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Townhall Finance... Contempt For Holder? Not a Wise Move, by Jeff Carter
Republicans actually have a nice story to tell. The economy sucks. Anyone with a brain knows it is being floated with money printed by the Federal Reserve. The world economy sucks. Europe is going to go into a deep slow down. Italy, Spain, Greece and France will go off the cliff. The economies of Britain and Germany will be on a hamster wheel. All their production and growth will go into a state of “just staying even”. They will be like traders that have a bad position, losing you money each day, but your... read more
State Department Watch... Giveaway of 8 American Alaskan Islands to the Russian Government
The giveaway of 8 American Alaskan islands and vast resource-rich seabeds to the Russians is underway by the U.S. State Department in the guise of an agreement on a maritime boundary between Alaska and Siberia. In the mid-1970s countries adopted the concept of exclusive economic zones (EEZ) and fishery conservation zones extending 200 nautical miles from their coastlines.  If two... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Labor Department wants to ban farm chores for children under 18
by Patrick Richardson - Editor’s Note: Due to the outcry from rural farmers, this proposal has been reportedly withdrawn. However, the mentality that suggested it should be a major point of concern to all. A proposal from the Obama administration to prevent children from doing farm chores has drawn plenty of criticism from rural-district members of Congress. But now it’s attracting barbs from farm kids themselves. The Department of Labor is poised to put the finishing touches on a rule that would... read more
Townhall Finance... Dave Says Do What You Need to Take Care of Kids, by Dave Ramsey
Dear Dave, I just lost my job due to company-wide layoffs. I have an emergency fund, but I’m losing my health insurance. Our state has a program that covers children’s healthcare in these kinds of situations. Would it be okay to accept this for my kids until I find another job and things get better? Paul - Dear Paul, There’s absolutely nothing wrong with accepting help when you’re down or struggling. On the other hand, to define yourself as being down or struggling is a really bad thing. By this, I mean... read more
Kim Komando... Ready for the FBI server shutdown?
Q. Hey, Kim. I read in your tip last month that the FBI was going to shut down some servers on March 8 and that people might lose access to the Internet. Whatever happened with that? Can I assume my computer wasn’t affected? -Bob from Harrisburg, PA, listens to my national radio show on WHP 580 AM. A. Good memory, Bob. Unfortunately, you can’t assume your computer is OK. The FBI decided to move the shutdown... read more
Mail Magazine 24... The Arizona Model: Five Questions for Former AZ Speaker Kirk Adams
by Lachlan Markay - Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis described the states as “laboratories for democracy.” Policies enacted at the state level can offer insight into their likely efficacy on the federal level. Kirk Adams, the former Republican speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, has authored legislation that pulled the state’s budget from billions in shortfalls into the black. He led the way in reforming the pension system for state employees — beginning with himself: he voluntarily opted... read more
CNS News... Pelosi: Amend the First Amendment, By Terence P. Jeffrey
April 19, 2012 - ( - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday endorsed a movement announced by other congressional Democrats on Wednesday to ratify an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow Congress to regulate political speech when it is engaged in by corporations as opposed to individuals. The First Amendment says in part: “Congress shall make no law... read more
Redstate... Romney explains Obama’s ‘all of the above’ energy policy, Posted by Dan Spencer
Tuesday, April 24th - Obama’s for all the sources of energy that come from above the ground. Wind and solar. He just doesn’t like the things that come from below the ground. — Mitt Romney - Speaking at Consol Energy’s Research and Development Facility in South Park Township, Pennsylvania the day before that state’s presidential primary, Mitt Romney took on President Obama’s energy policies, blaming them for increasing energy prices: “The onslaught of regulations — holding off on... read more
Townhall... Democrats Think You’re Stupid, by Armstrong Williams
Apr 24, 2012 - Barack Obama thinks that you’re stupid. And, if you’re one of the 45% of us who still support him after Solyndra, after Fast and Furious, after the GSA scandal, after the voter ID controversy, after the Buffett Rule, after the Secret Service Scandal, and so on, you might be. If you don’t believe me that he thinks you’re stupid, consider the following. I watched Meet the Press recently, and their roundtable... read more
Columbus Dispatch...Don’t wait, Accurate school ratings should be enacted sooner rather than later
Monday April 23, 2012 - Protests from school officials and teachers who want a reprieve from tougher grading standards are predictable, but that doesn’t make them valid. The Ohio School Boards Association, teachers’ unions and others are asking for a delay in applying new performance standards proposed by Gov. John Kasich for school grade cards to be issued this summer. The new system, which places more emphasis on whether poor, minority, special-education and other categories.... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Glaciers on Asia’s largest mountain range getting BIGGER, by Robert Felix
