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Darke County Issues… Wind Farms, Part 2, By Al Bliss
Questions for Darke County... WIND FARMS????  And next... SCHOOLS???? The ability of the Ohio State Government to fund a multimillion dollar project at the same time that the State is experiencing an eight billion dollar shortfall in the biannual budget should be taken into consideration. The Federal Funds require currently borrowing at least forty one cents for every dollar used. Should Darke County ignore these two facts? Based on the what has occurred elsewhere... read more
Darke County Issues… Wind Farms, Part 1, By Al Bliss
Questions for Darke County... WIND FARMS????  And next... SCHOOLS???? To clearly establish the basis for this document, it is essential to assess the accuracy of a series of fundamental objectives as they apply to each citizen of Darke County. Darke County should function within the mandates of our National and State Constitutions - Darke County should be relatively self sufficient - Darke County should avoid incurring debt - Darke County should set an example for the rest of Ohio... read more
One Homeless Veteran Is One Too Many, By U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown
Generations of Ohio veterans have returned home, settled down, started a family, and made our state a better place to live. A grateful nation should never overlook the sacrifices veterans make to protect our country – nor should we ignore their struggles. Despite this fact, some Washington politicians are threatening to slash funding that keeps financially-at-risk veterans in their homes... read more
Family Events... Are you living with Attila the Teen? By Marybeth Hicks
Usually, when I tell people that three of my four children are teens, I get sympathetic smiles, along with the odd, “Bless your heart,” or “Hang in there – it will be over soon.” The truth? I don’t want it to be over! I’m having a blast navigating the teen years with my children. In fact, I think too many parents set themselves up for an unpleasant experience with teenagers, and sure enough, they get it... read more
Reflecting on Public Forums, Guest Column from State Representative Jim Buchy
Recently, I held three public forums, one in each county of the district.  I was pleased by the willingness of nearly 450 constituents to discuss the issue of Senate Bill 5 and other bills, both for and against.  Throughout this process I have been open with my support for this measure and will continue to explain what has led me to this position.  The bill is currently in the amendment phase in the... read more
I am a Caregiver, By Beverly Hughes, Senior Scribe
I started by spending a summer week with mom just after dad died, so she wouldn’t be alone.  Soon she went back to her friend’s luncheons and evening card games.  Good!  I thought.  That’s that!  When I visited unexpectedly one evening, she was dressed in dad’s pajamas, curled up in his Lazy Boy, sobbing hysterically.  Oh, great!  I thought.  What now? She assured me that was a... read more
Family Events... A little bit spoiled can be a big problem, By Marybeth Hicks
A couple of weeks ago, this headline caught my eye: Apple iPhone games for children rack up shocking bills. Turns out the free games for children available on iTunes contain in-app purchase opportunities – enhancements that make the games “more fun.” Which means young players of Tap Zoo could spend $99 on a bucket of coins to buy animals and build a safari. (You read that right – ninety-nine... read more
LWV Observe Election Audit, By Jan Boyer
The Board of Elections had two visitors when the Board audited the November election ballots.  League of Women Voters representatives, Becky Reier and Jan Boyer, used their observation privilege to sit in on the state required ballot audit. The Board of Election officials and the audit technicians welcomed the observers and helped them understand the process and each step... read more
Where do you rate? By Chris Mortensen, Principal, Greenville High School
I read an interesting article about Florida considering that schools begin evaluating parents on their involvement with their children.  This was being proposed as a bill by Florida State Representative Kelli Stargel.  Testing results, Annual Yearly Progress, discipline numbers, graduation rate, attendance rates, transient nature of the student population and programs offered by the school... read more
Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse,By U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown
“I live in a small rural town with a big city problem.” Brittany, a nursing student from Delaware County, reached out to me about the growing prescription drug abuse problem. She is not alone. It is an issue that touches Ohioans in all 88 counties. Right now, people can go from doctor to doctor to obtain prescriptions for powerful pain killers and get far more than they need for their own legitimate use. Some... read more
Saving Tax Dollars with Performance Audits, By Representative Richard Adams, District 79
Every Ohioan can agree that making state government more cost-effective is a worthwhile objective. No one wants to see their taxes squandered on inefficient government services. I have witnessed many occasions where tax dollars were wasted simply due to disorganization, money that could have been invested in our schools or other services. It is my hope that during this General Assembly... read more
Is it Time for McGuffey to Return to the Public Classroom?
By Steve Gruber, Ph.D., Chair, Education Department, Cedarville University
During much of the 19th and early 20th centuries the textbooks of William H. McGuffey provided young students with their introduction to the joy of reading. McGuffey discovered that he could improve reading skills in his students by making reading more fun. The McGuffey Readers... read more
Funding Sources, Bureaucrats and Lobbyists, By Bob Rhoades
Gov. Kasich’s recent attack on labor unions has focused on the actual act of negotiations and arbitration.  One of the things that no one has focused on is state funding in general. There are many forms of funding for the various state agencies.  Many state processes and agencies are funded simply by the state income taxes that people and companies pay.  Gasoline taxes pay for road improvements... read more
The Local Unions: Perspective from the Inside, By Bob Rhoades
Unions have been around in the employee ranks of the City of Greenville for quite a while.  Firefighters originally belonged to the International Association of Firefighters Local in Piqua.  Then around 1952 they formed their own Local, IAFF Local 1101.  During that period of time, there was no collective bargaining or negotiations so it mostly existed for the access... read more
Trip to Columbus... Local TEA shows support for SB5 - By Al Bliss
February 17, 2011 - The Sidney Liberty Group has two very active people that are making things happen -- the corresponding secretary, H.R. Pence and president, Dr. Joe Lisanti. They initiated a rush effort to have people from all adjacent counties join them in a chartered bus to try to directly counteract some of the well organized union pressure (while being paid) on Senators in opposition... read more
Governors vs the Unions, Unions aren’t the only villains, By Bob Rhoades
It was all over the news this week, teachers and public employees protesting in Ohio and Wisconsin.  Every once in a while this thing raises its ugly head.  This time it’s right after a new governor has taken office.  As the State of Ohio goes, new governors have to mess with stuff for about six months and then after they’ve got new furniture and hired a bunch of people who don’t know... read more
We’ve come a long way, baby, By Bethany J. Royer, Mother of the Munchkins
Being a pedestrian in Ohio during the winter is a precarious venture in a car-driven society. What normally takes me less than an hour to walk took 90 some minutes Monday as I ice-skated my way through the park. The melt over the weekend and subsequent cold temps overnight left most sidewalks slick. Not that I’m really complaining, it made for quite a workout, and I’m sure it gave... read more
What Greenville needs to do to pass a levy, By Stephen Gruber, Ph.D.
Hello Bob, I know that you have been a supporter of Greenville City Schools and their efforts to build new facilities. With this in mind I have decided to share some thoughts with you regarding the next levy campaign. Positive in nature No blame and shame voters if they have not voted in favor of the levy in the past or use guilt tactics such as “you benefited from the system now you need... read more
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