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Measuring Obama’s Speech, by Newt Gingrich
Monday morning, I posted to Facebook a five question checklist by which to measure President Obama’s speech on our military engagement in Libya. Here is my analysis of how effectively the president answered those questions: Does President Obama cite working with Congress more than working with the Arab League or the United Nations? No. President Obama mentioned Congress just once in a 3,400 word speech.  In contrast, he mentioned the United Nations... read more
Congressman Campbell’s Laptop to Yours, By John Campbell
Monday, March 28, 2011 - $4/gallon, $4.50/gallon, $5/gallon or More - I was home in California last week and I paid $4.29 for premium fuel while I was there. And, as I write this, the price of oil is still rising. $4.50 or $5.00 per gallon of gas is certainly in sight and possible. And, remember that the price of oil is denominated in dollars, but it is a world market. So, when the value of the dollar drops, as it is doing now due to printing money and deficits and such... read more
Townhall... Full-Throttle Drill, Drill, Drill, by Larry Kudlow
If you buy into the energy speech President Obama delivered on Wednesday, it sure sounds like we’re headed for drill, drill, drill. It would be a total reversal of policy. I guess $100-plus oil and near $4 gas at the pump -- along with a consumer economic-political revolt -- will do that to you. After bashing oil and gas companies for a couple of years and instituting a virtual drilling moratorium, President Obama... read more
Obama on the Hook, By Dick Morris & Eileen McGann
With each of his policies, Obama takes a gamble.  If they work, he’s OK.  If they don’t, he’s on the hook for the outcome.  Consider the extent of his exposure - His involvement in Libya makes him responsible if Gaddafi stays in power and slaughters his own people and/or renews his connections with international terrorism. Obama will be equally responsible should... read more
Townhall... FDA Headbangs With Condoms, Not Cigs, By Katie Kieffer
If young people have casual sex, they’re rock stars, as long as they use condoms. If they casually smoke cigarettes, they’re borderline criminals. According to the FDA, that is. The FDA takes a hypocritical and overly invasive stance on two adult products: Condoms and cigarettes. The FDA’s inconsistent and excessive regulation of these adult products hurts free enterprise and represents an inappropriate extension of government in our daily lives... read more
Redstate... US Allies With Al Qaeda In Libya, Posted by streiff (Profile)
Sunday, March 27th - Did. Not. See. This. Coming. - As we’ve noted over the past weeks, we know precious little about the alleged “rebels” on whose behalf we’ve intervened in Libya. Now a little more information is available: In an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Mr al-Hasidi admitted that he had recruited “around 25″ men from the Derna area in eastern Libya to fight against coalition troops in Iraq. Some of them, he said, are “today are on the front... read more
Townhall... How Awful Is GE? By Mona Charen
April 18 looms like a specter at this time of year, casting a pall over the forsythia and daffodils that coax us to be cheerful. Like a sick child who longs to play outside on a sunny day but must remain confined, we itemizers are chained to desks or dining-room tables littered with receipts, calendars, checkbook registers, and credit card statements for the annual spring ordeal... read more
Townhall... Voting with Their Feet, By Thomas Sowell
The latest published data from the 2010 census show how people are moving from place to place within the United States. In general, people are voting with their feet against places where the liberal, welfare-state policies favored by the intelligentsia are most deeply entrenched. When you break it down by race and ethnicity, it is all too painfully clear what is happening. Both whites and blacks are leaving... read more
Columbus Dispatch Editorial... Bad idea
Sunday, March 27, 2011 - Elected officials shouldn’t dodge duty to settle union-contract disputes - A compromise being floated to speed passage of Ohio’s collective-bargaining bill — by giving voters the final say on union contracts — instead would enable public officials to sidestep their duty and dump the hard decisions on taxpayers. No doubt, Ohio Senate Bill 5 will undergo changes as Republican House and Senate work on it. But this is one idea that lawmakers should not... read more
The Columbus Dispatch, Just mention the ‘T word,’ and politicians plug their ears, By Joe Hallett
Sunday, March 27, 2011  03:15 AM - Having a civil and rational discussion about taxes has been impossible for a long time. Both political parties rip anyone who even hints at a tax increase. The disconnection between services and the need for taxes to pay for them is so complete that state residents have become deluded into believing there really is a free lunch. Gov. John Kasich truly believes that low taxes and less spending at every level of government are... read more
Human Events Editorial... The Energy Choke
03/24/2011 - Jobs and economic growth are being deliberately strangled. The American economy was already nursing a broken ankle from high unemployment and suffering heart palpitations as it tried to figure out how it could cover the impossible cost of its government. Now it feels a terrible pain gnawing at its belly, as food prices experience their sharpest climb in 36 years... read more
Townhall... Collapse of the Obama Worldview, By Austin Hill
“…Today I authorized the Armed Forces of the United States to begin a limited military action in Libya, in support of an international effort to protect Libyan civilians…” Thus began a press conference with President Barack Obama. It was Saturday March 19th. While traveling in Brazil, he took a few minutes to announce that a military response to the Gaddafi crisis was underway... read more
Townhall... Ponzi Schemes, By John C. Goodman
Jack Lew is lucky he isn’t in prison. Were he representing a private pension fund and if he made the sort of statements he made in USA Today the other day, he might well be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff. So who is Jack Lew? And what did he say? Lew is the Director of the federal Office of Management and Budget. About Social Security, he wrote: “Taxes are placed in a trust fund dedicated to paying benefits owed to current and future beneficiaries. When more taxes are... read more
Reason Foundation... The Truth About Nuclear Power, By Veronique de Rugy
March 25, 2011 - Separating economic myth from economic fact - Myth 1: Nuclear power is a cheap alternative to fossil fuels. Fact 1: It isn’t. As Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute wrote in Reason magazine in 2009, “Nuclear energy is to the Right what solar energy is to the Left: Religious devotion in practice, a wonderful technology in theory, but an economic white elephant in fact (some crossovers on both sides notwithstanding). When the day comes that the electricity... read more
Redstate... Obama’s Not Just Bombing Libya... Monday, March 28th
The Main Course Speech That Felt More Like an Appetizer - Obama: Wherever people long to be free, they will find a friend in the United States. Except in Syria. And in Iran. And in... Posted by Jeff Emanuel (Profile)
You might have heard that President Obama (finally) gave a speech about the shelling of Libya he ordered well over a week ago. Or, you might not have; he’s been trying pretty... read more