Satellite data shows that glaciers in part of the Karakoram range on the China-Pakistan border are putting on mass, defying (supposedly) the general trend toward glacier shrinkage. In an article entitled “Slight mass gain of Karakoram glaciers in the early twenty-first century,” Researchers from the National Centre for Scientific Research and the University of Grenoble admit to “an anomalous gain of mass” for the Karakoram glaciers. ... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Confidence in Economy Fizzling, New Poll Shows, by Sarah Wells
If you ask the American people, they don’t have much good to say about the U.S. economy. According to a new poll by Quinnipiac University, most say they are worse off financially than they were four years ago, and they don’t expect it to get better anytime soon: The surge of economic optimism may have stalled as American voters say 41 – 35 percent they are worse off financially than four years ago, and 51 percent don’t expect their personal financial situation to change in the next 12 months... read more
Townhall Finance... Obama’s 2.5 Percent Stall, by Larry Kudlow
Wall Street headlines are full of fears of a springtime stall for the already subpar economic recovery. And if that weren’t bad enough for Obama’s reelection chances, a spate of new polls show Mitt Romney’s economic-approval ratings are far outdistancing the president’s. Even while the headline surveys basically show an Obama-Romney tossup, it will be very difficult for Obama to pull out a victory this... read more
Townhall Finance... Milton Friedman on Tax Freedom Day, by Chris Edwards
The Tax Foundation reported that Tuesday was Tax Freedom Day (TFD), which is the day that Americans stop “working for the government” through their tax payments and start working for themselves. TFD is calculated by taking total federal, state, and local taxes and dividing by national income to get a ratio representing the share of income that the average person pays in all taxes. That ratio is applied to the 365-day calendar. This year the ratio is 29.2 percent, which translates into April 17 for TFD... read more
Human Events... No more “Mr. Obama is a nice guy”, by Michelle Malkin
04/20/2012 - There is a reflexive desire among a certain species of moderate Republicans to be perceived as “civil” by liberal opponents who believe that the mere existence of free-market, limited-government conservatism is an indecent affront to humankind. All aboard the U.S.S. Lost Cause. This disastrous, bend-over bipartisanship is a hard habit to break. In 2008, Arizona Sen. John McCain... read more
Townhall Finance... Why High Taxes Will Never Soak Rich, by Daniel J. Mitchell
April 17, 2012 - Whether it’s through the Buffett Rule, higher income-tax rates or double taxation of dividends and capital gains, President Obama often demands that “rich” taxpayers and big corporations send more money to Washington. But as Americans pay their taxes by today’s deadline, we might note that trying to get more money from upper-income taxpayers is like playing whack-a-mole. So long as tax rates are high, rich people will figure out ways to protect their income. It... read more
Human Events... Bibi’s dilemma -- and Barack’s, by Patrick J. Buchanan
04/17/2012 - “Bibi” Netanyahu was disgusted. “My initial reaction is that Iran has gotten a freebie. It has got five weeks to continue enrichment without any limitation.” The Israeli prime minister was referring to Saturday’s meeting in Istanbul of the P5-plus-1 -- the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany -- with representatives from Iran. Subject: Iran’s nuclear program. After a... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Freedom or Fairness in 2012? by Victor Davis Hanson
This should prove to be an ideological election about the economy. Not all campaigns are so clear-cut. Sometimes moderate Republicans raise taxes (as George H. W. Bush did); at other times, pragmatic Democrats cut spending (as Bill Clinton did). But this year, Mitt Romney, the likely Republican nominee, will run an ideological campaign, calling for smaller government and lower taxes, against an equally ideological President Obama, who wants more government and higher taxes... read more
Townhall... Mixing and Matching, by Thomas Sowell
Apr 17, 2012 - Apparently the soaring national debt and the threat of a nuclear Iran are not enough to occupy the government’s time, because the Obama administration is pushing to force Westchester County, N.Y., to create more low-income housing, in order to mix and match classes and races to fit the government’s preconceptions. Behind all this busy work for bureaucrats and ideologues is the idea that there is something... read more
Toledo Blade... Rewarding work
Ohio’s unemployment rate has fallen in recent months, but too many working families still struggle to make ends meet. A liberal think tank that advocates for low-income households has an intriguing idea that could help. Last year, Policy Matters Ohio points out, the 21 percent cut in state income taxes phased in over the past several years benefited the top 1 percent of earners more than the bottom 99 percent. Only the top 30 percent of Ohio earners are paid more now than they were in 1979, taking... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Obama’s No Budget, No Plan Budget Plan, by Alex Knepper
