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Darke County Sheriff’s Office... Fatal Accident in Ithaca
On December 30, 2011 at approximately 2:12 AM Darke County Deputies, along with Arcanum Fire, Arcanum Rescue and CareFlight were dispatched to the 700 Block of Pearl Street, Ithaca, in reference to a serious injury accident. Preliminary investigation revealed a 2000 Tan Ford Explorer, driven by Andreas L. Belt, 24, Brookville, Ohio was southbound on Arcanum-Ithaca Road approaching the Village of Ithaca.  Belt’s vehicle... read more.
County News Online... Top Stories of the Year
County News Online went “live” on Jan. 10, 2011, nearly one year ago. Since then its traffic has gone from a little over 7,000 page views the first month to about 60,000 page views per month. In our first year, traffic has exceeded 350,000 page views. We appreciate the phenomenal support we have gotten from our online community. Thanks for a great first year. We also owe a debt of thanks to the sponsors who have helped ... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... New painkiller drug said to be highly-addictive, by DBJ Staff
Monday, December 26, 2011 - A new type of painkiller now in testing by drug companies is said to be 10-times stronger than Vicodin and has set of alarm bells for addiction experts across the country as they say the new super-drug could be the next top illegal drug for addicts. reports that four different companies are testing the new drug that is a pure version of the painkiller... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Schools go after .xxx domain names, by Laura Englehart
Tuesday, December 27, 2011 - Institutions in the Dayton region have taken steps online to protect their brands from the adult entertainment industry. Following the introduction of the “.xxx” Web site domain — meant for pornography purveyors, strip clubs, shops that sell sex products and related others — schools across the country, including the University of Dayton, have reserved the .xxx versions of their... read more.
Foxnews... Shale Oil in America: Economy Fix or Dangerous Fantasy?, By Mike Tobin
December 27, 2011 - After sitting idle for two decades, there’s steam billowing from the top of the big old steel plant in Youngstown, Ohio. This does not represent a renewal of the steel production that once created the Rust Belt. Instead, this is a product of a new industry proponents say can be a game changer, not just for the depressed Youngstown Warren area, but for the U.S. economy and the bigger... read more.
Dayton Daily News... Ruling called threat to Ohio companies
A federal court ruling on international trade threatens Ohio heavy industries including Miami Valley companies, Ohio Sens. Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman said. The senators said the ruling by a federal appeals court hamstrings the U.S. in placing duties on China’s government-subsidized product exports that undercut U.S. industries in Ohio including tires, steel and paper. The U.S. has... read more.
Foxnews... Republican Lawmakers Question AARP’S Tax-Free Profits From Product Endorsements, By Jim Angle - December 26, 2011 - Three House Republican lawmakers are asking the IRS to explain how nonprofit seniors group AARP is able to shield hundreds of millions of dollars from tax levies even though, they say, the group is effectively in “day-to-day control” of products offered by private firms with the AARP stamp of approval. Rep. David Reichert, R-Wash., said companies... read more.
Darke County’s Most Wanted... Darke County Crime Stoppers Update
Two new fugitives have been added to the Darke County Most Wanted list. The first, Versailles area, on a Failure to Appear on a Possession of Heroin charge; and the second, Russia area, from Violating a Court order, Passing Bad Checks charges and violation of laws in Shelby County. Rewards are offered on both..... read more.
USA Today... Mystery donors paying off layaway accounts for needy, By Judy Keen
Mystery donors are visiting stores and paying the balance on accounts that allow customers to pay for purchases over several months. Some donors ask the store to apply the money to children’s toys or clothing; they aren’t told recipients’ names. Nor do recipients learn the identities of the donors. More than 15 layaway accounts totaling almost $4,000 have been paid by strangers at a Kmart in Lafayette, Ind., says store manager Vic Sutherland. “It’s pretty awesome,” he says. “With the... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Fifth Third warns customers of scam artists
Thursday, December 22, 2011 - Fifth Third Bank has warned its customers to watch out for fraudulent text or voice mail messages that scam artists use to try to get customers’ credit or debit card data. “We understand that recent SMIshing (using text messages) and Vishing (using voice mail) attacks have occurred on banking customers, including Fifth Third Bank customers,” Fifth Third spokeswoman Debra DeCourcy said. “The goal of these attacks (much like their counterpart, phishing... read more.
Akron Beacon Journal... New federal pollution rules will cost Ohio power companies billions
Akron’s FirstEnergy Corp. and Columbus-based American Electric Power might shut down old, small and dirty coal-fired power plants or be forced to install new, costly anti-pollution equipment to comply with new limits on mercury, heavy metals and air toxics announced Wednesday by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. FirstEnergy is facing $2 billion to $3 billion in costs to comply with the new rules, the company said. The EPA estimated the new rules could raise electric bills... read more.
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Early Childhood Learning
New federal education resources will be provided to Ohio schools. This week, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown announced that Ohio has been awarded new “Race to the Top” funds under the “Early Learning Challenge” program. “Ensuring that our schools are ready to educate and serve our children is just as important as ensuring that our children are ready to learn,” Sen. Brown said. “The building blocks critical to a lifetime of learning are laid during early childhood. This federal award will combine and... read more.