Townhall... The Triumph of Evil, By Bill O’Reilly
The opposition to military action in Libya is fascinating. President Obama is taking incoming fire from both the left and the right as various agendas collide against neutralizing Moammar Gadhafi. The dissent is all over the place, so let’s try to simplify the situation. We begin with a quote from Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” That’s true. We have seen it time and again throughout history. When evil is not... read more
Reason Foundation... The Rosy Scenario System, By Peter Suderman
March 23, 2011 - Optimism won’t fix America’s fiscal problems. President Barack Obama is a budgetary optimist. When he announced his budget proposal last month, he framed it hopefully, as a welcome return to fiscal sanity and a path towards a better tomorrow. It was time that Washington acted “responsibly,” he said. “After a decade of rising deficits, this budget asks Washington to live within its means, while at the same time investing in our future. It cuts... read more
Townhall... Gadhafi -- the Mad Dog Who Trumped the World, By Debra J. Saunders
Every American should look at Libya through the prism of the 1988 Pan Am 103 terrorist bombing that left 270 people dead. Moammar Gadhafi -- the man whom Ronald Reagan called the mad dog of the Middle East -- ordered an attack that killed mostly American civilians in a bombing over British soil. Yet rather than be beaten by more powerful nations, he lived to crow about it... read more
Townhall... Of Sweatshops And Classrooms, By David Stokes
On March 25, 1911—exactly 100 years ago—approximately 500 workers were crafting “shirtwaists,” blouses with puffy sleeves and tight waists. These garments were the height of feminine fashion in America during the years before World War I and worn by “Gibson Girls.” It was part of an image personifying beauty, with a touch of independence, popularized by illustrated stories developed by a guy... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... Liquored up for jobs
Published on Friday, Mar 25, 2011 - How the governor wants to fund his plan for economic development - John Kasich promised a bold new plan for job creation. Last month, lawmakers did their part, approving the creation of JobsOhio. The private, nonprofit corporation, its board headed by the governor, will take over the economic development duties of the state Department of Development. Now Kasich has gotten bolder. His budget plan, unveiled last week, proposes... read more
Townhall... Gov. Walker’s Legislation Has Unions Caving Already, By Kyle Olson
Apparently Gov. Scott Walker knew exactly what he was doing. Before he signed the bill limiting collective bargaining privileges, teachers unions throughout the state were slow to respond to calls for salary and benefit concessions. They believed their members should be held harmless during a period of necessary cost-cutting. They didn’t seem to care that Wisconsin schools were operating with multi-million dollar deficits that were forcing the layoffs of younger teachers and... read more
Townhall... Flunking the Citizenship Test, By Brent Bozell
Anyone who’s ever seen Jay Leno do one of his “Jaywalking” segments on NBC, locating average Americans and asking them factual questions on street corners, knows there are far too many Americans who know next to nothing about just about everything. They can’t name our first president or don’t even know what the phrase “Founding Fathers” means. Ask them to name our current vice... read more
Reason Foundation... Obama’s War of Choice, By Jacob Sullum
March 23, 2011 - The dangerously open-ended rationale for attacking Libya - In December 2007 The Boston Globe asked 12 presidential candidates about military action aimed at stopping Iran from building nuclear weapons. “In what circumstances, if any,” the Globe asked, “would the president have constitutional authority to bomb Iran without seeking a use-of-force authorization from Congress?” Here is how Barack Obama responded: “The President does not have... read more
Redstate... Where This Is Headed, Posted by Michael Hammond
Thursday, March 24th - So … where is this whole budget process headed? Let’s review the bidding: Many conservative groups have pushed for -– at the very least -– Republican opposition to any short-or long-term spending bill that does not defund ObamaCare. The Republican leadership balks because they do not want to get the blame for shutting down the government -– which would be shut down for the sole reason that Barack Obama refuses to sign a bill... read more
Townhall... Corporate Welfare, By John Stossel
In America today, the biggest recipients of handouts are not poor people. They’re corporations. General Electric CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt is super-close to President Obama. The president named Immelt chairman of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Before that, Immelt was on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. He’s a regular companion when Obama travels abroad to hawk American exports. (Why does business need government to do that?)... read more
Townhall... Parents Need to Step Up in Style Wars, by Kathryn Lopez
“Dad may try to ruin your style, but dry stains won’t.” The revealing dress code of the American ‘tween may be best dramatized by yet another pop-culture slap in the face of fatherhood: A Tide commercial. Dad knowingly wipes off dirt on his daughter’s way-too-short skirt. Mom is all too happy to get things clean with the product being advertised. Why are moms sometimes all too happy to... read more
Townhall... Anti-Iraq War Bush-Haters Squirm to Justify Libya, By Larry Elder
“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation,” then-presidential candidate Barack Obama said in December 2007. What a difference a change of job title makes. “Let’s just call a spade a spade. A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya,” said Defense Secretary Robert Gates three weeks before President Obama ordered a... read more
A Must Read at FoxNews... Gambling With Our Very Lives -- A Senior’s Take on ObamaCare
By Jim Martin - Published March 22, 2011 - The one-year anniversary of the passage of ObamaCare arrives Wednesday and as I reflect on the battle that gave us this bill and everything that’s happened since, I am reminded of the game liar’s poker. Liar’s poker is a game of chance made famous by Michael Lewis’ book of the same name, where players use any tactic to convince their opponent they have a stronger hand than they really have... read more
Human Events... A Foolish and Unconstitutional War, by Patrick J. Buchanan
03/21/2011 - “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” So said constitutional scholar and Senator Barack Obama in December 2007 -- the same man who, this weekend, ordered U.S. air and missile strikes on Libya without any authorization... read more
FoxNews... ObamaCare vs. the GOP -- Score One for the White House, By Juan Williams
Published March 23, 2011 - When it comes to health care reform it is amazing how times change – how polls change – how politics stays the same. A year ago today , when President Obama signed his national health care plan into law the polls showed most American opposed to it. The bitterness born of phony charges of “death panels,” angry seniors complaining about possible cuts in Medicare benefits and Tea Party marchers screaming at members of Congress... read more
Redstate... The Fatal Flaw Of The Federal Subsidy. Why Things Aren’t Swell In The Land of Pell.
