm. Corn with Bt protection has a gene from the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis that confers resistance to insect feeding… read more
Sidewalk Chalk Art kicks off State Heritage Days, By Elaine Bailey
Under overcast skies and on sidewalks cooled from an overnight shower, contestants ranging from ages 4 through 19 met at the northwest corner of Pearl and Columbia next to the Raphael Kirshbaum Building located in the Union City Commercial Historic District to participate in the Psi Chapter of Tri Kappa’s debut Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest.  The art contest was the first of many events held during the… read more
American Red Cross Darke County Chapter... Keeping Athletes safe in Extreme Heat
From Lynne Gump, Executive Director - Darke County OH, August 8, 2011 — In the wake of recent student athlete deaths due to excessive heat, the American Red Cross recommends team officials, coaches and parents take steps to help ensure the safety of their players during extreme heat. “Keeping athletes safe is crucial,” said Lynne Gump, Executive Director of the Darke County Chapter. “Make sure athletes… read more
Stockpiling to extend grazing season, By Justin Petrosino, OSU Extension, Darke County
It is time to think about winter stockpiling to extend your grazing season. August just arrived this past Monday, but it is already time to start planning for grazing into the winter! On 90 degree days winter seems a long way off. However, now is the time to think about which paddocks to set aside for winter grazing. Before we dive into stockpiling for winter let’s talk about some summer pasture management tips… read more
Darke County Parks… 6-7 Year Old Nature Camp Held
Knee Deep in Nature Summer Camp was recently held at the Darke County Park District.  The week began with a short interpretation of the floras of Darke County.  Campers participated in plant charades, a plant scavenger hunt and were able to make and take home a self-watering planter, which is already showing signs of life! Birds were the topic of the next day.  Sean Connor, a… read more
Annie Oakley Bingo Breakfast was a great success!
The Annie Oakley Festival Committee would like to thank the many volunteers and sponsors that helped to once again, make the annual bingo breakfast a great success. Once again the spirit and commitment of the following people and businesses has shown that we are proud to live and work in Darke County. Our thanks to: Carolyn Fisher, VFW Bingo, Paws Bingo, Eikenberrys, Darke County Humane Society, McDonalds, Ron Moody, Wendy’s, Catering by Michael, Moose Lodge… read more
Senior Independence Hospice seeks "Make It Happen" Volunteers
Submitted by Mary Taylor, HandsOn West Central Ohio Volunteer - Senior Independence Hospice, a faith based non-profit organization serving the elderly, need volunteers for their Make it Happen program, which takes special patient final wishes and develops a plan to Make it Happen.  Depending upon the nature of the individual wish, volunteers may be utilized in any of the steps of planning, development and or implementation of the wish.  Volunteers, who must be at least 18… read more
Darke County Parks… Cultural Camp Held
During the week of July 11-15, campers at Darke County Parks went back in time to the 18th century.  Campers began the week quickly learning that being a pioneer kid is hard work!  They made their own marbles to play with and then they made candles so they could see at night. The second day, the pioneer kids were introduced to natural dyes and together they made a rag rug on… read more
Public Hearing Notice... City of Greenville
8/5/11 - The City of Greenville is applying to the Ohio Department of Transportation for an operating and capital assistance grant under 49 U.S.C. Section 5311 of the Federal Transit Laws, as codified, the Ohio Elderly & Disabled Transit Fare Assistance Program (E&D program) and the Ohio Public Transportation Grant Program. The operating grant will provide financial assistance for open door, public transportation service for the residents of the City of Greenville, including… read more
Annie Oakley Photo Shoot Out Contest was a success!
The Annie Oakley Festival Committee would like to thank everyone who entered the Photo Shoot Out Contest and a special thanks to Crystal Miller, owner of Crystal LeeAnn Photography who set up and operated the contest.  The results of the judging is as follows: Best of Show Amber Hart; Darke County… read more
First Lady Karen Kasich... AAP Foundation: Brunch, Baseball and Books
COLUMBUS – First Lady Karen W. Kasich today participated in “Brunch, Baseball and Books,” hosted by the Ohio Academy of Pediatrics Foundation at Huntington Park. In support of the Foundation’s early literacy and obesity prevention programming, the First Lady addressed an audience of nearly 100 people and read an activity book to the children in attendance. “The greatest gift we give to our children is our love and perhaps the second greatest are opportunities to learn and… read more
Municipal Building Hours
Effective August 1, 2011 the City of Greenville has new hours for the Municipal Building. Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Friday: 8:00 am 1:00 pm. Closed Weekends.