President Obama has completely lost contact with reality: Obama said the “vision” portrayed by the Ryan budget “is of an America where everybody is fending for themselves, a few are doing very well at the top, and everybody else is struggling to get by.” Obama added that under the Republican budget, “the government is shrunk to the point where things that we take for granted as a society — as an advanced, responsible... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... New era, new rules
Few industries have changed as rapidly as telecommunications. You can see the transformation in your cell phone, or the landline at home that receives less and less attention. It follows then that Ohio lawmakers must keep pace, making adjustments in the regulatory scheme for the industry. They enacted changes two years ago. Now they must act again, Senate Bill 271 promising to update rules that are more in line with telecommunications of the monopoly era... read more
Townhall... The Economy Needs No Conductor, by John Stossel
Apr 18, 2012 - We spend too much time waiting for orders -- and money -- from Washington. The collapse of the housing bubble gave politicians a license to do what they wanted to do all along: spend. The usual checks on extravagance, weak as they are, were washed away. Budgets? We’ll worry about that later. Inflation? We’ll worry about that later. As I point out in my brand new book, “No, We Can’t: Why Government... read more
Redstate... Romney takes an early lead - Round one to Romney, by Dan Spencer (Diary)
Saturday, April 14th - Romney takes an early lead over President Obama. The FOX News poll released Friday, Romney leads Obama 46% to 44%. The Rasmussen Reports 2012 Daily Presidential Matchup Tracking poll has Romney leading Obama 48% to 43%. After Santorum suspended his presidential campaign on Monday, the Tuesday Rasmussen Matchup poll had Romney and Obama tied at 45% each. It remained tied through Wednesday. The Democrats’ war on women blew up in their face... read more
Kim Komando...Physical therapy through gaming
Q. My husband’s best friend recently suffered a massive stroke. We thank God he survived and was able to go home. He lives in a remote area and his wife still has to work, so attending rehab will be a challenge. My husband thinks a tablet could be used for therapy. Are there any applications that could be downloaded? Could you tell us how to find apps that help with rehab? Thanks very much. -Linda from Fairport, NY, listens to my weekly radio show... read more
Mail Magazine 24... The Truth About Wisconsin, by Jacob Laksin
Last week’s Republican primary in Wisconsin was not the biggest battle in the Badger State. That will come this June, when Wisconsin Democrats, backed by the raging might of state and national government unions, will attempt to recall Republican Governor Scott Walker in a fiercely contested general election. It will be a difficult fight for the embattled governor. That stems in large part from the boldness of Walker’s 2011 budget reforms, which made him a hero to conservatives even... read more
Townhall... Obama’s Misleading Reagan Reference, by Larry Kudlow
In President Obama’s latest class-war, tax-the-rich gambit, he has stooped to a new low with misleading and out-of-context quotes from Ronald Reagan. Apparently, the president is now trying to use the Gipper for cover while he attacks Mitt Romney with the so-called Buffett Rule. In an address this past week, Obama cited a couple of Reagan speeches from June 1985, in which the former president quoted a... read more
Townhall Finance... Taking Earned Money is Different than Earning Money, by Charles Payne
I’m your boogie man that’s what I am - I’m here to do whatever I can - Be it early mornin’ late afternoon - Or at midnight it’s never too soon—KC & Sunshine Band - “I’m Your Boogieman” was the 11th top hit of 1977, a year that saw massive tumult in America, especially in New York City, which experienced daily fears of violence, the Son of Sam, and the Blackout. There was a time when boogieman was the dark monster that lived under your bed or in your closet, but in the disco era, it became the guy... read more
Kim Komando... Having ‘The Talk’ with your teen
Hey parents. Have you had “The Talk” with your teen yet? No, I don’t mean that talk. But there’s another one that is almost as important these days. I’m referring to the talk about staying safe with smartphones and social-media activity. Haven’t done that yet? If you’ve been putting it off because you don’t know what to cover, I’m here to help. A recent report from the Pew Research Center indicates that one in... read more
New York Times... Rasmussen Polls Were Biased and Inaccurate; Quinnipiac, SurveyUSA Performed Strongly, By Nate Silver - Every election cycle has its winners and losers: not just the among the candidates, but also the pollsters. On Tuesday, polls conducted by the firm Rasmussen Reports — which released more than 100 surveys in the final three weeks of the campaign, including some commissioned under a subsidiary on behalf of Fox News — badly missed the margin in many states, and also exhibited a considerable bias toward Republican candidates. Other polling firms... read more
Human Events... Real moms of the GOP vs. White House SOP, by Michelle Malkin
04/13/2012 - The authenticity of conservative women has always been under attack by radical orthodox feminists, but perhaps not as brazenly as by someone with such direct and frequent access to the corridors of the White House message machine as Hilary B. Rosen. The D.C. career lobbyist and Democratic media strategist took to CNN’s airwaves this week to craft a left-wing “War on Women” attack... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Raise the bar