Posted by Repair_Man_Jack (Profile) - Tuesday, March 22nd - An old economic fallacy argues the following: Anything you subsidize, you get more of. Sadly, like bloggers jumping the latest shred of rumor they would like to believe, our political leadership decided that this supposed truism was Too good to check! One example of where the foolish fallacy has led to misery, involves the current state of the Pell Grant Program... read more
Townhall... Dud Deals in California, By Debra J. Saunders
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Perhaps one of the most dangerous sentences in the English language is: “It can’t get any worse.” Anyone who doesn’t know that should not be trusted with sharp objects or political power. And yet there are California Republican Party convention-goers who made that claim in a city where everyone else asks what’s wrong with the Republicans. On the one hand, hard-liners want... read more
Human Events... Islamic Law in Florida Court, by John Hayward
03/22/2011 - This is a bad idea, as the local mosque will tell you. The Islamic Education Center of Tampa forced out several of its trustees back in 2002.  The trustees contested their eviction, and claim they sat down with an Islamic scholar to arbitrate their complaints.  The arbitrator ruled in their favor, but the mosque denied this arbitration was properly conducted, and did not accept the decision... read more
Townhall... UN Intervention Into Libya an Ominous Precedent For Israel, By Frank Gaffney
There are many reasons to be worried about the bridge-leap the Obama Administration has just undertaken in its war with Muammar Gaddafi. How it will all end is just one of them. Particularly concerning is the prospect that what we might call the Gaddafi Precedent will be used in the not-too-distant future to justify and threaten the use of U.S. military forces against an American ally: Israel. Here’s how such a seemingly impossible scenario might eventuate... read more
Chillicothe Gazette... John Kasich’s budget cuts needed to be deep
Mar 20, 2011 - The proposal of any government budget usually comes in stages: discussion about what might be in the proposal, the proposal, the dissection/reaction, the debate, the revision and the approval. In Ohio, we’re in the third stage of this process, and it promises to be a doozy. Gov. John Kasich on Tuesday proposed his first budget -- a 774-page whopper that includes $55.5 billion worth of funding of Ohio services for the next two years... read more
Unemployment: The True Picture, By Dick Morris & Eileen McGann
Published on on March 21, 2011 - To paraphrase Mark Twain, the three kinds of lies are lies, damn lies, and government statistics.  Governments lie, particularly about economic stats in the middle of a recession and the Obama Bureau of Labor Statistics has refined misrepresenting our economic situation to a high art form. In a previous column, we reported that Rasmussen’s index... read more
Hillarious (or frightening)... ya gotta read it! Townhall... Rigor Please, By Mike Adams
For some time, I have made a habit of asking students their major (and minor) immediately after they ask me a silly question. This is necessary because I teach two basic studies courses per semester – both populated by students from across the spectrum of academic disciplines. I have found (consistently) that nearly all inane questions and comments come from students in just a handful of academic majors. In the past, I’ve gotten myself in hot water for suggesting... read more
Truthout... Congress Must Debate the Libya War, by Robert Naiman
Monday 21 March 2011 - The US is now at war in a third Muslim country, according to the “official tally” (that is, counting Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, but not Pakistan or Yemen, for example.) But Congress has never authorized or debated the US military intervention in Libya. (A sharply disputed claim holds that the Pakistan and Yemen actions are covered by the 2001 authorization of military force, but no one has dared to argue that the 2001 authorization... read more
Townhall... Are Charter Schools the Education Solution? By Bruce Bialosky
There certainly hasn’t been a lack of ideas to reverse the malaise that infests most of our K-12 school systems. In large municipal school systems, charter schools – which many see as a partial solution – have been fought tooth and nail by the education establishment. I’ve spent a lot of time on L.A. Unified school campuses, but hadn’t yet visited a charter school – which is why I recently toured... read more
Townhall... Blue Over Green Energy Promises, By David Limbaugh
The promises of pie-in-the-sky liberal environmentalists that we can convert to “clean” energy sources and stimulate our economy are based on dubious environmental and economic assumptions, fantastic notions about alternative energy, and a disturbing acceptance of the tyrannies inherent in command-control economies. It would be bad enough if President Obama and his Democratic allies... read more
Redstate... This week is the first anniversary of Obamacare, Posted by Moe Lane
Sunday, March 20th - And the Democrats are going to - very entertainingly - try to put the best face on that particular electoral disaster that they possibly can: they have a week’s worth of events planned, apparently in the hope that the only thing wrong with their party’s messaging thus far was that they did not speak loudly enough, or slowly enough, or use small enough words, or any combination thereof. They also plan to “shine a spotlight on Republicans who have... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer... An Ohio budget to usher in leaner local government
By The Plain Dealer Editorial Board - Gov. John Kasich’s first budget is a signal to every local government official in Ohio -- and to the taxpayers they serve -- that this is a new era. Call it an age of austerity. Or of simple realism. You don’t have to agree with Kasich on everything -- and the budget certainly misfires on some things, notably aid to public schools -- to know he’s right about one thing: Local governments, libraries and school districts need to change... read more
Townhall... Leadership from Gov. Kasich, By Linda Chavez
Once in a blue moon, you find a politician willing to do the right thing even if it means his popularity will plummet. Recently elected Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, has announced a new budget for his cash-strapped state, and voters are none too happy. Polls show his approval rating at 40 percent, less than three months after he assumed office. Ohio’s budget is more than $8 billion in the red, thanks to a poor economy... read more
Townhall... Honoring All our WWI Heroes, By Ken Blackwell
President Obama and Vice President Biden this week paid an unannounced visit to Arlington National Cemetery. They went there to offer the thanks of a grateful nation for the service of Frank Buckles, the last known survivor of the American “Doughboys” of World War I. Buckles was barely 16 when he fibbed about his age to get into uniform. It is altogether fitting and proper that they should do this... read more
Townhall... Radioactive Reporting, By Rich Galen
Plutonium. Since the days of the Red Scare and Mutual Assured Destruction I have been told that Plutonium is the most toxic substance on earth. Watching the breathless reporting from and about Japan, I suspect most of the anchors and reporters covering the nuclear plant story believe that as well. It’s not so. Inhaling Plutonium is not like getting a whiff of diesel fumes, but the long-held believe that the tiniest speck would lead to cancer is just wrong... read more
Reason... Nuclear Disaster in Japan, By Ronald Bailey
March 15, 2011 - Does it show a way forward for nuclear power? The crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants continues. Amazingly, a 40-year-old power plant built to withstand a 7.9 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale shut down automatically as designed when the Earth began shaking. In fact, it stood up to an earthquake that released more than 40 times the amount of energy the plant was designed to survive. At the moment it appears that the... read more
Reason... Atlas Shrugged: Is A (the Movie) Really A (the Novel)? By Brian Doherty
The film should please fans, but might not please everyone. March 11, 2011 - The official release of the movie Atlas Shrugged Part One, based on Ayn Rand’s controversial 1957 novel, is not until April 15. It then begins a limited theatrical rollout in 11 American cities (which the producers hope will grow from there). It has already been previewed to selected audiences in Los Angeles, D.C., and New York... read more
Townhall... Few Angels in the Budget Brawl, by Debra J. Saunders
