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Youngstown Vindicator... Dems aren’t cowed by GOP
Ohio Republican officials are learning Democrats can be pushed only so far. Elected Democrats on the state level could qualify for membership on the endangered species list. But when Democrats want to be, they can be feisty as African wild dogs. Republicans hold every elected executive office in the state, and control the Ohio House and Senate. Also, six of the seven Ohio Supreme Court justices are Republicans. Earlier this year, Republicans passed Senate Bill 5, which restricts collective
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Townhall... Speaking For the Voiceless, By Kathryn Lopez
Oct 28, 2011 - “For a renewed respect for human life, from conception to natural death ...” Seared in my memory is the sound of Kobi Cudjoe, gasping for air, as he read that prayer. He was one of the petition readers at the special mass held on Oct. 23 at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, D.C., “Honoring the Gifts of Persons with Special Needs.” From his wheelchair, he could only be heard as pleading for all those whose lives may be undervalued by a society that sees their disabilities... read more
Townhall... Tax Ethics For Smarties, By Katie Kieffer
I have tax reform guidelines, and they’re not for dummies. My guidelines are for smart people who think rationally. Irrational folks like Warren Buffet may need to eat a bag of Halloween candy before they’re alert enough to understand my conception of ethical taxation. Tax reform is one of the hottest topics in the news. Americans are feverishly debating tax proposals like Cain’s “999” plan, Perry’s... read more
Townhall... Death to Tenure, By Mike Adams
Julio Pino is a genocidal anti-Semite who uses his university email account to boast of sodomizing the mothers of his political opponents. But he has the protection of tenure. And he also has the protection of a cowardly administration, which fails to sufficiently condemn the behavior of a man who is probably too effeminate to act on his threats of violence and intimidation. Pino, the unhinged Kent State University history professor, recently shouted “Death to Israel” during a speech
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Columbus Dispatch... Sunshine is best
Judge right to order charter-school company to account for tax dollars - Of course, taxpayers and the charter schools that hire operating companies such as White Hat Management Co. should be able to see records of how such companies spend public money and run public schools. A recent ruling by Franklin County Common Pleas Judge John F. Bender underlined the point. Akron-based White Hat operates more than 30 charter schools in Ohio, under contracts with the governing... read more
Townhall Finance... Rick Perry: Flat Tax is “Tax Cut for Everyone”, By Larry Kudlow
GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry, who unveiled his 20 percent flat tax Tuesday, said his economic plan will “lower taxes across the board” and pull back every regulation that has been implemented since the 2008 financial crisis. He also dismissed criticism that it would raise taxes on the middle class. “This is a tax cut for everyone in this country. Those who want to pick this apart, those that want to play class... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... Desperate homeowners
October 27, 2011 - The number of homeowners who owe more on their home loans than the houses are worth is estimated to be more than 10 million. Typically, the borrowers are stuck with high interest rates, unable to refinance at current low rates. They are no more likely, in a weak market, to sell their properties to pay off “underwater” mortgages. Many face an unpleasant choice: To keep paying down the mortgage or to default. The mortgage dilemma is a considerable drag on the housing
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Townhall Finance... Obama Creates College Bailout, By Peter Schiff
Coming to the aid of the higher education industry that had begun to show some concerns that students may no longer be able to afford skyrocketing tuition rates, President Obama today announced a plan that will ensure students are able to commit to higher levels of federally backed student loans. By limiting student obligations to repay, and by passing more of the repayment burden onto taxpayers, colleges and universities will be able to continue to raise tuitions at a rate that outpaces nearly... read more
Townhall... Blame the Sexual Revolution, Not Men, By Mona Charen
Kate Bolick stares out at the world from the cover of The Atlantic magazine. She’s wearing a black lace evening dress. “What, Me Marry?” asks the headline. She isn’t smiling. In fact, she isn’t smiling in any of the photos that accompany her several thousand-word essay on singleness, marriage and the changing nature of dating and mating in America today. Bolick, 38, is groping toward accepting the idea that... read more
Townhall... Profits Are for People, By Walter E. Williams
The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are demanding “people before profits” -- as if profit motivation were the source of mankind’s troubles -- when it’s often the absence of profit motivation that’s the true villain.