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Help for Seniors and Families with Energy Costs
A dangerous plan to redirect energy assistance funds from Ohio to warmer-weather states was averted. Ohio is set to receive home heating assistance funds during Fiscal Year 2012—more than $8 million more than it would have received under a House of Representatives plan that made allocation changes that would have resulted in Ohio and other colder-weather states, like Michigan and Wisconsin, receiving a smaller fraction of the funds than they typically receive. U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown... read more.
Columbus Dispatch... Congress’ fight could cost you
WASHINGTON — If you have received a paycheck, then you probably have paid the payroll tax — a 6.2 percent tax on employees matched by employers that goes into the Social Security Trust Fund. That deduction from your paycheck has sparked a congressional battle that might rival the budget and debt-ceiling debates this year. Republicans and Democrats largely agree that, considering the economy remains fragile, a temporary cut of 2 percentage points in the tax should be extended... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Ohio highways may soon welcome heavier trucks, by Adrian Burns
Monday, December 12, 2011 - More overweight trucks could be on the way to state highways if a bill passes in Congress. Kraft Foods Inc. and Home Depot are lobbying for rules that would give states more leeway to allow 97,000-pound trucks on interstate highways, up from 80,000 pounds, Blooomberg reported Monday. Such a measure could benefit companies across the interstate-heavy Midwest, including... read more.
Columbus Dispatch... Year 1 unlike any other, Kasich says
Gov. John Kasich says of his 2011 agenda: “I’m not sure that we’re ever going to see anything like it in the future.” There were no “A’s,” “B’s” or “C’s” issued, but Republican John Kasich gives himself a “good” grade for his first year as Ohio’s 69th governor. “Eighty-three thousand jobs saved and jobs created; that makes me feel really good,” Kasich said, wrapping a bow around 2011 in his year-ending news conference at the Governor’s Residence in Bexley. Breaking from gubernatorial... read more.
Toledo Blade... Kasich meets with press, admits to a few stumbles
COLUMBUS — Despite what some might have expected, Gov. John Kasich on Monday said his administration was never “going to run over people.” Was it wise then to say shortly after his election last year, “If you’re not on the bus, we will run you over with the bus, and I’m not kidding.” Maybe not, the Republican governor said in an end-of-the-year meeting with the press. “The one thing I’ve learned in this job … sometimes what you feel in your heart is not something that should come out of your... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Survey: Dayton hiring environment glum in 1Q
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - The Dayton-area employment situation is expected to worsen during the first quarter of 2012, as more companies plan to cut staffing and fewer plan to hire. That’s the findings of a recent Manpower survey, which showed only 11 percent of local employers plan to hire in the next quarter, down from 13 percent during the fourth quarter of 2011. And 15 percent intend to... read more.
Dayton Daily News... FCC urges state officials, others to address phone fraud
States asked to be more aggressive in policing the free phone program.   December 19, 2011 - The Federal Communications Commission this week urged officials in Ohio and other states to start taking a stronger role in addressing fraud in a federal program that provides free cellphones and discounted land lines to low-income households. This follows an enforcement advisory last week saying the agency recently learned that certain phone companies were in violation of requirements... read more.
Dayton Daily News... Airfares climb at airports in region
December  19, 2011 - The average domestic round-trip air fare at Dayton International Airport rose 12.4 percent to $370.88 in the second quarter when compared with same period in 2010, putting Dayton 26th among the nation’s top 100 airports for highest air fares, the government said. The rise at Dayton exceeded the average increase of 8.5 percent across the nation, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, part of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Fares in the second quarter.... read more.
Darke County’s Most Wanted... Darke County Crime Stoppers Update
The Darke County Crimestoppers web site has been updated to include three new fugitives. The currently posted fugitives are Joseph A. Leiferman, Eugene Emerson Woodruff, III, Adam Travis Ballard, Megan Nicole Rose and Jeremy L. Manning. Leiferman is wanted on two counts of Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs (Oxycodone), Woodruff on one count of theft; Ballard on failure to appear on a forgery charge.... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Bizarre business news of the week by DBJ Staff.
Saturday, December 10, 2011 - Weird things happen all the time, and some of the odd things that go on in the business world are just as bizarre as anything you find in the pages of your daily newspaper’s entertainment pages or police blotter. Some of these oddball things that go on in the business world can serve as lessons of what not to do, or how to capitalize on different situations. So we thought it would be.... read more.
Rasmussen... What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls
Saturday, December 17, 2011 - It was a newsy week - with the Iraq war coming to a quiet close, the Obama administration’s fight against state anti-immigration efforts going to the U.S. Supreme Court and Newt Gingrich’s runaway train seeming to slow in the Republican presidential race. The majority of U.S. voters believe Iraq is better off than when dictator Saddam Hussein was in power, but they’re not so sure the war-torn country will become peaceful and democratic anytime soon. One thing... read more.