State Auditor Dave Yost is right that Ohio needs higher standards and stricter accountability for charter-school treasurers. As some recent high-profile cases involving ruined schools and misspent tax funds make clear, it’s easy for hundreds of thousands of dollars to be lost before corrective action takes place. The worst case might be that of Carl W. Shye Jr., who is accused by the Ohio Department of Education of repeatedly violating the law and failing to accurately report information, observe... read more
Redstate... Democrats Now Say They Never Said ‘War Against Women’?
Posted by Erick Erickson (Diary) - Thursday, April 12th - If you went to bed oblivious of the news last night, there was a mini-bruhaha over a comment Hilary Rosen, the former head of the RIAA and a DNC Advisor, made to Anderson Cooper on AC360 last night. I was on AC360 with both Hilary and Paul Begala. Hillary said that Ann Romney, a mother of five sons who has had breast cancer and MS, had “actually never... read more
Townhall Finance... A Supreme Overreach, by J. T. Young
Obama caught himself overreaching in warning the Supreme Court on his healthcare overhaul.  By preemptively declaring the law “constitutional,” which is precisely what the Court will spend the next three months deciding, he has raised the specter that any other verdict would be the reverse.  In so doing, he has created a public relations problem that will translate into a political one, if he is not extremely careful. On April 2, Obama sought to compensate for what many have called a lackluster... read more
Mail Magaine 24... Stealing the Election – Rampant Voter Fraud Across the Country
by Candice Lanier - Four Democratic officials in Indiana were charged, earlier this week, with felonies related to petition fraud. The alleged fraud was committed in Indiana’s 2008 state primary. According to the South Bend Tribune, “hundreds of county residents’ signatures” were forged on petitions which led to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama being placed on the ballet. Two whistle-blowers... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Fund: ‘We Need Voter ID Laws Now’ by Breitbart News
Attorney General Eric Holder has done everything in his power to prevent voters from showing ID at polling places. He’s moved to block states like Texas from implementing voter ID laws. But, as voting fraud expert John Fund writes today, “When groups sue to block photo-ID laws in court, they can’t seem to produce real-world examples of people who have actually been denied the right to vote. According to opinion polls, over 75 percent of Americans — including majorities of Hispanics and... read more
Kim Komando News of the Day... Teach kids to use tech wisely
5/20/2011 - Q. I’m putting together a computer training course for parents and teens. Part of the course will be about staying safe online. What topics do you think I should cover? Thanks for your input! -Jane from Roswell, NM, listens to my national radio show on KBIM 910 AM A. Every child needs to be taught how to use tech the right way. Unfortunately, many parents are unprepared for the task. They’re often... read more
Redstate...Right-To-Work Is Right For Ohio (and Elsewhere), Posted by LaborUnionReport
Monday, April 9th -  As today’s government-union bosses push higher taxes, establish dues schemes to fund their bloated salaries and union-bought politicians, the evidence has become pretty clear: Government unions have become political, parasitic entities injuring taxpayers and the communities they control (see Central Falls and Providence, RI; Detroit, MI; and the once-great State of California for examples). In the private sector, however, where taxpayers’ pockets are not.... read more
Townhall Finance... Gas Prices Skunk Jobs Again, by Bob Beauprez
High gas prices may be hitting the economy right in the gut.  For the month of March, the pace of new job creation was cut by more than half compared to the last several encouraging monthly reports. According to the Labor Department just 120,000 new jobs were created in March.   Over the previous three months an average of 246,000 new jobs were added.  Analysts generally believe at least 200,000 new monthly jobs are necessary for the economy to.... read more
Townhall Finance... Conservatives And the Courts, by Michael Tanner
Who says bipartisanship is dead? Left and Right have finally found something that they agree on. They are both unalterably opposed to judicial activism — except, of course, when they aren’t. The latest meme from the Obama administration, congressional Democrats, and much of the media is that if the Supreme Court were to strike down all or part of Obamacare, it would place the Court’s legitimacy itself at risk. After all, since only 28 state attorneys general, at least two District Court... read more
Mail Magaine 24... DHS oblivious to unauthorized foreigners In U.S., says new report
by Jim Kouri, Law Enforcement Examiner - A number of representatives from watchdog groups, government agencies and the U.S. Congress are intensifying their criticism of the Obama Administration’s handling of illegal immigration and the Department of Homeland Security’s shortcomings in policing the immigration and visa system. For example, the successful and well-known “Inside the Beltway” watchdog... read more
Townhall Finance... Gospel According to Democrats: Woman, Behold Thy Government Program!