First, let’s get both the definition and magnitude of profits out of the way. Profits represent the residual claim earned by entrepreneurs. They’re what are left after other production costs -- such as... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Double trouble
Two primaries would add cost, create confusion in Ohio - For Ohio to hold two primary elections in 2012 is just asking for problems and throwing away money that the state and county governments can’t spare. Last week, the legislature hastily drew up a plan for two primaries because the recently adopted map of Ohio congressional districts is in limbo. Either it will be the subject of a ballot referendum threatened by Ohio Democrats, or the parties will come to some sort of agreement on new
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Akron Beacon Journal... Primary task
October 24, 2011 - Ohio Democrats are moving ahead with a petition drive to put congressional districts just drawn by Republicans on the ballot in November of next year. Few doubt the party can gather sufficient signatures by Dec. 26, which would put the districts on hold until the state’s voters decide their fate. As Democrats gathered signatures, Republicans responded by postponing primaries for U.S. House races and the presidential race to June, allowing time for new districts to be drawn... read more
Human Events... EPA to Regulate Dirt, by Jarrett Stepman
10/26/2011 - House members of the Energy and Commerce Committee bickered about the definition of dust in a hearing about a Republican bill to stop overreaching Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Democrats at the hearing on the Farm Dust Regulation Act of 2011, sponsored by Rep. Kristi Noem (R.-S.D.), fired a number of vicious shots at the the bill, calling it merely a red herring.  They... read more
Columbus Dispatch... People are scared; why won’t their lawmakers listen? By Joe Hallett
Hello! Hello ... hello ... hello! HELLOOO! Why won’t you hear us? We’re agonizing out here. What will it take to make you change things? Look at the polls, for heaven’s sake. For 93 straight months — nearly eight years — we have said that the country is on the wrong track. Almost 75 percent of Americans said that again late last month in a New York Times-CBS News poll. A recent CNN-Opinion Research poll showed that 72 percent of us are angry about the way things are going in
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Cleveland Plain Dealer... Drawing the line on Democrat griping, By Brent Larkin
Saturday, October 22, 2011 - You’ve gotta hand it to Ohio’s Democratic leaders: Their relentless attacks on the state’s new congressional boundaries have succeeded in exposing some world-class hypocrites. Themselves. Last year, Democrats had a chance to take politics out of drawing new congressional boundaries and replace it with a plan that reeked of fairness. Republican members of the legislature supported it. Most daily newspapers and good government groups strongly... read more
Townhall... Mission Accomplished? By Ken Connor
After nearly a decade of deployments, surges, and setbacks, after thousands of lives lost and over one trillion in taxpayers dollars spent, President Obama has announced that – in keeping with the timetable originally established by President Bush – all U.S. troops will withdraw from Iraq by the end of the year. At a time when the economy is at the forefront of America’s attention and concerns about an over-stretched... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Vote ‘no’ on Issue 2 to repeal Senate Bill 5, By Harriet Applegate
In its endorsement of Issue 2 last Sunday, The Plain Dealer repeats in drumbeat fashion that the status quo is unsustainable, referring directly to its assertion that the unions have too much power, and indirectly to the budget shortfall. There are two problems with this: First, the assertion that unions currently have too much power is not borne out by the evidence; second, there is no relationship between the budget problem and the collective bargaining process. And, incidentally... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Vote for Issue 2 so public administrators can make staffing choices based on need, By Matt Dolan - On Nov. 8, Ohioans will go to the polls to vote on Issue 2, a referendum petition to decide whether the collective bargaining reforms contained in Senate Bill 5 will become Ohio law. A “yes” vote means the reforms will become law, while a “no” vote will maintain the status quo. Collective bargaining in this case is most appropriately defined as the ability of nonexempt public employees -- those whose compensation, benefits and pensions are paid for by... read more
Human Events... What Is It We Wish to Conserve? by Patrick J. Buchanan
A conservative’s task in society is “to preserve a particular people, living in a particular place during a particular time.”  Jack Hunter, in a review of this writer’s new book, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? thus summarizes Russell Kirk’s view of the duty of the conservative to his country. Kirk, the traditionalist, though not so famous as some of his contemporaries at National... read more
Townhall... The Decline of American History in Public Schools, by Daniel Doherty
A few weeks ago, several friends and I braved the impending rainstorm and went to the National Book Festival on the Washington Mall. The purpose of attending -- besides the obvious reason of wanting to stand in the company of Hollywood actors, renowned historians and poet laureates -- was to hear David McCullough speak. As one of the nation’s most prolific writers, and author of numerous biographies including John Adams and Truman -- David McCullough is also one of only a handful
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Townhall Finance... Medisnare Meet Obamasnare, By John Ransom
For two years the federal government under Obama has shipped “enhanced” Medicaid reimbursements to states as high $2.68 for every dollar the state paid in to the healthcare entitlement program designed to help the poor. But, as was laid out in the bailout plan, “enhanced” reimbursements ended in July of this year leaving state budgets worse off then before. Stimulus dollars consequently have expanded Medicaid and the states’ financial commitment to it and then left state budgets... read more
Townhall... Has Our “System” Failed, Or Has Our President, By Austin Hill
“The system has failed.” Have you heard this comment lately? Does it express how you feel about America? This one sentence, vague as it is, nonetheless captures a common sentiment about the current condition of the United States. With the “occupy” protesters disrupting civic life around the country and President Obama publicly bonding with them, we’re seeing that magical phrase – “the system has... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... Jungleland