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Supreme Court Justice Pfeifer urges lawmakers to repeal Ohio death penalty
COLUMBUS, Ohio - An Ohio Supreme Court justice who helped write the state’s death penalty law urged lawmakers Wednesday to repeal it. “This is where the decision is made as to what should be the ultimate penalty,” Justice Paul Pfeifer, a Republican, said at an Ohio House of Representatives committee hearing. “I have concluded that the death sentence makes no sense to me at this point when you can have life without possibility of parole. I don’t see what society gains from that.” Pfeifer... read more.
Dayton Daily News... Committee hears from ‘Heartbeat’ opponents
COLUMBUS — Opponents of the “Heartbeat” bill had their say Tuesday before a Senate committee, including one witness whose plea for “peace” in the heated debate over abortion drew a challenge from Sen. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering. Cathy Levy, an opponent and executive director of the Ohio Coalition for Religious Choice, got the attention of Lehner, who’s on the committee, when Levy urged everyone, in the spirit of the holiday season, to attack the problems that lead to abortion, including... read more.
Cincinnati Enquirer... Bill to boost Ohio nursing home quality
A bill to boost the quality of Ohio’s nursing homes -- and also make them homier -- is on the fast track for approval by state legislators. The bill, authored by state Sen. Shannon Jones, R-Springboro, would tie higher reimbursements to 20 new quality measures. But some nursing homes aren’t happy with the bill, with their administrators saying the rules boosting quality should be even tougher. That’s because nursing homes would have to meet only five of the 20 measures next year to... read more.
Secretary of State Jon Husted... Single Primary & Congressional Map Directive
Secretary of State Jon Husted has issued Directive 2011-41 to boards of elections. This directive provides guidance on implementing and administering provisions included in House Bill 369, legislation that establishes a single 2012 primary for March and enacts the newly agreed upon congressional district map for Ohio. As the directive outlines in greater detail, HB 369 voids the December 7 filings for U.S. Congress... read more.
WHIO-TV Video... NFIB brings its Sensible Regulations Campaign to Darke Co.
By, Northern Bureau Chief - DARKE COUNTY, Ohio — Members of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) brought its nation-wide campaign to Darke County Thursday calling for sensible regulations from the federal government. Small business owners struggle with what they call “government overregulations.” Two local small business owners from... read more.
2012 Challenge… Elect Republicans - 2011 Republican accomplishments… jobs and balancing budgets, By Bob Robinson - The top state accomplishments of 2011 were jobs and balancing the budget off of an $8 billion deficit. The top accomplishments of Darke County were jobs and a balanced budget with decreased funding. The top accomplishments of the City of Greenville were jobs – retention and new – and balancing the budget on reduced funding... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Report: Paul Barbas resigns as CEO at DPL, by Ginger Christ
Thursday, December 15, 2011 - Paul Barbas, president and CEO of DPL Inc., is leaving the company earlier than expected. Barbas resigned two and a half weeks earlier than scheduled, according to WDTN-TV, a media partner of the Dayton Business Journal. DPL — the sixth-largest in the Dayton region —is being acquired by Virginia-based AES Corp., a global power company, for $4.7 billion. Barbas was expected to remain with the company through the end of the year. He will receive $9.8 million... read more.

Rep. Jim Buchy... House Passes Legislation to Encourage Business Expansion into Vacant Facilities
COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Buchy (R-Greenville) has announced that the Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation that aims to encourage businesses to create jobs and invest in communities that have been hard-hit by the difficult economy. House Bill 18 authorizes a $500 per-employee grant for a business that expands into a facility that has been vacant for 12 months, increases its payroll, and employs either 50 employees or 50 percent of its Ohio employees at... read more.

Politico... Study: Half schools don’t meet NCLB, By MJ Lee
12/15/11 - Almost half of U.S. public schools failed to meet the No Child Left Behind standards in 2011, according to a national report released Thursday that advocated for changes to the law. Forty-eight percent of public schools nationwide didn’t make adequate progress under the standards – up from the 39 percent in 2010 and the highest failure rate since No Child Left Behind took effect in 2002, the Center on Education Policy report said. In 35 states, the percentage of schools that didn’t... read more.

Kasich applauds plunge in Ohio’s Unemployment rate
See also comments by Speaker John Boehner - Half-Point Drop the Largest in nearly 30 years; 8.5 percent the lowest rate in 3 years - COLUMBUS – Gov. John R. Kasich issued the following statement in response to the announcement today that Ohio’s unemployment rate in November dropped from 9.0 percent to 8.5 percent, the largest one-month drop in almost three decades and the lowest rate in three years: “It is so encouraging to see Ohioans getting back to work.  We’ve struggled for far... read more.

Detling running for Juvenile/Probate Court Judge
Greenville attorney James (Jim) S. Detling has filed a petition to run as a candidate for Judge of the Darke County Juvenile/Probate Court, for the unexpired term of Judge Michael D. McClurg.  His Petition has been certified by the Darke County Board of Elections for placement on the spring, 2012 Primary Ballot. Detling was raised on a farm in northern Darke County and attended Mississinawa Valley High School... read more.
