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Commissioners Corner... Wrapping up 2011: A better position than most
October is here, along with falling leaves, harvesting, and cool Friday nights for High School Football.  Autumn in Darke County is truly one of the prettiest times of the year.  With the year nearing its close, everyone will be getting ready for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally Christmas, and wrapping things up for the year. We in the... read more
Chamber Weighs In On Ohio Ballot Issues
The November 8th election is fast approaching and with hundreds of campaign commercials on the airwaves, it feels like a presidential election year. Because the Ohio ballot issues address much needed government reform, this year’s election is historical and will affect how Ohio moves forward in an improved economy.  The Darke County Chamber of Commerce (Chamber)... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Trade Matters for Ohio Workers
The United States Senate last week acknowledged what too many Ohio workers and manufacturers already know: that we are in a trade war. We took steps to fight back by passing the biggest bipartisan jobs bill this session of Congress: my bipartisan bill to combat Chinese currency manipulation. The Commerce Department released new trade deficit numbers showing that the U.S. trade deficit with China... read more
Thoughts of an Old Guy, By Al Bliss
To all the folks that know me and maybe even some that don’t - As an old guy that is deeply saddened by having to put a loving friend of about ten years to rest – her name was Cherokee, a big old husky that was trusting and full of love. My responsibility to her does not / did not make the task any easier. Because of the way that I feel right now, I am going to take this opportunity to clear the air --- get... read more
The White House... The President wants your Input
Good morning, It’s part of my job to make sure President Obama gets to hear the voices and perspectives of people outside Washington – and lately, that’s not been difficult. Everywhere the President goes, he gets the same message: Americans just want folks in Washington to work together to build an economy that works for the middle class, not just the wealthiest – and is based on rewarding responsibility... read more
45328, By Truman Scott
45328 is the zip code for Gettysburg, Ohio which lies halfway between Covington and Greenville, Ohio on US Highway 36. It is in Adams Township which is dry and thus, no alcohol is sold in the town. I went to school in Bradford which lies four miles east and my brother-in-law lived in Gettysburg his entire life (86 years). I have lived here since the spring of 2000. I was visiting my sister and her husband that spring... read more
“Just the Facts, Ma’am” By Mike Stegall, Darke County Commissioner
How many of us old timers remember the television show “Dragnet”? Jack Webb, who produced the series and starred as Detective Joe Friday, would always ask a witness who started straying from his original question, “Just the facts, Ma’am”. Once again, we in the Greenville School District are being asked to support a school levy, and I have done some research and hope to give the people of the district... read more
Buchy... Why Ohio will be Forced to Seek a 2-Point Conversion this Spring
Every 10 years, the citizens of this great nation participate in a census to count the people living in each given location.  The census numbers are used for the drawing of the U.S. Congressional districts. This is a Constitutional requirement.   The majority power in the state generally controls the way the lines are drawn with the state legislature and the governor consenting to the new lines in the form of a... read more
Perfect is easy, By Don Wright
Perfect is easy when people don’t pay attention to what you say. In my last column I was not stating facts. I repeated what I had been told and asked the Greenville Administration for answers. To date there has been no response from the city. What we got was Bob Rhoades. For many years Bob Rhoades has been a very vocal supporter of the Public Service Unions. This is completely understandable. Bob Rhoades... read more
Mr. Wright, My Offer Stands, By Bob Rhoades
Since I was singled out, I guess it’s OK to answer this one and not worry about whether the city will answer. I knew they wouldn’t the first time but I thought that Don’s questions deserved some kind of an answer even though when I tried to help, it appears it did little good. I’ve never thought of work as supping at the public trough but I did make a living as a public servant.  Lots of people think that’s OK... read more
The fox, the goose, and Issue 2, By Jim Surber
Are you completely confused and confounded on how to vote on Ohio Issue 2? Congratulations, you are probably an objective, informed voter. The choice to uphold or defeat Senate Bill 5, one of the most controversial pieces of Ohio legislation in many years, should not be taken lightly. A rational decision is all but impossible because of the specific nature of this law and the circumstances that surround it. Senate Bill 5 came... read more
League of Women Voters... Candidates Night Arcanum, and Issue 2 Debate Greenville
By Al Bliss - The Monday evening event (Candidates Night) was located in the brand new beautiful and very impressive Arcanum – Bradford School building. The space used as a cafeteria and auditorium was  designated for the candidate’s night and easily accommodated the approximately seventy people in attendance. The program agenda started with very brief statements by Judge Julie... read more
A Tru Perspective... Back to Basics, By Norman Bashore
I am declaring war on three basic grammar rules:  the use of “seen”, “between you and I”, the blatant misuse of “you”.  I chuckle as I listen to our newscasters, most of whom are college graduates, but they still have not mastered the correct use of these forms.  It gets worse when athletes are the broadcasters.  What’s worse is when I see emails from our professors who can’t connect two sentences intelligently... read more
Common Sense Must Prevail - That’s My Opinion, By Bob Robinson
I have a friend who has told me repeatedly that until we “ban” all political parties the mess our country is in will not be fixed. While I understand his perspective – we’ve debated it a few times – I always get back to the same thing. If we have a thousand different points of view, or in the case of nationally, a million or more, how would we ever get a consensus? I would go to my neighbor and tell him/her... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Cracking Down on Currency Manipulation
October 12, 2011 - The biggest jobs bills to pass this session of Congress – one with the potential of creating or saving two million jobs with no cost to taxpayers – passed the Senate this week with strong bipartisan support. This bipartisan legislation, the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2011, which I introduced and cleared the Senate by a 63-35 vote, addresses one of the biggest challenges facing... read more
The Next Level... In My Opinion, By Bob Robinson
First of all… thank you!!! Your response to County News Online has been absolutely phenomenal. When I moved my blog over to a legitimate news and information site for Darke County and other interested readers, we recorded a major increase in traffic. Eight short months later, our traffic has increased seven-fold. I have no idea what the “numbers” mean, but our “trackers” tell us we should surpass a... read more
State Representative Jim Buchy... Is Darke County a Farm Team for Leaders?
The readers of this column are in Darke County for many reasons.  Some people have lived in this county all their life and never left.  Others, like me, grew up in Darke County, left for a while and now are back.  And many of our neighbors settled here because they appreciated our wonderful communities and they are happy to have work with a local company. No matter the reason for being a Darke Countian, you are... read more
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