Perhaps now state lawmakers will act. For years, they have talked about establishing rules for the ownership of exotic animals. Yet efforts have fizzled. Ohio has remained one of a dozen or so states with virtually no regulation, and thus vulnerable to what happened on Tuesday, a man near Zanesville unleashing 56 dangerous animals and then committing suicide. Lions, tigers, bears, leopards, wolves, monkeys and a baboon roamed the nearby hills. The local sheriff’s office
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Columbus Dispatch... Stay in bounds
School districts that go too far in pushing levies face pushback - Anyone who has a child in a school district with a tax levy on the ballot knows the drill: They’re going to hear about the levy from their child’s school and from the district, repeatedly, until Election Day. They’ll get email messages reminding them of the levy’s existence on the ballot, the importance of voting and the ease of obtaining an absentee ballot. They’re likely to get information about programs and material things... read more
Townhall... How Do We Care for the Elderly? by Linda Chavez
Last week, the Obama administration dropped one of the signature provisions of its healthcare plan. The CLASS Act (Community Living Assistance Services) was intended to provide affordable insurance for long-term care to individuals who, because of infirmity or age, could no longer care for themselves. But the reality that not enough healthy Americans would sign up to make it self-supporting finally doomed the program... read more
Redstate... Thin Skin, by Erick Erickson
Thursday, October 20th - It finally hit me tonight why I think Mitt Romney would have a real problem in the general election. He is Barack Obama. No, not really. But yeah, there is something there. They are both robotically good on the campaign trail. But throw them off guard, get them off balance, and they turn a bit nasty. We are all intimately familiar with Barack Obama lashing out. During a closed door meeting with Republicans he tells them “I won.” When John McCain stands
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Cleveland Plain Dealer... ‘Yes’ to all three questions on Ohio’s statewide ballot, by Kevin O’Brien
Less than three weeks to go, Ohio. Issue 2 - After a long spring and summer spent fighting over who should control local governments, Ohioans will have a result. Senate Bill 5, now on the ballot as Issue 2, gives Ohio taxpayers the opportunity to re-establish control over local government spending. It sets right the relationship between the people and their employees, after 28 years of unions having an unwarranted upper hand... read more
Death by Bureaucracy, by Newt Gingrich
Earlier this month, a panel appointed by the Department of Health and Human Services made a recommendation so detached from the good of individual patients it could only have come from government bureaucrats. They recommended eliminating screening for the most common cancer among males nationwide. The United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) is composed... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Reconsider
Threat of referendum on redistricting ought to lead to compromise - A ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court leaves legislators with little practical choice: They must find a way to agree on a reasonable set of congressional-district boundaries or they’ll leave the state in a political limbo, with congressional representation in doubt. Doing so will require the will to compromise and put the public interest ahead of politics. The court ruled Friday that House Bill 319, the newly passed law to implement the
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Cleveland Plain Dealer... A vote for simple, consistent election rules
It’s OK if voters are undecided at this stage in a campaign. But three weeks from Election Day, with early balloting under way, they shouldn’t be confused about how to vote. And in Cuyahoga County, many are. A long tug of war in Columbus over election rules has resulted in changes affecting early voting this fall. In addition, because of an agreement with the Justice Department, all Cuyahoga County voters are, for the first time, getting a bilingual ballot. That’s a lot of change and uncertainty. Here... read more
Townhall... Pitting Us Against Each Other, By Walter E. Williams
Oct 19, 2011 - President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have led increasingly successful efforts to pit Americans against one another through the politics of hate and envy. Attacking CEO salaries, the president -- last year during his Midwest tour -- said, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” Let’s look at CEO salaries, but before doing so, let’s look at other salary disparities between those... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Ohio’s redistricting dustup, By The Plain Dealer Editorial Board
Sunday, October 16, 2011 - An Ohio Supreme Court ruling late Friday consigned Ohio’s 16 new congressional districts to limbo, setting the stage for what’s likely to be widespread electoral confusion in the 2012 elections. Mulish partisanship in the General Assembly got Ohio into this mess. Only mature leadership in Columbus -- never plentiful -- can get Ohio out of it. Redistricting was necessary because Ohio in 2012 has the right to elect only 16 U.S. House members, not the current 18
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Cleveland Plain Dealer... Cleveland teachers must agree to concessions
A dangerous game of chicken is being played out in the Cleveland public schools that could hurt both the city and its schoolchildren. Schools CEO Eric Gordon wants to keep almost 300 recalled teachers on the payroll so important school reform efforts can stay on track. To do that, he needs modest concessions from the Cleveland Teachers Union. So far, the union hasn’t budged, even though it previously agreed to a partial step-pay freeze and other concessions. Those... read more
Daily Events... Wednesdays with Audrey Hudson
The DIAPER Act really needs no introduction, it would do just that, provide diapers. To babies. For free. Sponsored by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D.-Conn.), the Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery Act (DIAPER Act) directs the federal government to distribute free diapers for moms who put their kids in day care centers to “relieve some of the stress on families facing hardship in this economy... read more
Columbus Dispatch... State Issue 2