Sheriff’s Office... One in critical condition in 2-vehicle accident near Ansonia
WHIO-TV Video - On December 15, 2011 at approximately 8:33 PM, Darke County Deputies, along with Ansonia Fire and Rescue and Careflight, were dispatched to the intersection of U. S. Route 127 at State Route 185 in reference to a two vehicle injury accident. Prelimary investigation revealed that a silver 2006 Dodge truck, driven by Joseph Fortkamp, 35, Rossburg, was westbound on State... read more.
WHIO-TV... CareFlight requested to Darke Co. crash
ANSONIA, Ohio — A medical helicopter was requested to respond to a crash in Darke County Thursday night.
CareFlight responded to the intersection of state routes 127 and 185 in Ansonia for a crash, the Darke County Sheriff’s Office said. The crash happened at about 8:30.
Politico... Congress set to throw in the towel, By Jonathan Allen
12/14/11 - Congressional leaders are sneering at each other across the aisle and from one end of the Capitol to the other, locked in yet another year-end death match over massive bills that have real-world implications for every American. But among the rank and file, the mood is different — punch-drunk and ready to throw in the towel. The battle-weary and unpopular 112th Congress is ready to call it quits on its first session and go home to regroup. “We’re kind of in the 12th round... read more.
Politico... Poll: 58 percent want payroll tax cut, By MJ Lee
12/15/11 - As Congress struggles to reach a deal on extending the payroll tax cut, a new poll shows that most Americans want Congress to pass the extension. According to an Associated Press-GfK survey, 58 percent of those surveyed said Congress should vote to continue the payroll tax reduction. Thirty-five percent said the temporary cut should be allowed to expire, while 7 percent said they weren’t sure what should happen. The poll showed that Democrats and independents were... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Sears to stay in Illinois after tax deal
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - Also, Gov. Kasich comments on the report, inside. Sears Holding Corp. is set to keep its headquarters in suburban Chicago if Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signs a tax-break package that the state’s general assembly passed Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune reports. The Illinois legislature approved $15 million in tax credits for the next 10 years, along with extending a... read more.
State Sen. Bill Beagle... Beagle Applauds Millions for Area Revitalization
Southwest Ohio continues to land state investments - COLUMBUS — The State Controlling Board today committed more than $3.5 million for revitalization projects in Southwest Ohio.  This funding received the full support of State Senator Bill Beagle (R – Tipp City) and came at the request of the Ohio Department of Development.  Support for both projects will be allocated through the Clean Ohio Revitalization fund. The City of Dayton is set to receive nearly $2.2 million for remediation and... read more.
Dayton Business Journal… Southwest leader warns of high costs, by Lance Murray, Dallas Business Journal
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly is warning his employees that high costs are a danger to the Dallas-based carrier, just as they were to the larger carriers that have filed for bankruptcy protection, including American Airlines. The Dallas Morning News reported that Kelly’s letter to Southwest employees said the company must rein in costs if it is to prosper. “All the majors from 1989 have gone bankrupt. Pan Am. Eastern. Braniff. Continental. America West... read more.
Darke County Sheriff’s Office... Two vehicle accident results in fatality near New Madison
On December 13, 2011 at approximately 1:34 PM Darke County Deputies, along with New Madison and Hollansburg Fire, Tri-Village Rescue, Darke County Coroner and CareFlight were dispatched to the intersection of Richmond-Palestine Road and Rush Road in reference to a two vehicle serious injury accident. CareFlight contact the Sheriff’s Office and advised they would not fly due to weather conditions. .... read more.
Dayton Daily News... Ohio leads nation in green school projects 
Ohio leads the country with more green school projects under way than any other state, the U.S. Green Building Council said in a report released today. The Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit released its first Best of Green Schools list recognizing recipients from across the country — from K-12 to higher education — for a variety of sustainable, cost-cutting measures including energy conservation. In the state category, Ohio is the leader with 315 Leadership in Energy and .... read more.
Rasmussen... What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls
Saturday, December 10, 2011 - Maybe it’s the holiday season or maybe it’s an indicator of things to come. Last month, the Rasmussen Employment Index signaled a slight drop in the national unemployment rate, subsequently borne out by government figures. Now consumer and investor confidence are improving. The Rasmussen Consumer Index, which measures the economic confidence of consumers on a daily basis, is up five points from a month ago. Consumer confidence.... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Retailers seek to thwart holiday shoplifters by Ginger Christ
For store owners, the holiday season simultaneously is a blessing and curse. The increased sales bring in much-needed revenue for retailers, most of whom rely on the busy holiday shopping season to propel their stores into profitable territory by year end. However, upped traffic also gives shoplifters the opportunities they need to take five finger discounts. “When there’s more traffic and the stores are packed with people.... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Airline industry to post $7 billion in profits
Thursday, December 8, 2011 - International Air Transport Association said in a regular forecast issued Wednesday that its members are heading for a $6.9 billion profit in 2011, The Triangle Business Journal reported. North America’s expected contribution to that was upped to $2 billion from $1.5 billion. The association said airlines in North America are likely to finish the year with a profit margin of 3.2 percent in terms of earnings before interest and taxes. The association said North America’s... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Ohio becoming less healthy, drops in annual ranking, by Laura Englehart
Friday, December 9, 2011 - Ohio dipped this year in an annual health ranking by the United Health Foundation, which a UnitedHealthcare executive says points to a need for more employee wellness programs. Ohio ranked 36th nationwide in 2011 for its overall health, sliding from 33rd in 2010. Notably, the foundation reports that diabetes and obesity have jumped in numbers, and smoking increased 2 percent. “These results that you see are alarming,” said Kurt Lewis, UnitedHealth... read more.