The White House Office of Management and Budget projects that this year, mandatory spending will exceed federal revenue. Congress could cut every dime of discretionary spending and Washington would still run a deficit. Years ahead of forecasts, Social Security paid out more money than it took in last year. So who in Washington is serious about tackling the deficit and looming tidal... read more
Townhall... State Bankruptcy: The Worst Idea Yet, By Jim Gilmore
We are witnessing unprecedented clashes and escalating political rhetoric between cash-starved state governments and their public service unions. The conflict has yielded the worst notion yet among an array of increasingly painful potential solutions – declaring state bankruptcy, among other reasons, to escape the onerous bonds of contracts and accumulated promises made by multiple generations of politicians of both parties. As a former Virginia governor, my advice... read more
Eagle Publications… Rising Gas Prices and Obama’s Failure to Lead, by Newt Gingrich
A disturbing pattern has emerged during Barack Obama’s first term as president. At the times when our nation most needs presidential leadership, Barack Obama chooses to let others take the lead. We saw this pattern begin in the early stages of his administration. The country was beginning to slide into a deep recession, and bold action was needed quickly to turn the tide. However, rather... read more
Human Events... Rep. Randy Forbes: ‘In God We Trust’, by Emily Miller
03/18/2011 - Rep Randy Forbes (R.-Va.) has spent four years fighting to have Congress officially support the right to have the national motto “In God We Trust” in government buildings and public schools. Forbes won a big victory on Thursday when the House Judiciary Committee passed his In God We Trust Resolution, which reaffirms the national motto and supports and encourages the public... read more
Columbus Dispatch Editorial… Test of leadership
Thursday, March 17, 2011 - Local officials, taxpayers will have to find new ways to provide, pay for services - Ohio, along with other states, is entering a new era in which the old assumption that government can continue to spend more and do more every year no longer applies. That doesn't mean, however, that Ohioans necessarily are going to like getting less in the way of services from local and state government. This sets up a challenge for public officials everywhere: The coming years... read more
Dayton Daily News Editorial... Forcing local tax increases not solution
Thursday, March 17, 2011 - Talk to local government officials on the day after Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget was released, and many of them are taken aback. They expected to get less from the state’s so-called Local Government Fund. But some are flabbergasted that the funding would drop by almost 50 percent over the next two years. Remember that in 2005, when Republican Bob Taft was governor, local governments went ballistic and beat back... read more
Townhall... Continuing Stubborn Ignorance, By Walter E. Williams
Within the past decade, I’ve written three columns titled “Deception 101,” “Stubborn Ignorance,” and “Exploiting Public Ignorance,” all explaining which branch of the federal government has taxing and spending authority. How can academics, politicians, news media people and ordinary citizens get away with statements such as “Reagan’s budget deficits,” “Clinton’s budget surplus,” “Bush’s budget deficits and tax cuts” or “Obama’s tax increases”? Which branch of government... read more
Townhall... GOP Fear That History Will Repeat Helps Ensure It Will, By David Limbaugh
Why is it that despite the Republicans’ resounding electoral victory in 2010 based on their promises for real change, many of us have a queasy feeling they’re not quite measuring up to the task, even in the climate of Democratic infighting and President Obama’s weaknesses? The Hill reports that there is developing dissension between Obama and Senate Democrats, whose respective... read more
Human Events... This is What Happens When Republicans Get Milquetoast, by Erick Erickson
03/15/2011 - There is new polling out today making its way around the bathrooms of House and Senate Republican leaders. After weeks and weeks of bending over backwards to try to show they were willing to compromise on everything, guess what? The public thinks the GOP hasn’t been compromising enough. Perceived non-cooperation on the budget deficit is one problem for the Republicans in Congress. Seventy-one percent say the GOP is not willing enough to... read more
Politico... Could ‘No Child’ get left behind? By Meredith Shiner
It’s one of the few areas in which Republicans, Democrats and the White House might agree: The decade-old “No Child Left Behind” law needs to be fixed. But congressional leaders, wary of last year’s legislative battles, almost unanimously dismissed a fall deadline announced Monday by President Barack Obama for passing a major education reform bill. The path to any deal is littered with land mines: Congress is divided, and Speaker John Boehner, one of the... read more
Truthout... Class Warfare, the Final Chapter, by Michael Pirsch
Tuesday 15 March 2011 - “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” - Warren Buffett to The New York Times, November 26, 2006. There is overwhelming evidence that we are entering the final chapter of class warfare in the US. Today, in the “public arena,” it is forbidden to say class warfare, and many citizens do not regard themselves as working class. The assault on language comes compliments... read more
Townhall... GOP Should Heed Lesson of 1991: No Guts, No Glory, By Byron York
In early March 1991, all the smart people in politics knew one thing about the upcoming 1992 campaign: President George H.W. Bush was unbeatable. Fresh from victory in the Gulf War, Bush enjoyed a job-approval rating around 90 percent. At a time when potential challengers should be enlisting supporters and planning campaigns, Democrats who had been expected to challenge Bush... read more
The Columbus Dispatch... Democrats watch their base shrink, By Thomas Suddes
Sunday, March 13, 2011 - Two grim dates confront Ohio Democrats. The first was Nov. 2, when Republicans captured state government from top to bottom. The other was last Wednesday, when newly released 2010 Census data revealed two Ohios - one, shrinking, in traditionally Democratic counties, and another Ohio, growing in population, and in traditionally Republican counties, such as: • Greater Cleveland’s growth champion, Medina County. • A constellation of... read more
Townhall... To America’s hot-to-protest college students, By Neal Boortz
 Not sure about you, but I was absolutely thrilled last week when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed the legislation ending most collective bargaining rights for government worker unions. The more these government employee unions get slapped around by reality, the happier I am. I want to talk about the college students we saw protesting in Wisconsin ... but first, let me remind you that this whole stink wasn’t really about collective bargaining rights. The real foreign... read more
Libertarian Party... Press falsely credits Republicans with “deep cuts”
WASHINGTON - The mainstream press is falsely crediting Republicans for proposing “deep cuts” in federal spending. To fight back, the Libertarian Party is promoting its “Republican Wall of Shame” with an online ad in the Washington Post. Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle said, “I can’t believe the press is saying Republicans are making deep cuts. It’s just false.” On February 20, the Associated Press wrote, “The Republican-led House has approved a spending... read more
Politico... Waivers at center of health debate, By Sarah Kliff
3/14/11 - Exceptions may become the rule as the Affordable Care Act heads into its second year. Officials at the Department of Health and Human Services have approved no fewer than 1,040 requests for so-called mini-med waivers, which would allow companies to cap their annual payouts at a lower level than dictated by the law. And over the next year, many states will seek a reprieve from two of the law’s most wide-reaching provisions: the medical loss... read more
Townhall... The Real Battle: Makers v. Takers, By Lurita Doan
Ideological budget battles between GOP and Dems in congress mask the real battle erupting across America-- the battle between the makers and the takers. Entrepreneurs and other working Americans, the makers, are growing tired of government’s rapacious hand in their financial pocket and they are becoming more aggressive and more outspoken in their protests. Dems should expect this... read more
Human Events... House GOP Shuts Down Failed TARP Mortgage Programs, by Emily Miller