A yes vote will restore control of government budgets to taxpayers - As outlined in an August editorial, The Dispatch would have preferred a compromise on collective-bargaining issues that would have taken State Issue 2 off the ballot and revised Senate Bill 5. That didn’t happen, but because several of the provisions of Senate Bill 5 are essential to the fiscal health of state and local governments in Ohio, The Dispatch recommends a yes vote on State Issue 2
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Toledo Blade... Nuclear watchdog needed
Nearly a decade ago, the original reactor head at the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant in Oak Harbor nearly ruptured. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s slow response to that potentially disastrous incident caused it great embarrassment on Capitol Hill. So it’s reassuring that the commission is taking extra oversight precautions for the installation of the third — and, it’s to be hoped, final — reactor head at the FirstEnergy Corp. plant. The NRC has assigned inspectors to... read more
Townhall... When Fighting Cancer Is Folly, By Steve Chapman
Whenever I have a medical appointment, my wife inquires, “What did the doctor say?” I always give the same answer: “She said I’m going to die.” Not because I have some fatal illness, but because life is a terminal condition. Americans might keep that fact in mind in considering the recent news made by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. It recently recommended against routine screening of... read more
Columbus Dispatch... State Issue 1
Voters should reject measure to allow older judges to run - Voters should vote no on State Issue 1, a constitutional amendment to raise the age limit for judges. This change would be unnecessary and risky. Issue 1 would increase the maximum age for assuming elected or appointed judicial office to 75, from the current 70. This means judges could serve out their six-year terms into their 80s. Ohio’s current judicial age limit has served the state well, and Ohio prosecutors credit it for improving
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Akron Beacon Journal... False uncertainty
What ails the economy? The consensus of economists cites the lack of demand. Consumer spending accounts for roughly two-thirds of economic activity, yet consumers currently are spending at a clip significantly below their rate before the harsh recession. Many are paying off debts and rebuilding their savings. Add the weak housing market, and you have the path to anemic growth and high unemployment. Interestingly, many Republicans, running for president... read more
Townhall... Reagan Resoluteness, Too -- Not Simply Reagan Recovery
By Jackie Gingrich Cushman - “It’s the economy stupid” is the infamous mantra conceived by political consultant James Carville that underscored the main issue driving the 1992 presidential race. A few months later, Bill Clinton replaced George H.W. Bush (41) as president, and it was the focus on the economy that got him there. Today, with lingering high unemployment (hovering at 9 percent with 25 million... read more
Youngstown Vindicator... Defeat of Obama’s jobs bill opens door to new strategy
Thu, October 13, 2011 - You’ve got to hand it to the Re- publicans, nothing, not even the economic well-being of the nation, will divert them from their goal of rendering Democratic President Barack Obama a one-termer. A year ago, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., grabbed headlines when he publicly declared that defeating Obama in 2012 would be the GOP’s top priority in the new Congress. His message was clear: Republicans would not support any Democratic economic
... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Many questions
Proposed expansion of school vouchers needs far more review, debate - Ohio’s EdChoice school-voucher program has been a godsend for thousands of children whose public schools perform poorly, but whose parents can’t afford to send them to private schools. State-funded tuition vouchers give them the choice that wealthier families already have and that children in better school districts don’t need. The Dispatch fully supports vouchers in principle and as the program currently... read more
Human Events... Costs of the Occupiers, by Michelle Malkin
10/14/2011 - The trash generated by the “Occupy Wall Street” protests keeps piling up. So do the bills. Liberal media outlets claim the anarchic, anti-capitalist movement is more popular than the tea party. But wait until Americans across the country get a full picture of the costs of the aimless occupiers. In New York City, government officials estimate the month-long siege of Zuccotti Park has now... read more
Townhall Finance... California Settlement Changes Game for Internet Sales Tax, By Cliff Ennico
Thanks to a new law in California, the days of selling online without having to pay sales tax are numbered. Since 2008, a number of states have attempted to impose their sales taxes on Internet commerce, most of which involves sales across state (and often national) boundaries. States try to tax e-commerce in a number of ways, but the approach that’s gotten the most publicity is the so-called “Amazon tax” adopted by New York, Rhode Island, Illinois, North Carolina and a couple
... read more
The Cleveland Plain Dealer... Rose-colored lenses on teachers, By Sharon Broussard
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - Last year, the documentary “Waiting for Superman” came to Cleveland with tales of public schools so out of control that youngsters were desperately trying to win a lottery to attend elite charter schools. When some of those bright-eyed public school students were rejected because of space limitations, sniffles could be heard among the movie patrons at the Cedar Lee Theater. Last week at the Capitol Theatre on West 65th Street, fans of “Waiting... read more
Townhall... Pampered Protesters, By Michael Reagan
Oct 12, 2011 - The hordes of so-called “protesters” now polluting the streets of several U.S. cities, including New York, are sending confused messages about their grievances. The unemployed among them complain that the jobs available to them are beneath them. I guess that cancels out the old concept of starting in the mailroom and advancing step-by-step to the boardroom. It used to be the norm that one started at... read more
Verities & Balderdash... No Frills Airline, By Bob Robinson
How many of you remember the Carol Burnett Show? Raise your hands. I thought so… there’s still a bunch of us out there. I look back on the days of early television variety shows and sitcoms with a sense of longing. They were funny, non-political and “G” rated. The whole family could actually sit down and enjoy an hour or two of television without a parent’s face getting red when a child would ask, “daddy... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... To test, or not to test?