Fisher Announcing Ohio 80th State Rep. Run
Dave Fisher a Bethel Township Miami County resident will announce his candidacy for the 80th district for the Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday the 7th at 1:00 pm at the Board of Elections in the Miami County Court House in Troy Ohio. Dave’s decision to run was helped by the recent failure of Issue 2/Senate Bill 5 in Miami County. Issue 2/Senate Bill 5 was an attack on the middle class in this district... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Poll: Most expect insurance premiums to climb in 2012
by Laura Englehart, Reporter - Saturday, December 3, 2011 - Most Dayton businesses expect their health insurance premiums to increase in 2012, based on a Dayton Business Journal online poll. Results from 212 participants show that nearly 80 percent expect their premiums to go up, but they were split almost evenly on how much. Forty percent responded that the cost would increase by “a lot... read more.
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Ohio Planned Parenthood received millions in taxpayer dollars
“Ohio’s Planned Parenthood operations received millions of taxpayer dollars via federal grants in 2010 and 2011.” Ohio Right to Life on Monday, December 5th, 2011 in a news release... Ohio Right to Life says millions of federal aid went to the state’s Planned Parenthood affiliates - Mostly True - Ohio and several other states across the country this year have passed laws to restrict abortion rights, including legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization that provides health care... read more.
Dayton Daily News... Senate blocks Cordray’s nomination to consumer protection agency
WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans Thursday blocked the nomination of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to head a new federal consumer protection agency. The Senate vote of 53-45 fell seven short of the 60 needed to end a filibuster and force an up-or-down vote on the nomination. Among those opposing the nomination was U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, who said he is concerned the new agency has too much power and too little accountability. President Barack Obama... read more.
Rep. Jim Buchy... Buchy Files Candidacy for 84th Ohio House of Representatives Seat
Celina, Ohio- Ohio State Representative Jim Buchy (R-Greenville) filed petitions to seek election as State Representative from the new 84th Ohio House District. The new district is comprised of Mercer County and portions of Auglaize, Darke and Shelby counties. Representative Buchy is currently filling the unexpired term of Jim Zehringer (R-Fort Recovery) who was appointed Director of Agriculture in January... read more.
Politico... Conservative pundits turn down Newt
In the days since Gingrich leaped to the forefront of the Republican presidential race, the nation’s most prominent right-leaning commentators — many of whom have spent the last year pining for alternatives to Mitt Romney — have rendered a swift and caustic judgment on their party’s latest out-of-right-field challenger. In columns dripping with disdain, they’ve argued that Gingrich isn’t just undesirable as an opponent for Romney — he’s probably not fit for the presidency altogether... read more.
Cleveland Plain Dealer... House Republicans move to unify primary, avoid $15 million second vote
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- House Republicans want to pass legislation reuniting Ohio’s two scheduled primaries into one that would be held in May, and they hope Democrats will support the measure without tying it to a deal on a new congressional map. Rep. Matt Huffman, a Lima Republican, introduced legislation Thursday to consolidate Ohio’s two primaries into one held on May 8. The move would allow the state to avoid the estimated $15 million cost of the extra primary... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Jeweler offers ‘penguin proposal’ by Ginger Christ, Reporter
Friday, December 2, 2011 - Hey guys, looking for a unique way to pop the question? You don’t need to rent a tux for this marriage proposal. James Free Jewelers teamed up with Newport Aquarium to offer customers a special wedding promotion for the holidays — a penguin proposal. Customers at the jewelry store can enter to win a 20-minute exclusive encounter with two African penguins at Newport Aquarium... read more.
Dayton Daily News... “Heartbeat” bill faces likely constitutional challenge, By William Hershey
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio Tuesday said it would mount legal challenges against the “Heartbeat” bill, legislation banning abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, and a second bill restricting abortion. “Both of these bills are clearly unconstitutional and the ACLU will challenge them in court,” Christine Link, ACLU-Ohio executive director, said in a press release. “…Lawmakers should seriously consider whether it is worth wasting taxpayer dollars on... read more.
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Ohio offers Sears riches to move to Columbus, but why not Cleveland?