03/10/2011 - The Republican House terminated a mortgage refinancing program established by President Obama and rescinded $8 billion in TARP funds designated for it.  The “Federal Housing Administration Refinance Program Termination Act” passed the House on Thursday by a vote of 256-171, with 18 Democrats voting in favor of it.  The unspent money will go toward reducing the... read more
Townhall... We All Must ‘Sacrifice,’ Except the President’s Friends, By Austin Hill
We live at a time when all Americans must sacrifice. All, that is, except those of us who can be politically helpful to our President as he seeks re-election. Last month, President Barack Obama addressed a gathering of the National Governor’s Association, wherein he suggested that “shared sacrifice” should become a new catch-phrase, of sorts, for America. “If all the pain is shared by one group,” the President noted, “that’s not good for anyone.” In that same... read more
Townhall... Unions Skittish Over Obama, By Salena Zito
Philadelphia – Three years ago, almost to the day, candidate Barack Obama told an AFL-CIO convention here, “It’s time we had a president who didn’t choke saying the word ‘union.’” Amid feverish chants of “Yes we can!” he then threw the crowd the raw meat it wanted: his support for the Employee Free Choice Act. “I will make it the law of the land when I’m president of the United States,” Obama promised... read more
Redstate... Will Freshman House Republicans Keep Their Promise?, Posted by Erick Erickson
Friday, March 11th - Editor's note: The House passed the 3-week extension Tuesday - House Republicans are unveiling their next short-term continuing resolution today to keep the government from shutting down on March 18.  It is a three week-extension, $6 billion in cuts with no new policy riders. Sound good?  It’s not.  Realize what is going on here.  House Leadership unfortunately continues to be gripped by fear of a government shutdown... read more
Townhall... The 7 Greatest Scientific Achievements Of The Last 50 Years, By John Hawkins
We human beings tend to forget how far we’ve come as a species in a relatively short period of time. In the 1870’s, we had the first house that was lighted with electricity. Cars just started to become available 100 years ago. Charles Lindbergh made the first transatlantic flight in 1927. Televisions didn’t become widely available until after WWII. In other words, the advances humankind has made... read more
Townhall... Win the Future or Cement Ourselves in the Past? By Ross Mackenzie
Suddenly, the Libyan turmoil and its subsequent Obamian abdication of leadership have led -- again -- to heightened fears about America’s energy future. The national average price of a gallon of gasoline at the pump has risen 33 cents to $3.51 in just two weeks. So here’s a question: Where would our fears be, and that per-gallon price of gasoline, if the country in turmoil were not Libya, which produces just 2 percent of global oil production, but Saudi Arabia? An answer is... read more
Redstate... Josh Mandel: A candidate to get excited about, Posted by Erick Erickson
Thursday, March 10th - I have to be honest with you. With the exception of Ted Cruz and Michael Williams in Texas and Jeff Flake in Arizona, I am not really that excited about any of the Senate races this year. There are few solid conservative rockstars out there. And yes, if you are thinking I am ignoring candidate X in your state, I’ve thought of them. They’re good. But they are no Rand Paul or Jeff Flake or Mike Lee or Ted Cruz or Michael Williams. Good does not equate... read more
Redstate... CRS Report: U.S. is Leader in Fossil Fuel Resources, Posted by dhorowitz3
Thursday, March 10th - Oil, gas, and coal are the energy sources of the past, present, and future - While Obama continues his implacable war on fossil fuels and campaigns for impotent and unreliable energy sources, he incessantly condemns oil as ‘the energy of the past’.  He is obviously referring to his self-fulfilling dream of eradicating oil from our economy; not the proven reality of our oil reserves.  According to the latest research by the Congressional Research... read more
Townhall... Why NPR Should Urge Congress to End Its Subsidy, By Michael Barone
 What do they put in the water cooler over at NPR? First, they fire Juan Williams in October for comments he made on Fox News Channel -- and Vivian Schiller, the CEO of public radio, smilingly suggests he needs to have his head examined. This week, a sting video shows NPR Foundation President Ron Schiller (no relation) saying that tea party activists were “seriously racist” and telling two purported... read more
Townhall... Welcome to the Third World, By Paul Driessen
As Britain suffered through its coldest December in a century, families were forced to choose between keeping homes warm and feeding their children nourishing meals – thanks to climate policies that have forced extensive reliance on wind power and deliberately driven energy prices skyward. Barely two months later, the UK’s power grid CEO informed the country that its days of reliable electricity are... read more
Townhall... Mr. President: Lead or Get Out of the Way! By Michael Reagan
Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is getting away with murder because the president of the United States refuses to take action when that’s exactly what is called for. Gadhafi is thumbing his nose at the alleged leader of the Free World, leaving the crazed dictator free to slaughter his own people in a frantic effort to save his dictatorship. It is hard for me to examine President Obama’s current behavior without comparing it to a similar crisis during my father President Reagan... read more
New York Times... The Case for a No-Fly Zone, By Nicholas D. Kristof
“This is a pretty easy problem, for crying out loud.” For all the hand-wringing in Washington about a no-fly zone over Libya, that’s the verdict of Gen. Merrill McPeak, a former Air Force chief of staff. He flew more than 6,000 hours, half in fighter aircraft, and helped oversee no-fly zones in Iraq and the Adriatic, and he’s currently mystified by what he calls the “wailing and gnashing of teeth” about imposing such a zone on Libya. I called General McPeak to get his take on a no-fly zone... read more
Human Events... White House Takes on Bullying, but Not in the Mideast, by John Gizzi
03/10/2011 - Upon hearing that there would be a conference on bullying prevention at the White House today, more than a few in the press corps were speechless. At a time when the President talks about “living within our means,” federal tax dollars are going to be spent on a conference that many believe is a matter for families and local schools.  At the very worst, it is an issue to be dealt with by local boards of education or municipalities. “If I didn’t know it was for real, I would... read more
Townhall... GOP Presidential Prospects Shaping into Two Tiers, By Rachel Alexander
Newt Gingrich’s resignation last week as a contributor to Fox News in order to set up a political exploratory committee for president establishes him early on as a serious contender for the GOP nomination. Insiders say he is genuinely interested in running, and is not doing it for the publicity. Gingrich has remained relevant in his post-Congressional years with numerous ventures including writing books, forming PACs, and becoming a frequent contributor to Fox News... read more
Townhall... Dance of the Tenured Lemons, By Kyle Olson
 Teacher tenure is considered holy gospel in most of America’s public schools. But this policy does nothing for children, and tends to protect teachers who don’t necessarily deserve job security. Why is it we never hear stories about tenure protecting “good” teachers instead of helping “bad” ones? One bad teacher was former band instructor-turned convict Matt Lang, who is now... read more
Townhall... Social Security: Why America Can and Should Allow Private Accounts
By Howard Rich - The Social Security debate is no different than the debate over any other government program – there are just a lot more zeroes involved. Of course the more zeroes, the less willing Washington politicians usually are to confront the problem – particularly when so-called “guaranteed” benefits are at stake. Still, there are three simple questions that can be asked of any... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Lessons from a wet basement: Kevin O’Brien, By Kevin OBrien, The Plain Dealer
Thursday, March 10, 2011, 5:25 AM - I will not claim to know how John Boehner feels. The speaker of the House has a nasty political problem on his hands, and solving it may just take more distasteful and politically unhealthy work than he’s willing to do -- even with the help of a Tea Party-influenced freshman class that hasn’t had time to “go native” in Washington yet. So I will suggest that what I know is how some successor of his will feel -- probably not all that many... read more