As health-care consumers, most of us heed the counsel of medical professionals, who long have advised regular screenings to catch prostate or breast cancers in the early stages, when treatment is effective and the odds of recovery are better. What, then, when a federal task force, based on an independent review of large clinical trials, advises against routine testing for prostate cancer? Among other conclusions, the review found no benefit to the blood test for prostate
... read more
Townhall Finance... $58-an-Hour UAW Workers Kill $16K Ford Bonus as Stingy, By John Ransom
As the UAW rank-and-file continues to vote on the contract offer hammered out between management and UAW honchos, the Detroit Free Press reports that at least one local has rejected the offer, even though it includes a $6,000 cash bonus, a $3,700 profit sharing bonus and at least another $1,500 cash for each of the four years on the contract for a total of $15,700 on top of wages and benefits. A similar contract offer with Government Motors (GM) contained a $5,000 bonus and an... read more
Townhall... Supermom is Stressed Out! By Rebecca Hagelin
Culture Challenge of the Week: Supermom - Several years ago, my friend Kim fit the profile of a young “supermom” perfectly. You know, the one who looks like a million dollars, has time for the gym and weekly manis and pedis, volunteers as soccer team-mom for her daughter, and is a top-producer for her company. While other moms struggled in the back-to-school frenzy to find washable Crayola... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Good step, Evaluating teacher effectiveness will benefit students
As part of the federal government’s Race to the Top program, thousands of Ohio teachers recently received report cards unlike any before: a rating of how effective they were last school year, based on how much academic progress their students made. It’s a small step toward a big goal: knowing which teachers are the most and least effective at helping students learn, so that schools can keep and reward the best teachers, help the middling improve and get the weakest out of the classroom
... read more
Townhall Finance... Nothing is Free, By Jeff Carter
This is an abbreviation that everyone should get familiar with. One of the student cafeteria’s (Pierce) at the University of Chicago is nicknamed TANSTAAFL - It stands for  T-There  A-Aint  N-No... read more
Townhall... Obama’s Teachable Truthiness Moment, By Michelle Malkin
President Obama blames Republicans for the collapse of his latest government jobs bill. But in the end, he has only his tall tale-telling tongue to blame. After hyping the TARP, Obamacare, Stimulus I and EduJobs spending behemoths as economic saviors, Obama just couldn’t help overselling his half-trillion-dollar American Jobs Act. The teachable moment of “truthiness” for this taxpayer-subsidized scam came last... read more
Redstate... The Bloomberg-Washington Post Debate, Posted by Erick Erickson
Tuesday, October 11th - The Bloomberg-Washington Post debate was necessary in the same way a child dying or a puppy being run over are necessary in the chaotic misery of the orbit around the center of the galaxy we slowly endure. All remind us that life isn’t fair, there are terrible tragedies, and sometimes bad things happen to us. But we have endured. And if you haven’t thrown up on your television due to the unsteady camera or the tediously horrible questions, you will be no worse for
... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Mandate balance
Only the Constitution could force Congress to deal with nation’s debt - A Friday report from the Congressional Budget Office says that the federal deficit for the fiscal year just completed is $1.3 trillion. Meanwhile, a news story in Monday’s Dispatch said that the congressional supercommittee charged with cutting $1.2 trillion from the nation’s red ink over the next decade is deadlocked. Even if the panel overcomes its paralysis to trim spending by that much, it will take 10 years to realize the... read more
Townhall... Government the Job Killer, By John Stossel
President Obama says government will have to build the nation out of the economic trough. “We’re the country that built the intercontinental railroad,” Obama says. “So how can we now sit back and let China build the best railroads?” Ironic that he mentions the Chinese. Progressives used to complain that to build the railroad, bosses abused Chinese workers -- called them “coolies” and treated them badly. Now this is big... read more
Daily Events... Mondays with Tony Lee
10.10.11 - In a recent New Hampshire poll, Mitt Romney leads with 38 percent of the vote. Surprisingly, Herman Cain is in second with 20 percent, despite having done very little retail politicking. Which brings us to the question: Can Herman Cain actually be the anti-Romney and win the nomination? Or will Cain just help Romney split the conservative anti-Romney vote and enable Romney to win the nomination? There is much to like about Cain. He’s refreshingly honest
... read more
Townhall... The left, the race card, and Herman Cain, By Jeff Jacoby
THE DAY AFTER Herman Cain’s dazzling victory in the Florida straw poll, I commented to a Republican neighbor -- and where I live, there aren’t many of those -- that with Cain as a GOP rock star, liberals who have been so ready to smear President Obama’s critics as racist would have to come up with a new shtick. What was I thinking? Racial McCarthyism has been a staple of left-wing political rhetoric for years, but it went into overdrive with the rise of Barack Obama. Former... read more