by John Ransom - If you want to help women’s “health” in this country then the best thing you can do is make sure that the U.S. has a vibrant economy, centered on good-paying jobs. Lost in the record-breaking regulatory hurdles that Obama has put in the way of our economy, this basic truth seems to be a principle that the administration is anxious not to talk about. For good reason, too. The number one enemy of women’s... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Holder’s Letter to Judges Ignores the Issue, by Cully Stimson
Instead of responding to the 5th Circuit Court’s explicit request regarding President Obama’s untoward comments about the Supreme Court’s power to overturn congressional statutes, Attorney General Eric Holder sent the judges a law student-level brief on the propriety of judicial review. The letter intentionally ignored the judge’s main question, which was, in essence: does the Department of Justice and the... read more
The Vindicator... Opening a coordinated attack on human trafficking in Ohio
Wed, April 4, 2012 - Ohio is in the forefront of states seeking to identify the extent of human trafficking and to attack the problem on multiple fronts. Last week Gov. John Kasich signed an executive order that directs state agencies to work together to identify the most effective ways to rescue victims, get them help, and prosecute those who abduct and exploit them. The governor‘s task force is an expansion of the Ohio Human Trafficking Commission overseen by the office of Attorney General... read more
Good Friday 2012, Posted by Erick Erickson
Friday, April 6th - As is tradition at RedState, we post this text each Good Friday in lieu of a Morning Briefing.  Some things are more important than news and politics. Have a blessed Easter weekend. Erick - “And they crucified him, and parted his garments, casting lots: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, They parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture did they cast lots.  And sitting... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Now President Obama is issuing court orders: Kevin O’Brien
People who work in their robes are questioning the signature policy achievement of Barack Obama’s presidency, and he has had just about enough of it. Maybe Obama thinks they’re just conservative bloggers, because he surely isn’t showing them any respect. The president wagged his finger sternly at the courts on Monday, implying that if the Supreme Court failed to fall in line with his plans for government control of one-sixth of the U.S. economy -- and every U.S. citizen -- the court would make... read more
LimaOhio... Easter now minus bonnets, lacy gloves, Bart Mills
April 05, 2012 - The little gloves are the culprit. Sure, the bonnet plays a part, but it’s those tiny, lacy gloves that break me down every time. It’s almost Easter, so you know where I’m going with this. At least, if you are a parent you get it, particularly if you are the parent of young women who once, not altogether long ago, were little girls. It’s a nostalgia we’re all guilty of. Well, maybe not all. I suppose there are parents out... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Courtroom spin
The average American is not a constitutional-law expert. That hasn’t stopped many from weighing in on how and why the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court should rule on the fate of the 2010 health-care overhaul commonly referred to as Obamacare. Recent polls show that a majority of Americans think the law will be repealed or personally favor its repeal. This isn’t a big surprise since, despite the hopes and beliefs of its backers, the law has remained unpopular since being passed in a hyper-partisan push... read more
Townhall... Arizona to Ban “Annoying” Behavior on the Internet, by Rachel Alexander
Apr 04, 2012 - You and I may not use profanity in our Facebook posts, but what about that crazy relative who puts up the funniest posts that sometimes cross the line? Almost no one approves of swearing, but with the exception of broadcasting during daytime TV and radio, it is not illegal. Now new legislation in Arizona would effectively make swearing on the internet a crime. Sponsored by Democrats and liberal... read more
Redstate... Does Obama Know How the Supreme Court Voted? Posted by streiff
The Wink and The Nod - Tuesday, April 3rd - The storm that erupted yesterday when Barack Obama woke up and discovered the Supreme Court of the United States was not only not elected but it could overturn “duly passed” laws, even those passed in the dead of the night by the barest of purchased majorities, has been more than adequately covered on these pages and others by actual lawyers and those who think they are. I’m pretty sure Obama knows what Marbury v. Madison is, even... read more
Townhall Finance... This Land is... the Government’s, by Bob Beauprez