Next to Fall: Saudi Arabia, By Dick Morris & Eileen McGann
Published on on March 9, 2011 - We can do without Libya’s two million barrels a day of oil albeit with significant disruptions in the global economy.  But if we lose Saudi Arabia’s nine million, we will face a global catastrophe. And the Saudi monarchy will be the next casualty of the Middle East revolutionary wave.  The king is 86 years old and very ill.  The next two men in line are both over 80 and both sick.  And, behind those three in line are 7,000... read more
Libertarian Party... War on Drugs leads to gun smuggling nightmare
WASHINGTON - According to CBS, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has been involved in undercover operations to smuggle high-powered weapons into Mexico, probably as some sort of tracking operation. Now many of those weapons are in the hands of ruthless drug traffickers, which they are using to intimidate and kill people. Libertarian Party chair Mark Hinkle issued this statement today: “This is another sad chapter in the... read more
Daily Events... A Thousand Waivers, by John Hayward
Controlling the lifeboats of a ship that was designed to sink - 03/09/2011 - There are over a thousand waivers granting exemptions from the ObamaCare disaster now.  Among the latest recipients is the entire state of Maine, which scored a valuable exemption from the requirement that every insurance company must “spend 80 cents to 85 cents of every premium dollar on medical care... read more
Daily Events... Wednesdays with Emily Miller - Guantanamo, By Emily Miller
President Obama has spent the past two years trying to bring murderous terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to the United States, failing only because of Congress blocking his every move. In January 2009, Obama put out an Executive Order that he would close Gitmo within one year. The American people and their representatives in Congress refused to allow him to give terrorists... read more
How to Shut Down the Government, By Dick Morris & Eileen McGann
March 7, 2011 - At some point, the Administration will run out of cuts that it can live with and the Republican House will have to decide whether to shut down the government by refusing to vote for ongoing Continuing Resolutions.  The decision will be easy: either shutdown or shut up!  There is no way the GOP can have any ongoing leverage if it refuses to close things down once Obama says no to further budget cuts. The question is: How can the Republicans shut down... read more
Townhall... Union Myths, By Thomas Sowell
The biggest myth about labor unions is that unions are for the workers. Unions are for unions, just as corporations are for corporations and politicians are for politicians. Nothing shows the utter cynicism of the unions and the politicians who do their bidding like the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” that the Obama administration tried to push through Congress. Employees’ free... read more
Townhall... The $50,000 Orgasm, By Dennis Prager
On Feb. 21, the 600 Northwestern University students enrolled in the popular Human Sexuality course taught by professor John Michael Bailey were told that if they wished to stay after class -- it was clearly made optional -- they would see a live demonstration of female ejaculation, the subject of that day’s class. A naked young woman (not a student) would demonstrate... read more
Family Events... Education Reform Begins at Home, By Marybeth Hicks
Parents and teachers should be on the same team. Most of us recall a time when parents didn’t question their children’s teachers. If a teacher called home to discuss bad behavior or poor effort on the part of a student, his mom and dad were solidly in the teacher’s corner – and if that student was you, you pretty much knew you were in big trouble. That’s not how it works these days... read more
From Redstate... Blame the Democrats for High Gas Prices, Posted by Erick Erickson
Monday, March 7th - In the Atlanta area, where I am, gas prices are up $0.77 from where they were a year ago. It is worth noting that Democrats have been politicizing and blocking expanded oil drilling for quite some time. Consider this: “Critics (of Arctic drilling), including Sen. John F. Kerry, D-Mass., say the drilling plan would violate the nation’s last remaining pristine wilderness. Moreover, they charge, the oil would consist of a 6-month supply for the nation... read more
Townhall... 5 Reasons Unions Are Bad For America, By John Hawkins
At one time in this country, there were few workplace safety laws, few restraints on employers, and incredibly exploitive working conditions that ranged from slavery, to share cropping, to putting children in dangerous working conditions. Unions, to their everlasting credit, helped play an important role in leveling the playing field for workers. However, as the laws changed, there was less and less need for unions. Because of that, union membership shrank. In response... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Ohio’s rogue prescription crisis
By Plain Dealer guest columnist, Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General - Tuesday, March 08, 2011 - Ohio’s families and communities are under siege by the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs. A recent execution-style double homicide in Ashtabula County is the latest link in a disturbing chain of prescription drug-fueled crimes. The Ashtabula County sheriff said that the... read more
Townhall... Who’s to Blame For Union Woes? By Michael Barone
The labor union movement is in deep trouble. Only 6 percent of private-sector employees are union members. Voters are beginning to realize, thanks to governors like Chris Christie of New Jersey and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, that public-sector unions have negotiated unsustainable levels of pensions and benefits -- and that public-sector unions are a mechanism for involuntary transfers of... read more
Townhall... Obama’s Best Sport: Kicking the Can, By Lurita Doan
 Obama’s recent announcement that he will appoint a commission to propose and possibly oversee the closing and sale of obsolete federal buildings is yet another delaying tactic which allows Team Obama to wear the mantle of fiscal hawks, serious about cost-cutting, while delaying the need for immediate action to reduce the ever-ballooning deficit. Kicking the can down the road to delay... read more
Reaction: Dayton Daily News… Editorial: Kasich needs to be bold and effective
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - There was no danger of the cameras catching anyone sleeping during Gov. John Kasich’s first State of the State speech Tuesday, March 8. What it lacked in polished oratory, it made up for with energy and passion. About the substance: He was absolutely right that his first seven weeks in office — which, he joked, may seem like seven... read more
Reaction: The Columbus Dispatch... Editorial: State of the state
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - Speech gave outline of dramatic changes in store for Ohio - In his State of the State address on Tuesday, Gov. John Kasich’s message was plain-spoken, passionate and clear: Dramatic change is in store for Ohio. Not that this is a surprise. He’s been saying as much for the past year, and in his first few weeks in office, he already has begun... read more
Dayton Daily News... 5 important questions about pension reform
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - What is driving the demand for reform? How do public pensions differ from private-sector pensions? How do the public pension systems impact taxpayers? What do public employees say about demands for reform? Q. How do the public pensions systems impact the economy?... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... Liberal rage, Tuesday, Mar 08, 2011
A comparison to Hitler and Stalin, an outburst in a restaurant - Gov. John Kasich and Statehouse Republicans have ignited an intense discussion, their effort to revamp three decades of collective-bargaining law striking at the core of Democratic Party constituencies. So there is fury, frustration and hyperbole — on both sides. One line that shouldn’t be crossed is linking the other side to Hitler and Stalin. Yet, that is just what U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown... read more
Human Events... Tapping the Reserve, by John Hayward