Townhall... Selfish Disobedience, By Katie Kieffer
When a majority of progressive slugs call for thievery, I believe that a minority of “selfish” job creators may exercise Thoreau-style civil disobedience. The Occupy Wall Street protestors setting up camp in Manhattan’s Financial District are not exercising civil disobedience. Rather, they are rousing hatred against an unprotected minority: The rich. Henry David Thoreau is an American pioneer of civil disobedience... read more
Townhall... Occupied America, By Paul Jacob
“Rush Limbaugh’s Occupy Wall St. Rant Proves The Protesters Are Winning,” claims, a blog boasting “Real Liberal Politics — No Corporate Money. No Masters.” On Friday, Limbaugh had called the Occupy Wall Street protests “laughable.” Moreover, and exactly mirroring accusations on the left regarding the Tea Party and the GOP, he charged that the protests were “not spontaneous,” a mere front for Democrats and the Obama re-election campaign. Specifically
... read more
American Thinker... Has Harry Reid presented the GOP with the means to overturn Obamacare?
By Jerry Shenk - October 7, 2011 - Following cloture, on Thursday, October 6, the US senate was poised to  cast a pro forma vote on final passage of a China currency bill when Senate Republicans attempted to use the rules of the Senate to attach a post-cloture amendment. The Republican amendment would have required a vote on President Obama’s jobs bill, forcing Democrats to vote on the plan the president has been insisting Congress pass and blaming Republicans for blocking it... read more
Human Events... The Miracle of iCapitalism, by Michelle Malkin
10/07/2011 - Here is your high-resolution teachable moment of the week: anti-capitalist, anti-corporate extremists of “Occupy Wall Street” mourning Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs without a trace of irony. While the Kamp Alinsky Kids ditch school to moan about their massive student debt, parade around in zombie costumes and whine about evil corporations over poached Wi-Fi connections, it’s the doers... read more
Toledo Blade... Choosing sides
This week, the Senate Banking Committee approved Richard Cordray’s nomination to head the newly created federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The party-line vote -- 12 Democrats for the nomination, 10 Republicans opposed -- sets up a battle on the Senate floor that has nothing to do with the former Ohio Attorney General’s qualifications and everything to do with protecting financial institutions from needed oversight. Congress created the consumer bureau after
... read more
Youngstown Vindicator... Enjoy Issue 2 while you can
Sat, October 8, 2011 - COLUMBUS - Are you tired yet of the public debate over state Issue 2? Have you grown weary of the commercials from both sides, touting the alleged benefits or alleged negative impacts of the controversial collective-bargaining law? Do you yearn for a kinder, gentler political environment, where different sections of the political spectrum come together to present their viewpoints and cheer for America, even when they lose? Take comfort, because the good people at... read more
Human Events... This Is What a Mob Looks Like, by Ann Coulter
10/05/2011 - I am not the first to note the vast differences between the Wall Street protesters and the tea partiers. To name three: The tea partiers have jobs, showers and a point. No one knows what the Wall Street protesters want -- as is typical of mobs. They say they want Obama re-elected, but claim to hate “Wall Street.” You know, the same Wall Street that gave its largest campaign donation in history... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Oil-and-gas drilling foes perpetuate myths, by Thomas E. Stewart
I applaud Gov. John Kasich for his dedicated pursuit of a forward-thinking, job-creating, comprehensive energy policy for the state of Ohio, which was firmly cemented at the recent Ohio Governor’s 21st Century Energy & Economic Summit. This unprecedented event brought together experts in energy, economics, education and the environment from around the state and nation to engage in dialogue and debate about how robust and responsible energy development could be the key to Ohio’s
... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... Precision strike
What did Osama bin Laden think about the drone attacks against leading al-Qaida operatives? As David Ignatius of the Washington Post reported in August, bin Laden viewed the unmanned plane as “the only weapon that’s hurting us.” On Friday, American intelligence struck again, a drone venturing into Yemen and killing Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born cleric who headed the al-Qaida outpost there. Bin Laden died in May in a raid conducted by American special forces. Al-Awlaki... read more
Townhall... It’s Going to Be a Wild Ride, By Jackie Gingrich Cushman
I’m a little bit disappointed that Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is not running for the Republican nomination for president. He was sure to inject another round of excitement into the campaign. After many in the media concluding slightly more than a month ago that the race was more than likely going to go to either former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney or current Governor of Texas Rick Perry, this... read more
Townhall... How to Create a Job, By Renee Ellmers