CLEVELAND, Ohio — Ohio’s most populous metro area, home to major-league sports and world-class arts, certainly knows how to host a world headquarters. Just ask Eaton Corp. and American Greetings. Yet the word “Cleveland” seems to go unspoken by state officials brokering the deal of the year. As economic development catalysts tout the cost of living and quality of life that Sears employees would find in Columbus, residents of Northeast Ohio might be justified in asking, “What about... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Newt Gingrich leads pack in latest Ohio poll, by Jeff Bell
Thursday, December 8, 2011 - A new poll delivers good news for Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich when it comes to winning the hearts of voters in Ohio, a key swing state in the 2012 race for the White House. The poll by Quinnipiac University shows the former U.S. House speaker leading the Republican primary field here with 36 percent support, twice the 18 percent shown for former Massachusetts... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Boehner names Turner conferee on defense authorization bill
by Joe Cogliano - Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - U.S. Rep Mike Turner has been named as a conferee on the National Defense Authorization Act, which will outline the Defense Department budget for the current fiscal year. Turner, R-Centerville, was named to the spot Thursday by House Speaker John Boehner, R-West Chester, according to a news release. As a conferee, Turner will be responsible... read more.
Columbus Dispatch... Ohio GOP’s No. 2 official tells Kasich to back off, By  Joe Hallett
Kay Ayres is vice chairwoman of the Ohio GOP. Tuesday December 6, 2011 - Ronald Reagan’s famous 11th Commandment — Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican — is officially dead in Ohio. Intraparty warfare over an attempt by Gov. John Kasich and House Speaker William G. Batchelder to depose Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine intensified yesterday when the party’s vice chairwoman asked Kasich to “stand down.” In a strongly worded letter to Kasich and... read more.
Dayton Daily News... Ohio sees sharpest drop in online job ads
DAYTON — Online job advertisements in Ohio last month decreased by the largest amount of any state in the country, suggesting the state’s job market remains weak, according to a new report. Between October and November, the number of online job postings in Ohio fell by more than 6 percent to 147,300 from 157,600, according to the Conference Board, a New York-based research organization. Since June, the job postings advertised online in the state decreased by 22,300... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Nonprofit giving seesaws going into 2012, by Laura Englehart
Monday, December 5, 2011 - Despite an unsteady economic outlook and increased need in the Dayton region, community organizations have some reason to remain positive as they head into the new year. For some organizations, donations have remained flat or improved slightly from 2010, and they expect those numbers to stay about the same or increase in 2012. Nationwide, donations... read more.
Delaplane files for re-election
Mrs. Diane Delaplane has filed for re-election for Darke County Commissioner. She enjoys serving our productive citizens of Darke County as your first woman Commissioner. Delaplane believes that Darke County is a Bright Spot in Ohio and promotes that message through many avenues. Delaplane wishes to continue with ongoing capital improvements for County owned properties such as the... read more.
Columbus Dispatch... Kasich rallies his GOP peers over Medicaid
ORLANDO, Fla. — If Republican governors band together to formally push the federal government for more freedom to run their states’ Medicaid programs, Gov. John Kasich would have to get the credit for founding the movement. And Kasich, who pleaded for a states’ lobby for Medicaid freedoms the past two days at the Republican Governors Association’s annual conference, might get partial credit for coining the movement’s slogan if those pleas materialize. “Let’s occupy Washington... read more.
Dayton Daily News... Housing crisis preventing Ohioans from leaving state
Ohio lost the fewest number of residents to other states in 2010 than it had in at least five years, according to census survey data, an indication that the troubled housing market is anchoring people to their homes and preventing them from moving to retire or seek employment opportunities. During typical recessions, domestic migration increases because people move to better job markets, economists said. But this recession was different because it was not region-specific and the flagging... read more.
Darke County’s Most Wanted… Christopher Wintrow
The fugitive that was featured by Darke County Crime Stoppers Wednesday on County News Online, Christopher Wintrow, had turned himself in to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday. Watch CNO or Darke County Crime Stoppers for the next members of the Most Wanted in the coming days. Sincerely, Darke County Crime Stoppers Team,
Dayton Business Journal... Montgomery County’s new rules to limit Occupy protest
by DBJ Staff - Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - New rules approved Tuesday by the Montgomery County Commission will limit the use of Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton by protesters who are part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, potentially setting up a showdown with protestors. The county issued a statement saying the changes are designed as a “balance between First... read more.
Whirlpool New Project in 2012... Current plans mean 65 new jobs for the community
GREENVILLE- The KitchenAid division of Whirlpool in Greenville continues to create opportunity for the local community as project plans for 2012 took another step forward this week in Columbus where the company was approved for state tax credits based on job creation. Whirlpool has already expanded its manufacturing facility during the current year. On Monday, the Ohio Tax Credit... read more.
Rasmussen... What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls
Flavor of the month or the next presidential nominee of the Republican Party? As Herman Cain’s campaign disintegrates, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has surged to the largest national lead held by any candidate so far in the race for the GOP’s 2012 nomination. Gingrich earns 38% of the vote from Likely Republican Primary Voters. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is a distant second at 17%. No other candidate reaches double digits. Gingrich also now edges President Obama.... read more.