Fifth Anniversary Community Meals, By Marianne Clark, Photos By Nancy Rush, Senior Scribes
In April of 2006 some people at the Brethren Church in Union City, Ohio sent out 27 letters to churches in the area. The letter was an invitation to any local church having an interest in providing free meals for seniors or anyone else who might be in need of a good healthy meal, to get on the band wagon and be willing to help.  The first meeting was in May of 2006. It was decided that if at least three other… read more
The Annie Oakley Parade… an Annual Tradition
Photos by Jessica Transue and Dylan Hoover, Teen Scribes - The Annie Oakley Festival has a long history in Darke County. It honors the county’s favorite daughter, Little Miss Sure Shot… Annie Oakley. A tradition of the festival is the parade. It starts at the Garst Museum, heads south on Broadway and through downtown Greenville, then continues south on Washington to Fair, then west to the… read more
Citizens gather for ‘Gathering at Garst’
By Naiesha Thobe, Photos by Jessica Transue - Teen Scribes - There was a new event happening in Greenville this weekend, one that seems to have claimed a lot of traffic for its debut. The Gathering at Garst, as the name states, was held at Garst Museum Saturday and Sunday. Vendors braved the heat and set up around the perimeter of the Museum, armed with their wares, fans… read more
Darke County Animal Shelter… Pets of the week
Jazzy is a 3-year-old terrier mix. She is black with long hair. She is a sweet little girl and loves to play. She is full of energy and will make a great walking companion. She is housebroken and is good with kids. She gets along well with other dogs and cats. She will make super companion and is ready for adoption. Josie is an 8-year-old Weimaraner. She is gray with short hair and a short tail. She… read more
State Tourism Director tours Darke County
GREENVILLE – The Darke County Visitors Bureau was honored to take State Tourism Director, Amir Eylon on a whirlwind tour of Darke County. Executive Director of the Darke County Visitors Bureau, Deanna York showed Mr. Eylon the highlights of the county beginning with the Legendary Sidewalk Sales during Annie Oakley Days in downtown Greenville.  Thousands of people make downtown Greenville… read more
The Legacy of Annie Oakley Lives, By Naiesha Thobe, Teen Scribe
Photos by Jessica Transue, Teen Scribe, and Bob Robinson, Editor - The heat may have been clutching Darke County in its grasp, but it didn’t stop the visitors to the annual Annie Oakley Days festival being held at the fairgrounds this weekend. Many people had set up shop, selling a wide variety of items from decades-old antiques to hand crafted items. There was something for… read more
Partnering for Progress... Second National Bank Continues Support of Local Development
DARKE COUNTY- Second National Bank has continued their strong support of Darke County’s Partnering for Progress (P4P) campaign with a 2011 contribution of $10,000 to the county wide economic development effort. The bank’s contribution raised the year three total of the campaign to over $350,000, with more money being committed monthly. It also raised the bank’s commitment… read more
The Gathering: The “New Kid on the Block” a Hit, By Bob Robinson
Was it at the expense of the Annie Oakley Festival? “I can’t believe all the people who came today,” said one exhibitor on Saturday. He was one of dozens, including artists and concessioners, who were enjoying high traffic flows at The Gathering at Garst in Greenville. Brief moments were few and the exhibitors took advantage of them by sitting down and resting on the hot, humid day… read more
Edison Student Works With Dayton Nursery To Brighten Up Campus
Edison Community College’s campus is looking bright and colorful despite the recent heat wave and frequent summer downpours thanks to a generous donation from the North Dayton Garden Center and student Karl Reid Beck. Beck, a graduate of Miami East High School, is currently studying electronics engineering at Edison. He also works as an artist, crafting stone planters… read more
What is going on with Darke County’s soybeans? by Justin Petrosino, OSU Extension
With the last few rains the soybeans in Darke County are starting to look better. With the hot and dry temperatures some fields are showing symptoms caused by underlying conditions.  With the rainfall these symptoms should subside. Diseases do remain a concern in some fields that were inundated with rain but overall the crop is weathering the heat. Quite a few fields in the… read more
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