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Representative Richard Adams... Boosting Small Business Growth in Ohio
Small businesses are the bedrock of our state economy. Each day, we come into contact with local entrepreneurs when we visit a family-owned business, call an electrician in our community, or stop by a neighborhood store after work. These Ohio-based companies and stores drive our economy and support our families by providing nearly half of all Ohioans with employment... read more
The times they are a-changin’ By Jim Surber
06/25/11 - Bob Dylan wrote this song about the changes in American society and anyone old enough to remember the 1960’s can now appreciate its insight. Technology, and how people use it, may now be laying the groundwork for the elimination of many things that people have become very used to. I recently received predictions of nine things that will be gone in our lifetime. I list them here because they... read more
Recovery, Relief, Reform: Ohio’s Budget in Review, By State Senator Bill Beagle
COLUMBUS – Dull moments have been few and far between since entering the Ohio Senate in January of this year. However, the past three months have been especially busy as my colleagues and I worked to develop a responsible state budget for Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013. Now that the process has ended, I am glad to report that we were able to produce a balanced plan that cuts spending, eliminates a... read more
Family Events... Stay in sync or kids will divide and conquer! By Marybeth Hicks
Here’s a familiar scenario: Child wanders into the kitchen in the middle of the afternoon and asks for an ice cream treat. Mom says no. Child meanders to the den where dad is on the computer and says, “Mom says I can’t have a popsicle but I want one. Can I have one?” Dad says, “Sure. And bring me a purple one.” Child heads back to the kitchen and helps himself to two treats, while mom... read more
State Representative Jim Buchy... Fighting to Safeguard Life in Ohio
Representing so many towns across the 77th House District, I knew going into this term what a hard task the legislature was taking on. With a struggling economy that is affecting the lives of those in our region of the state, my focus from the first day forward has been to find jobs for Ohioans and provide business-friendly policies that will bring about economic growth. In addition to the many bills we have focused... read more
Pell Grant Funding a Necessity as Economy Recovers, Dr. Cristobal Valdez
The looming crisis of the national debt is forcing Congress and the President to make tough decisions on spending, taxes and entitlement programs in an effort to get the economy back on stable ground. However, a current proposal to cut funding for Pell Grants, the federal government’s primary program to help economically disadvantaged students attend college, is shortsighted and would... read more
Lemons or Lemonade? By Bob Rhoades
Last week I attended the Greenville City School board meeting with an idea on how a committee could present the idea of a new school to the general public and how to fund it.  It was received very well and I was later advised that we would probably move in that direction. I didn’t realize that later on the fiasco over the non-renewal of the contracts of two coaches was going to put the community... read more
Lincoln: The past and the present, By Bob Rhoades
When I look back at the 4th of July and the celebration, I always think of  A. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  To me it says it all.  I wonder how many people actually think of what has happened since 1776 and the 235 years since then. I paraphrased the Address for 2011: Eleven score and 7 years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty and dedicated... read more
State Representative Jim Buchy... A Memorable July 4th
Gathering together and watching fireworks for the 4th of July is one of this country’s longest-standing traditions. Even as a young boy, I can remember the excitement that came with the day. It was one of the most enjoyable times to gather with family and friends. However, as we enjoy the festivities that come with celebrating our nation’s independence, we must honor the sacrifices and personal risk put... read more
Senior Citizen Benefits... In My Opinion, By Sharon Hopper
Why in the world is AARP and the rest of the senior advocates sitting so silently by as the government raises benefits for everyone else except our nations Senior Citizens on Social Security? We are the people who fought in the wars that have made us who we are today and the people who have made this country prosperous beyond words. We are the people who have set the standards for equality for women... read more
State Representative Richard Adams... Having a Thankful Fourth of July
As I spend time throughout the 79th House District, working on legislation in Columbus, and simply visiting with my family and friends, I am constantly reminded of all the rights as an America that I’m exercising on a daily basis. In our busy lives, it’s often hard to routinely think about how fortunate we are as Americans.  Even when we do, we don’t often think of where our freedoms originate. For this reason... read more
Family Events... Teaching our children to love their country, By Marybeth Hicks
Last year, Jay Leno produced a clever “Jay Walking” edition for Independence Day. This time, Jay stationed himself in a California theme park to conduct his man-on-the-street interviews. In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, he asked passersby to answer some simple questions about the founding of our nation. The answers were funny, in a “we’re in big trouble” sort of way. For example... read more
Comment on “To Tax or Not to Tax”
A final word from Commissioner Mike Stegall on the Conveyance Fee - Bob, good article! It brought back memories of when my mom would say the same to me about jumping off a bridge.  I learned the lessons of not being a follower. With that being said, I would like to take exception to a few of the statements in the article.  Bob, we are not following everybody and “jumping off the bridge”.  I don’t... read more
Reinvent Greenville? By Bob Rhoades
Somewhere right after 1950, the City of Greenville sort of started re-inventing itself from a quiet farming community to the beginning of an agricultural/industrial community.  The first evidence of that was the south water tower which I can remember seeing rise over the trees from our Central Avenue home.  Soon on the same block, a second fire station was built and eventually a small park with... read more
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