03/08/2011 - The soccer mom returns with a vengeance. If you’ve been to the gas station recently… well, I’d better give you a moment to sit down and recover from the shock.  Take a few deep breaths.  Go to your happy place. As I was saying, if you’ve been to the gas station recently, you’ve noticed prices at the pump are skyrocketing.  AAA reports the current national average... read more
From Human Events... The Return of the Balanced Budget Amendment, by Jason Mattera
03/07/2011 - “The balanced budget amendment has good aspects, but it is simply not good enough in dealing with fundamental constitutional change for our country.” And thus with that 23-word statement in 1997, Democrat Sen. Robert Torricelli of New Jersey sunk conservative spirits. No longer did the U.S. Senate have the two-thirds it needed to enshrine a fundamental principle of governing into... read more
The Columbus Dispatch... Joe Hallett commentary: How much pain? We’ll know soon, By Joe Hallett
Sunday, March 6, 2011 - Julius Caesar met his demise on the Ides of March, and now, 2,055 years later, that date has an ominous appointment with Ohio. On March 15, Gov. John Kasich will unveil his two-year budget, beginning an era in which virtually every Ohio resident and entity - corporations and small businesses, hospitals and nursing homes, universities and local schools, counties and cities and townships - will have to get along with less... read more
Townhall... Recalculating the Odds: Obama and DOMA, By Ken Connor
During his campaign, Candidate Barack Obama repeatedly cited his opposition to same sex marriage. On the Human Rights Campaign’s 2008 Presidential Survey, he stated, “I do not support gay marriage. Marriage has religious and social connotations, and I consider marriage to be between a man and a woman.” Despite his formerly firm convictions, the President has now decided that... read more
Townhall… First the Public Service, Then Endless Litigation, By Debra J. Saunders
Last month, the website Politico reported that the Department of Justice dropped its representation of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, his former deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, and other defendants in a lawsuit filed by convicted al-Qaida operative Jose Padilla and his mother. The Department of Justice continues to represent Defense Secretary Robert... read more
MOAA... New Budget Rules Could Mean Gridlock
Republicans in control of the House and Democrats in control of the Senate have approved dramatically different budget rules for the 112th Congress that would appear to make it difficult for them to reach agreements on almost any major budget changes without major compromises by one or the other or both. The most important change in the House was to replace the “pay-as-you-go” (PAYGO) spending rule with the “cut-as-you-go” (cut-go) policy. Under the PAYGO... read more
Townhall... A Word of Warning for Hill Republicans, By Carol Platt Liebau
After the past few weeks, many GOP conservatives – and Tea Partiers – are beginning to understand how some of the Obamaphiles feel. Like Obama supporters, conservatives worked hard to secure leadership that, we believed, both understood what was best for America and had the courage to stand firm for real change. But the first months of GOP congressional control have been disappointing; if the GOP leadership continues down its current... read more
Redstate... Reid’s Obstructionism May Cause Government Shutdown
Posted by Brian Darling - Saturday, March 5th - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) may cause a government shutdown. Senator Reid is employing a procedural strategy to deal with the House-passed long-term Continuing Resolution (CR), H.R. 1, that may make it more likely that the federal government will shut down when the government runs out of money on March 18. Remember this when we get closer to March 18 and both parties blame each... read more
Townhall... Obama Irrelevant on World Stage, By Linda Chavez
Two years into his presidency, the man who promised to restore America’s standing in world public opinion has rendered himself personally irrelevant on the world stage. President Obama came into office more popular abroad than he was even at home, where he won a resounding election victory. European crowds thronged his speeches; leaders complimented him on his cultural sensitivity; the foreign... read more
Townhall... Status of the Union, By Paul Jacob
The United States of America constitutes the largest economy in the world. We’re number one! Stephen Pope in a Market Mind post last week at goes further, arguing that “the US is not just the world’s largest economy. It has the largest and most sophisticated military and the leading entrepreneurial mind set driven by access technology, engineering and market research data... read more
Obama’s Legacy: Stagflation, By Dick Morris
Published on on March 1, 2011 - Obama’s failure to support America’s allies in the Middle East and his dithering endorsement of chaos in the region will send oil and gasoline prices skyrocketing, triggering a massive bout of stagflation. This vicious cycle of rising prices, decreased consumption, and ever higher prices (as vendors seek to recover higher fixed costs) will cripple the American economy for years to come. This is Obama’s true legacy... read more
Townhall... Look for the Union Label, By Bill O’Reilly
In order to form a more perfect union, many of my ancestors joined one. My maternal grandfather was a train conductor; my paternal grandfather, a New York City police officer; my uncle, a fire captain in the Big Apple. Around my dinner table as a kid, working people were revered and evil corporate bosses were vilified. Unions were big in Levittown, N.Y. I am a union guy, as well. AFTRA (the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) has represented me... read more
Townhall... Reckless, Quixotic Fantasies, By David Limbaugh
At what point do environmentalist liberals become accountable for the results of their policies instead of their allegedly good intentions? Why isn’t President Obama held accountable for his ideologically based interference with lower oil prices? Obama has repeatedly shown his willingness to use his executive authority discriminatorily to implement his preferred environmental policies. On the presidential... read more
Redstate... Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Meets Hitler, by Erick Erickson
Thursday, March 3rd - Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is not a Nazi. But he has a history of voting for policies the Nazis championed. But he is not a Nazi. Nor is he Nazi like. He just likes a lot of policies the Nazis championed. That’s not hyperbole. That is actual fact. I wouldn’t bring this up except Sherrod Brown is calling Jim DeMint and Scott Walker “nazis” except they, just like Sherrod Brown, are not Nazis. Or something like that. Senator Brown... read more
Townhall... The House GOP Forfeits The Strategic Advantage of Time, by Hugh Hewitt
Four months ago the nation’s voters gave John Boehner and the House GOP he leads a massive mandate to change the fiscal direction of the United States. Nothing could have been clearer from the red tide that swelled and rolled across the country. The “stimulus” and the bailouts were disgusting average Americans, and Obamacare’s massive new costs were frightening them... read more
Human Events... A Bad Day For ObamaCare, by John Hayward
Trillion-dollar legislation disintegrates before our eyes - 03/04/2011 - Thursday was a tough day for ObamaCare.  In the most spectacular news, Judge Roger Vinson clarified his earlier ruling on Thursday, explaining that he did indeed strike down the entire law as unconstitutional, so it can’t be implemented against any of the 26 states that were party to the suit he ruled on.  Vinson was brutally dismissive... read more
Townhall... America’s College Obsession, By Mona Charen
 Andy Ferguson, one of America’s most engaging and perspicacious journalists, has not -- as Andre Malraux said of Whittaker Chambers -- returned from the hell of college admissions with empty hands. In “Crazy U,” his chronicle of his son’s senior year of high school -- a year of college visiting, application, essay writing, open-house attending, interviewing, financial aid seeking, and waiting... read more
Truthout... Really Bad Reporting in Wisconsin: Who “Contributes” to Public Workers’ Pensions?
by David Cay Johnston - Thursday 24 February 2011 - When it comes to improving public understanding of tax policy, nothing has been more troubling than the deeply flawed coverage of the Wisconsin state employees’ fight over collective bargaining. Economic nonsense is being reported as fact in most of the news reports on the Wisconsin dispute, the product of a breakdown of skepticism among journalists multiplied by their lack of understanding of basic economic principles... read more How Green Is Your Lost Job?