Unemployment is the most important issue facing Americans today. Millions are out of work and those that have jobs are increasingly threatened with losing them. As with most things affecting whole segments of society, the first reaction is who’s in charge, who deserves the blame? In order to answer that question effectively, we must first understand how jobs are created and the policies that can either lead to greater growth or longer bread lines. The first step involves
... read more
Townhall... Conservatives Need To Grow A Spine, By Douglas MacKinnon
I once had a conversation with a well-connected Democrat in Washington, D.C., with regard to lack of advertising in conservative publications. Without missing a beat, she said it was because “advertisers and corporate America are petrified of the far left. The executives at these companies fear that if they advertise in conservative outlets, the far left will harass them, boycott them, threaten them, and picket them forever until they give in to the thuggish behavior.” I then pointed out... read more
Townhall... Obama Scolds Nation: You’ve Gotten Soft, By Larry Elder
“The way I think about it is, you know, this is, uh, you know, a great, uh, great country that had gotten a little soft, and you know, we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last, uh, couple of decades. We need to get back on track.” -- President Barack Obama. The gall is breathtaking, even from a man who as a presidential candidate said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... Reason to protest
October 4, 2011 - The mystery is: Why didn’t something like the Occupy Wall Street campaign begin much earlier than three weeks ago? Now the idea has spread from its starting point in lower Manhattan, loosely linked collections of demonstrators gathering outside the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, near City Hall in Los Angeles, in Washington, D.C., with plans in the works from Memphis to Minneapolis and Baltimore. Those who have ventured among the demonstrators have found
... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... Avoidance behavior
Good news on the foreclosure crisis has been hard to come by the past few years. With the number of foreclosures rising across Ohio and the nation during the past decade, it has proved a continuing challenge to put together policies and resources that can help thousands of struggling families keep their homes. Especially disheartening, federal programs that were projected to help millions of borrowers modify or refinance loans have been largely insignificant in driving down foreclosure rates. Worse... read more
The World Reacts to the Death of Steve Jobs, by Michael Santo
Thursday, October 06, 2011 - I was saddened by the news... my entire career has involved the inovations that Jobs pioneered. The computer graphics classes I teach wouldn’t exist without his accomplishments on our behalf. I’ve heard often that Jobs is the Thomas Edison of my generation. I agree. We shall miss him. Bob Robinson, Editor. From Hot Hardware... In the wake of the death of tech luminary Steve... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Cultivating an immigrant crop, By Joe Frolik
After the squash had been picked, Shawn Belt and his crew of Asian and African refugees began to rip up the remains of the plants for composting. But Belt noticed that his team members were first snipping any last shoots and leaves. When he asked why, Belt learned they were delicacies, headed for the dinner table. Chalk it up as another example of education going both ways at The Refugee Response, a fledgling Cleveland nonprofit. The group’s Refugee Empowerment Agriculture
... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... States of depression
The partisan battling over election laws in Ohio reached another boiling point last week when opponents of a misguided bill pushed through the Republican-led legislature gathered sufficient signatures to put it on hold. If enough signatures are valid, House Bill 194 will remain stalled until November 2012, voters having the final word. The main objection raised by Democrats is that the bill would shorten the time available for early in-person absentee voting, a helpful voting method for President... read more
Townhall... Government Makes Us Poor, By John Stossel
Here’s my fantasy: Libertarians are elected to the presidency and to majorities in Congress. What would happen next? Well, if libertarians were “in charge,” you’d have more freedom and prosperity. Freedom frightens some people. They say if no one is in charge there would be chaos. That is intuitive, but think about a skating rink. Before rinks were invented, if you proposed an amusement in which people strap... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Harmful influence
Health-care overhaul casting a pall over business decision-making - President Barack Obama’s latest jobs plan ignores the obvious: That part of the reason for the lack of investment and job growth in the nation is the uncertainty and disincentives engendered by the president’s own policies. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the health-care overhaul that Obama pushed through Congress in the face of widespread and persistent public opposition, requires all employers with
... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer... No quick fix for No Child Left Behind