Most people understand that the federal government controls a lot of land, but few know just how vast the holdings really are.  The map above is courtesy of Investor’s Business Daily.  It indicates the vast amounts of land, particularly in the natural resources rich western states, held by the federal government. According to the USDA, Economic Research Service, of the 2,264,000,000 acres that comprise the United... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Kid-centered research - Ohio’s six children’s hospitals will make a powerful team
Monday April 2, 2012 - Ohio is home to a number of outstanding children’s hospitals, which in total generated more money for research last year — nearly a quarter-billion dollars — than those in any other state. Now, they’re poised to take an even stronger leadership position in coming years, thanks to a forward-looking gift from Ohio taxpayers. In announcing a $2 million gift to six Ohio children’s hospitals, including Nationwide Children’s in Columbus, Gov. John Kasich has established.... read more
What I Learned About a Free Economy When I Worked as a Union Employee, by Gary DeMar
One of my first jobs as a teenager was a stock boy at the supermarket grocery chain Kroger. As with any young person growing up, I was happy to have a job where someone paid me for working. What I did not know at the time was that Kroger had a union. I didn’t think much about it at the time since I didn’t know what a union was. Again, my sights were on that pay check at the end of every two weeks. It didn’t take me long to learn that a union... read more
The Monitor’s View: Christian Science Monitor... Supreme Court wrestles with a more dependent world
The high court hears a complaint from states about the health-care law’s ‘coercion’ to accept an expensive expansion of Medicaid. The issue reflects a more dependent world in government, trade, and high-tech. In the last day of its debate over the health-care law, the US Supreme Court wrestled with a big issue in this interconnected age: When does voluntary dependency slip into coercion and perhaps even blackmail? The justices heard a complaint by 26 states about the law’s expansion of Medicaid... read more
Townhall Finance... The Amazing Flexible President, by Marita Noon
President Obama made headlines during his visit to Seoul, South Korea—though not for his public policy statements, rather for his private comments, unintentionally broadcast, in conversation with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. Believing he will be reelected, President Obama addressed dealing with “controversial issues”: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility... read more
Townhall Finance... Media Malpractice in Martin Case, by Jeff Crouere
Once again, our country is being divided by a liberal press that is engaged in media malpractice. The death of unarmed 17-year old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida was a tragedy. Questions need to be answered about the conduct of neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman who shot and killed the youngster. Was Zimmerman acting in self-defense or did he target a young black male to kill? Did the police act irresponsibly in releasing Zimmerman or were they following proper procedure... read more
Human Events... House passes Republican budget, rejects Obama plan 414-0, by Audrey Hudson
03/29/2012 - The House Thursday passed the Republican-backed budget plan for 2013 spending levels after soundly defeating a half-dozen other proposals, including President Barack Obama’s plan, which was unanimously defeated. The Republican version passed on a mostly party line vote of 228 yeas and 191 nays Thursday, and was authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R –Wis.), chairman of the House Budget... read more
Columbus Dispatch... Boom gets bigger: editorial
Lawmakers shouldn’t shy away from modest severance-tax proposal - Any Republican state lawmakers who balk at a proposed modest increase in Ohio’s low severance taxes should be reassured by the latest evidence that the state holds a treasure that gas-and-oil companies want: BP plans to lease 84,000 acres in Trumbull County. The energy giant has struck an agreement with the Associated Landowners of the Ohio Valley, a group representing the owners of mineral rights in the shale-rich... read more
Verities & Balderdash... Will You give this to my Daddy? Edited by Bob Robinson
Author Unknown - Even though we are wrapping up March it feels like spring. Who woulda guessed? Spring weather leads thoughts to spring activities. Evidently I’m not the only one who feels this way. One of CNO’s readers must as well... and sent this. I’ve seen various versions, including one where applauding Americans gave up their seats to returning veterans. I believe I’ve seen this one a couple of times... read more

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