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Coffee with the Commissioner to resume in January By Mike Stegall, Darke County Commissioner
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of the “Coffee with the Commissioner” gatherings I have had this past year. The success is due to you, the people of Darke County. When I was elected, one of my goals was to bring government back to the people. Over the years, people have become disconnected with their chosen representatives, and I believe this is why we are... read more
Commissioners Corner... Appropriation Time for County Offices
Thanks to those who buy locally, a slight increase in Sales Tax revenues - As this is being written, the sun is shining, it is a bit breezy, and the temperature is in the comfortable mid forty’s.  This is the way November’s should be!  Unfortunately, we here in the office do not think it will last like this till spring time next March.  We can all only hope that this coming winter... read more
Occupy what? By Jim Surber
11/19/11 - All over the world there are protesters on the big city streets. Whether they call themselves “Occupy Wall Street” in this country or a lot of different names in others, the participants are irritated and dissatisfied about the state of the economy, and about the unfair way that the common folk are paying for the sins of rich bankers, and in some cases about capitalism itself. It used to be easy for Western politicians... read more
State Representative Jim Buchy... The Day that Continues to be changed by the Advancements of Modern Agriculture - At Thanksgiving time, like many families in western Ohio, my family gathers for a meal to count our blessings.  The hard work of each individual member has helped to prepare a meal and provide for the fellowship we are lucky to have.  Over generations, agronomists have changed the fruits that we receive from our agricultural labor.  The food brought to that first Thanksgiving meal... read more
State Senator Bill Beagle... Helping Small Business Thrive
Whether it is during a casual conversation among friends or while tending to legislative duties in Columbus, I frequently find it necessary to remind people that small businesses are the heart of Ohio’s economy.  By drawing on their diverse fields of expertise, the entrepreneurs and innovators who set-up shop in Ohio deserve credit for creating the jobs that so many of our friends and neighbors go to each day... read more
Election wrap-up... Well did we learn anything on November 8? By Bob Rhoades
Schools: There were a lot of lessons to be learned, whether they were, only time will tell.  The first item of business locally was of course the school issue.  Since I was part of what I thought was the solution, I’ve tried to figure out just what went wrong.  Results of an unscientific poll on Darke Journal show that distrust of the school board was 33% of the problem.  It would seem that the other 2/3ds... read more
State Representative Jim Buchy… I Stand By my Vote for Collective Bargaining Reform
Since returning to the Ohio House of Representatives, I have enjoyed company with so many constituents.  The hospitality shown to me and the time I have been able to spend in each community of the 77th House District is much appreciated.  Since late February much of my time has been spent with constituents talking about the balanced budget passed in Ohio and collective bargaining reform... read more
Learning to Learn... “Experience is the best teacher” By Truman Scott
Bartlets Familiar Quotations tells us this phrase was first uttered by Julius Caesar who actually said, “Experience is the teacher of us all.” I have been teaching English and composition for thirty-five years, and I have come to know that the best way for students to learn is by doing or through experience, and that no two people learn the same way.  I refer the learner to WIIFM:  “What’s in it for me?” I empower... read more
Bribery, By Delbert Blickenstaff
I remember a few years ago when we “intelligent” Americans looked down on countries in Central and South America where their governments were controlled by bribery.  That is exactly what is happening in our own federal government now. In fact, details of how bribes work were clearly explained by Jack Abramoff in an interview with Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” November 6th.  Abramoff stated that the revolving door... read more
Honoring our veterans... “I have tonight’s watch” By Bob Robinson
All were home. My friends at the Eagles. My friends in Kiwanis. My friends at the Veterans of Foreign Wars. My friend, Rich. My friends, Al and George, and others too numerous to mention. My nephew, Duane. All were home. In my dream, some had come home, but lived only in my memories. My friend Jim, whom we lost in Vietnam, is buried in his hometown in Texas. My biological father, whom we lost... read more
Vice President Joe Biden... Holly Petraeus gets it
Good evening, I want to make sure you heard a piece of news from Capitol Hill today. This morning, Holly Petraeus, who has been leading an office at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to protect military families, went to Capitol Hill to highlight some of the most abusive practices our service members face in today’s financial marketplace. She explained that military families are the targets of predatory... read more
The great debate, By Bob Rhoades
Well it won’t be long and the great debate will be over. We’re going to find out exactly what people think about SB 5 and ultimately what they think of John Kasich’s way of doing things. I’ll be happy it’s over with for sure. On the other hand this has been a learning experience for a lot of people and I hope that some have learned from it, I certainly have. SB 5/Issue 2: The major thing that I’ve learned is how... read more
State Representative Jim Buchy... A Vote for Issue 2 will Move Ohio in the Right Direction
The last few months, many of you have had a chance to speak about Issue 2 directly with Senator Faber and me.  In many of my conversations it was clear that voters were confused about what exactly will happen as a result of Collective Bargaining Reform.  I have been traveling the State bringing a message of what this reasonable reform will mean to Joe the taxpayer.  This is all about jobs.  It is one part... read more
Governing in unison against unions, By Jim Surber
Consider Governor Daniels of Indiana, Walker of Wisconsin, and Kasich of Ohio. Have you been wondering how these leaders, and at least eight or nine more in other states, all came up with the same ideas and the same strategies at the same time? Was this pure coincidence, or did they all meet together some time ago to define problems and formulate a consensus on specific actions to be taken? Or, could it be... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Don’t Send Ohio’s Home Heating Assistance Funds To Other States
With winter fast approaching and the price of heating oil projected to be 10 percent higher this winter than last, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown joined a Cleveland-area senior citizen this week to stand against a proposed plan in the U.S. House of Representatives that would result in Ohio receiving a far smaller portion of home heating assistance funds than it would under a Senate proposal.... read more

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