President Barack Obama correctly overturned a hopelessly optimistic provision in No Child Left Behind, the bipartisan school reform law signed by President George W. Bush in 2002, that could penalize districts for failing to have 100 percent of students proficient in math and reading by 2014. But Obama may not simply edit the measure to suit himself. Congress has to have a say. According to NCLB, Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have the authority to waive the 100 percent... read more
Townhall... Stop Whining? By Thomas Sowell
If there was ever any doubt that the Democrats take the black vote for granted, that doubt should have been put to rest when Barack Obama told the Congressional Black Caucus, “Stop whining!” Have you ever before heard either a Democratic or a Republican leader tell his party’s strongest supporters, “Stop whining”? Blacks have a lot to complain about, not just about this Democratic administration but... read more
Townhall Finance... The Solar Stimulus Rat, Marita Noon
When it comes to America’s energy policy, we are continuing our headlong rush, like lemmings over a cliff, to self-extinction. September 30 was the deadline by which the Department of Energy needed to get the remaining billions in stimulus funds out the door. Apparently, no one learned any lessons from the Solyndra scandal. Shoveling $4.5 billion in stimulus funds to 4 solar projects is a big issue being covered by the national media. In two little states, the lemming analogy is still relevant
... read more
Townhall... A Win for Elder Advocacy, By Ken Connor
Last week, the MacArthur Foundation announced the winners of their annual “Genius Grant” awards. Among the winners is Marie-Therese Connolly, an attorney and activist who has been awarded $500,000 for her work combating elder abuse in America. It is heartening to see that an organization with the resources and prestige of the MacArthur Foundation has taken note of Connolly’s important work. The silent epidemic of elder abuse is an issue that has long motivated the work of an... read more
Townhall... Discerning Fact From Fiction In The Tax Hike Debate, by Austin Hill
Just because you’ve excelled in your chosen career field doesn’t mean that you have a clue about economics. And just because people claim that they are being self-sacrificing, doesn’t necessarily make it so. As President Obama struggles seeks support for his tax-and-spend “jobs bill,” an intriguing chorus of supporters has emerged, intertwining fact and fiction. Start with the “objective journalists... read more
Toledo Blade... The Price of Safety
A new state law that takes effect today aims to reduce acute overcrowding in Ohio prisons by, among other things, assigning more low-level and nonviolent offenders to community-based corrections programs instead of locking them up. These goals are valid and vital. But they will not be achieved if the state stiffs local and county governments on adequate funding of such things as probation agencies and diversion, intervention, and crime-prevention programs. When public safety is at stake
... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... Premium expense
Most workers who receive health coverage through their employers probably could have predicted accurately the key findings of an annual national survey of employer health benefits: Their wages have not risen nearly as fast as their costs for medical care and insurance. The Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research & Educational Trust reported last week that premiums for employer-sponsored coverage climbed 9 percent, a sharper increase than in recent years, adding to the... read more
Judicial Watch... State Gets $5 Mil Bonus For Food Stamp Sign Up
In its quest to promote taxpayer-funded entitlement programs, the Obama Administration has actually rewarded one state with a $5 million bonus for its efficiency in adding food-stamp recipients to already bulging rolls. It’s part of the administration’s campaign to eradicate “food insecure households” by improving access and increasing participation in the government’s Supplemental... read more
Daily Events... Obamacare goes to the Supremes, By John Hayward
On Wednesday, the National Federation of Independent Business petitioned the Supreme Court to review a decision from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding ObamaCare.  The Obama Justice Department feels good about its general track record defending the law in appeals courts, and has also filed a petition with the Supremes. The Administration could have kept things bottled up in the 11th Circuit for a while, but most observers agree it would go all the way to the highest court
... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Taming fear
Ohio prisons chief aims to give inmates a chance to do better - Ohio’s new prisons chief is taking a common-sense approach to targeting gang violence, an escalating problem that threatens inmate and staff safety and could hamper an inventive reform plan. Instead of giving prisoners a slap on the wrist — 15 days of punishment, then transfer to another prison where they are soon out walking the yard and stirring up trouble again — Gary C. Mohr is setting up tough “control prisons... read more
Townhall... Still Looking for a Candidate to Replace Obama, By Michael Barone
9/26/2011 - The spotlight was hottest on Rick Perry, the frontrunner in national polls since he announced his candidacy in Charleston, S.C., on Aug. 13, the same day that Michele Bachmann won the straw poll in Ames, Iowa. Perry’s problem was not just that he punted on the tough question of how to respond to a terrorist takeover of nuclear-armed Pakistan. Even the smooth-talking Mitt Romney might have had... read more

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