Columbus Dispatch...Incentives from states to lure companies have fans, foes
The reported $400 million in incentives being offered by Ohio to Sears Holding to move its headquarters from suburban Chicago to central Ohio reopens a long-standing debate about the value of such deals. In this case, a winning bid for the company will net more than 6,000 employees and the prestige that goes with landing the Sears name. Sears could easily bring in about $10 million a year in state income-tax revenue, which doesn’t begin to factor in the money the company and its employees would spend.... read more.
Greenville Fire Department...Nuisance Abatement Structure Demolition
Upon receiving a complaint regarding the poor condition of a residential structure at 208 South Ohio Street, an inspection was made and the property was determined to be in violation of the City of Greenville Nuisance Abatement Code Property Maintenance Regulations. The property owner was required to repair or demolish the structure and remove the debris. The owner of the property failed to comply with the order... read more.
Darke County’s Most Wanted...One captured: Daniel S. McKenzie - Two added
Current Most Wanted feature fugitive, Daniel S. McKenzie, was captured Monday in Virginia. Thanks for all the tips that brought him to justice! Two more individuals have been added to the Most Wanted list. Rewards are available on both. The first is Megan Nicole Rose, wanted for violating terms of probation by failing to report, testing positive for marijuana, failure to report change of address and failure to comply with monthly payments ordered by the court... read more.
Dayton Daily News... Bill would ban “double dipping” for public employees
State Rep. Rex Damschroder, R-Fremont, announced Thursday that he has introduced legislation to ban “double dipping” for Ohio government workers, the practice that allows them to collect retirement benefits if they return to public employment after retiring. House Bill 388 would suspend retirement benefits of a public retirement system retiree who returns to public employment. Damschroder said the future benefits for the employee would continue to build while he or she returned to... read more. 
Business First... Wendy’s bringing 170 more jobs to Dublin; closing Atlanta office, by Dan Eaton
Thursday, December 1, 2011 - Wendy’s Co. is adding 170 jobs in Dublin next year after officially deciding to shutter its office presence in Atlanta. The Dublin-based fast food chain previously announced plans to move 50 positions back to Central Ohio after the sale of the Arby’s brand, but Thursday said the remainder of its old headquarters is moving too, by the end of 2012. The two chains had shared a headquarters in Atlanta since Triarc Companies Inc. acquired Wendy’s in 2008... read more. 
Adams To Be Candidate for Election
COLUMBUS---State Representative Richard Adams (R-Troy) today announced his candidacy for election as representative of the 80th Ohio House District----which will include all of Miami County and southern Darke County----during the 130th General Assembly. “My goal is to conduct an informative campaign to be elected by the voters of the 80th District to represent them in Columbus,” Adams said.  “I will... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... GE cuts funding for F-35 fighter jet engine
Friday, December 2, 2011 - General Electric and Rolls-Royce will cut off funding for development of the F136 engine designed to be an alternate for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The decision, reached jointly by GE Aviation and Rolls-Royce, is a result of continued uncertainty in the development and production schedules of the joint strike fighter program. “GE and Rolls-Royce are proud of our technology... read more.
2012 Presidential Candidates... Want to know the candidates?
Twenty-three people are vying for Commander in Chief in 2012 - It’s always interesting to see who wants to take the United States into their philosophical direction. This year, as in election years in the past, the candidates include Libertarians, a Socialist and an Independent. In addition to Pres. Barack Obama, there is one other Democrat... read more.
Columbus Dispatch... GOP governors go after Obama
ORLANDO, Fla. — Every presidential cycle, many governors become mouthpieces and attack dogs for their party’s nominee. The Republicans have not yet made their choice on a candidate to challenge President Barack Obama, but GOP governors are nonetheless gearing up to play their part. On full display this week at the now-completed Republican Governors Association’s annual conference in Orlando was punchy rhetoric from prominent GOP governors against Obama. Voters in Ohio... read more. 
Ohio News Network... Rift In State Republican Party Could Prove Costly Next Fall
Saturday December 3, 2011 - COLUMBUS, Ohio - One day after Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder called on state GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine to resign, ONN has obtained the email response sent from DeWine to Batchelder. In it, DeWine said that he was “shocked and dismayed” that Batchelder has called for his resignation. DeWine also suggests Batchelder is being “manipulated” by those close to Gov. John Kasich. In a speech Friday, DeWine publicly stated that Kasich is attempting... read more. 
Ohio Supreme Court... State ordered to compensate owners for Land ‘Taking’
State Ordered to Compensate Owners for ‘Taking’ of Land Caused by Overflows from Grand Lake St. Marys. Court Finds 1997 Changes to Spillway Increased Downstream Flooding. (Dec. 1, 2011) The Supreme Court of Ohio today issued a writ of mandamus ordering the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to commence appropriation proceedings to compensate... read more.