Posted 03/01/2011 - Power: A study of renewable energy in Scotland shows that for every job created in the alternative energy sector, almost four jobs are lost in the rest of the economy. We’ve seen this movie before. Not only has the sun set on the British Empire, but the promise of wind apparently is deserting it as well. A new study called “Worth The Candle?” by the consulting firm Verso Economics confirms the experience of Spain and other countries: The creation... read more
The Columbus Dispatch... Unused sick days should not spell “jackpot” for public-sector workers
Editorial: Unhealthy - Thursday, March 3, 2011 - Public-sector workers enjoy a number of perks that most workers in the private sector don’t, and one of the hardest to justify is a sick-leave system that allows employees to amass mountains of unused days and turn them into a substantial cash bonus upon retirement. For most employees in the private sector, sick leave is a humane benefit allowing workers to receive pay when they’re too sick to work... read more
Townhall... Oh, to Be a Teacher in Milwaukee!, By Paul Greenberg
Leave it to a prof at the University of Arkansas -- specifically, an economist in its Department of Education Reform -- to go to the heart (and guts) of what all the fuss is about in Wisconsin. His name is Bob Costrell, and he’s put his finger and calculator on the essence of that state’s problem. In an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal last week, the professor detailed the sweet deals... read more
Family Events... Our kids must learn to “give a little whistle...” by Marybeth Hicks
Just before she magically drifts out the window and into the stars, the Blue Fairy famously smiles at the affable Jiminy Cricket and then gives a word of advice to Geppetto’s endearing little puppet. “Now, remember, Pinocchio: be a good boy. And always let your conscience be your guide.” Of course, we all know what happens next. Temptations lead our wooden hero down the... read more
Townhall... Yep, It’s Still the Economy, Stupid, By Donald Lambro
 WASHINGTON -- No doubt by now you’ve heard the story on the nightly news that the Obama economy grew at a weaker pace in the fourth quarter than was previously expected. What’s that, you say? You didn’t hear that on the evening news? I wonder why. Maybe the big three networks in New York didn’t want you to know that a revised analysis of the last three months of 2010... read more
Townhall... Except February Which Stands Alone, By Rich Galen
 Why does February only have 28 days - not just one, but two or three fewer than all of its monthly cousins? I saw “The King’s Speech” yesterday at the 12:30 showing playing at the Old Town Theater. The Old Town Theater is unique in that the posted starting time of a movie is often but a suggestion because the staff may still be selling tickets and refreshments before running... read more
Daily Events… “Bags of Scum Have Free Speech Rights, Too” By Adam Tragone
I couldn’t have said it better myself, John. To be sure, many of us are sharing the same feelings about this morning’s Supreme Court decision that ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church. Of course, we all realize that free speech is protected for every one of us thanks to the First Amendment, but there is a part of every decent person that cringes at the sight of the language and... read more
Townhall... So Refreshing -- Congress Doing Its Job, By Phyllis Schlafly
Republican members of the House, goaded on by tea partiers, have made a good start in fulfilling their promise to cut $100 billion out of current spending of taxpayers’ money. The House approved 66 amendments, most on roll-call votes, to H.R. 1, the Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act for FY 2011. Here is a sampling of those 66 amendments, which are only a drop in the bucket for dealing with the federal deficit, but they reveal some of the nonsense now imbedded... read more
Human Events... Voting for the National Interest, Not Self-Interest, by Michael Barone
02/28/2011 - It’s a question that puzzles most liberals and bothers some conservatives. Why are so many modest-income white voters rejecting the Obama Democrats’ policies of economic redistribution and embracing the small-government policies of the tea party movement? It’s not supposed to work out that way, say the political scientists and New Deal historians. Politics is supposed to be about who... read more
Human Events... Runaway Trains of Bureaucracy, by John Hayward
Unstoppable machinery produces disaster when it crashes. 03/01/2011 - The General Accounting Office is preparing to drop a devastating financial report on Congress, identifying hundreds of billions in government waste due to “duplication, overlap, and fragmentation.”   Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) is not surprised.  “Go study that report,” he advised Trish Turner of Fox News.  “It will show why... read more Have You Noticed That “Big Government” Is Failing Everywhere?
By Austin Hill - “Big government” is failing around the globe. From Sacramento to Saudi Arabia , big, controlling, impersonal and coercive government is failing to fulfill the most basic human needs of the people it is purports to serve. And while scores of individuals around the world struggle to free themselves of “big government’s” shackles - some in the Middle East even losing their lives in the process - many of my fellow Americans have been gathering... read more
text Wind Power: Questionable Benefits, Concealed Impacts, By Paul Driessen
 America is running out of natural gas. Prices will soar, making imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) and T Boone Pickens’ wind farm plan practical, affordable and inevitable. That was then. Barely two years later, America (and the world) are tapping vast, previously undreamed-of energy riches – as drillers discover how to produce gas from shale, coal and tight sandstone formations, at reasonable cost. They... read more
Townhall... Getting Schooled in Wisconsin, By Bill O’Reilly
 Here’s a lesson that is both ironic and sad at the same time. According to the U.S. Department of Education, two-thirds of the eighth graders in Wisconsin cannot read proficiently. But assuming the kids are skilled enough to watch TV, they can now see their teachers demonstrating to keep their generous union benefits. So while things do not seem to be going well in the classroom, any thought of holding teachers somewhat responsible is cause for a protest march... read more
Truthout... You Have More Money in Your Wallet Than BofA Pays in Federal Taxes
by Zaid Jilani - Today, hundreds of thousands of people comprising a Main Street Movement — a coalition of students, the retired, union workers, public employees, and other middle class Americans — are in the streets, demonstrating against brutal cuts to public services and crackdowns on organized labor being pushed by conservative politicians. These lawmakers that are... read more
Townhall... Contraception is Not the Solution, By Kathryn Lopez
Why are Republicans waging war on contraception? It’s not the first time the question has been asked, and it won’t be the last. Truth be told, Republicans aren’t engaging in battle on that front -- but the phrase gets close to a legitimate fight. Congress, for its part, held an unprecedented vote in the House in February to end funding of Planned Parenthood. It’s not a permanent or final vote... read more

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