Cleveland Plain Dealer... House speaker blasts state GOP chair for undermining the party
By James Ewinger - Saturday, December 03, 2011 - COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Infighting among Ohio Republicans has reached a new level as House Speaker William G. Batchelder accused state GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine of undermining the party and of publicly blasting Gov. John Kasich. In a memo sent to the House Republican Caucus, Batchelder lists specific complaints about DeWine’s leadership... read more.
Dayton Business Journal... Local homebuilding climbs 46 percent, by Ginger Christ, Reporter
Home building improved in October, with 46 percent more permits filed than during the previous month, according to the Home Builders Association of Dayton. There were 197 new local residential building permits filed in October, compared to 135 in September. October numbers were up 84 percent from October 2010 when 107 permits were filed. “As they go into winter, builders are feeling some welcomed warmth from the recent years of a frozen housing market,” said Walt... read more. 
Dayton Business Journal... BofA starts layoffs in plan to cut 30,000 jobs
Monday, November 21, 2011 - Bank of America started the first phase of what is expected to be a massive layoff effort, handing out pink slips to an undisclosed number of employees at its headquarters this past week, according to the Charlotte Business Journal. The report cited people familiar with the situation as saying layoff notices were circulated in the technology and operations divisions... read more.
Zumbrink files for re-election
Scott J. Zumbrink, Darke County Treasurer, has announced his plans to run for re-election as treasurer.
Mr. Zumbrink has served as Darke County Treasurer since October 1, 1993.  During his tenure as treasurer, Zumbrink has been an advocate of investing taxpayer dollars with the safety and security of those dollars being of highest priority.  With this principle in mind, he has maintained the goal of maximizing... read more.
CBS News... November Unemployment: Why the big drop? By Jill Schlesinger
Reports and comments from CBS News, CNN Money, and House Speaker Boehner below. November Unemployment rate drops to 8.6%... (MoneyWatch) Good news on jobs and no, that’s not a typo. The Labor Department reported that 120,000 new jobs were added in November and the unemployment rate dropped to 8.6 percent, the lowest rate since March 2009. There was also a... read more.
Fitch Gives Highest Possible Rating for Ohio General Obligation Bonds
Credits Treasurer Josh Mandel’s conservative investment strategy and careful financial management as key factors - COLUMBUS - Amidst yesterday’s news of Fitch downgrading the United States’ outlook from stable to negative, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is announcing Fitch giving the highest possible short term rating of F1+ for Ohio’s general obligation (GO) bonds.  Fitch credited the Ohio Treasurer’s conservative investment strategy and careful financial management as key factors... read more. Right-to-work law curbing unions becoming greater political issue
Labor leaders failed to win legislation making it easier to organize a union after Democratic allies triumphed in the 2008 elections. Next year’s voting could spawn instead a law letting workers opt out of unions. Republicans in Congress are pursuing so-called right-to-work legislation barring agreements between unions and employers that make union membership and payment of dues a job requirement. Supporters are also pushing for Indiana and New Hampshire to join 22 states that already... read more. 
Dayton Business Journal... New legislation to limit airline bag fees, by Chris Bagley
Friday, November 25, 2011 - A new bill proposed in the U.S. Senate would limit airline baggage fees, which have become a major gripe for travelers but are a leading source of profit for the industry. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) introduced a bill that would prevent airlines from charging a fee on the first checked bag, according to a prepared statement her office released Tuesday, the eve... read more.
Senator Sherrod Brown... Supporting Social Security Cost of Living Increases for Seniors
Belle is a 90-year old resident of Cuyahoga County who, like so many other seniors, has lived a longer and healthier life because of Medicare and Social Security. But Belle’s income and Social Security benefits barely cover the costs of hearing aids, eye glasses, prescription medications, and rising energy and housing expenses. Simply put, Belle’s Social Security check, like that of other seniors, has lost its value over the years. That’s because while seniors’ energy, food, and prescription... read more. 
Detroit News... Senate rejects bid to remove detainee provisions from defense bill
by David Shepardson - Washington — The Senate rejected efforts Tuesday to set aside a proposed law that would govern terrorist detention policy. Critics argue the new provisions — in the National Defense Authorization Act — could allow for U.S. citizens captured on American soil to be held indefinitely by the military as enemy combatants. The Senate rejected by a 61-37 vote an amendment by Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., that would have struck the provisions setting new rules on... read more. 
Father, daughter killed during burglary were tied up, WHIO-TV Video
MERCER COUNTY, Ohio — The sheriff of Mercer County said Thursday that a man and his daughter were shot during an apparent burglary near Fort Recovery. Sheriff Jeff Grey said there were items thrown about the house of Robert and Colleen Grube. He said it appears that someone was looking for something specific before tying up the two with duct tape and killing them. A relative... read more.
Christian Science Monitor... Tea party activists audited by city. Would that happen to Occupy protesters? By Patrik Jonsson, Staff writer - November 29, 2011 - For tea party groups, the audit by Richmond, Va., highlights long-running complaints of a double standard in the treatment of activists. The audit also puts a spotlight on free-speech regulations. Tea party activists in Richmond, Va., watched as liberal Occupy Wall Street protesters paid nothing to use the same park that conservatives paid $8,500... read more.
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