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Townhall Finance... Obama’s No Bob Hope, by Bill Tatro
Please tell me I didn’t hear what I thought heard.  Please tell me the President of the United States didn’t say what I thought he said. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did I just hear President Obama say that he deserves five more years in office? Many years ago my parents watched every television program in which Bob Hope performed; it seemed they never missed a show. In fact, my father had been entertained by Bob Hope on the front lines during WWII. My dad often talked about Hope bravely... read more
Townhall... Who Is Policing the Food Police?, by Susan Brown
Feb 25, 2012 - President and Mrs. Obama seem to be terrific parents and should be commended for the steps they have taken to improve the health and well-being of America’s kids. Back in December 2010, President Obama signed the “Healthy, Hunger Free Children Act” into law, and in January 2012, the First Lady, in partnership with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack, unveiled a set of new school meal standards... read more
Toledo Blade... It’s complicated
Americans are told that the rising price of gasoline is either inevitable or, Republicans say, a result of President Obama’s mismanagement of America’s energy resources -- particularly his refusal to “drill, baby, drill.” The truth is harder to arrive at and, as usual, more complicated than talk-show pundits and politicians might suggest. Wall Street and other financial centers see opportunities in speculation in future oil investments. They scan the daily news, looking for some development... read more
Human Events... The $4 Billion ObamaCare slush fund for progressives, by Michelle Malkin
02/24/2012 - If you like how the Obama administration’s multibillion-dollar “investments” in bankrupt solar companies have turned out, you’ll love the latest federal loan program to nowhere. It’s the Obamacare loyalty rewards program for progressives. To appease liberal Democrats pushing for the so-called “public option” (the full frontal government takeover of our health care system), the White House settled for... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer... Tests don’t measure teachers: Jay Gillen
If we really care about the education of young people in poverty, we will stop focusing on test results and pay much more attention to the quality of life students and families endure. The more their parents and the students themselves are employed, the better their housing and transportation, the better their health care and nutrition, the more they learn. Propaganda for testing and fear, however, recently got a boost from media coverage of a well-publicized study out of Harvard and Columbia... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Obama wants a tax fight, by Michael Becker
So CBS is reporting that the President wants a fight over taxes in the upcoming election and he’s proposing a new corporate tax scheme that will supposedly lower the rate to 28% and close some “loopholes”. Ummm hmmm. The devil, as always with things from Washington, will be found in the details. Remember Nancy Pelosi telling us that “Healthcare Reform needed to be passed so we could... read more
Townhall Finance... Renting Said to be Smart in the Obama Economy; No, It’s Russian Roulette
by Fritz Pfister - Economics Professor Richard Judd said on my radio program this week to be prepared for Bernanke to implement QE III this year. Printing money will devalue a dollar already down 30% since 2001. Printing money when there’s no demand for it ultimately leads to inflation and higher interest rates. Barack Obama said in his speech at Osawatomie that: “Limited government and free market economies don’t work, and never have.” That is straight from Hugo Chavez’s playbook. Obama... read more
Townhall Finance... Barack ‘All of the Above’ Obama, by Larry Kudlow
President Obama fought back against rising oil and retail gas prices in a speech in Florida on Thursday. But it was a curious speech. He started out by mocking Republicans, stating that GOP candidates are licking their chops as gasoline prices rocket up. He said, “They are already dusting off their three-point plans for $2 gas. I’ll save you the suspense: Step one is drill, step two is drill, and step three is keep drilling... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Obama to law enforcement: Stop linking Muslims to terrorism
by Jim Kouri, Law Enforcement Examiner - In yet another curtsy to the politically correct orthodoxy, President Barack Obama’s White House plans to tinker with federal police curriculums for counterterrorism training classes, according to a Beltway public-interest organization. The first bit of “revamping” is the removal of all material that groups, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations , or CAIR, find offensive or containing a “negative” image of Muslims. It’s a government... read more
Townhall... Just Say No to Health Insurance, by Rachel Alexander
Feb 24, 2012 - Everyone talks about reforming health insurance while ignoring a better alternative: healthcare risk pools. Powerful lobbyists for the healthcare insurance industry have convinced politicians to perpetuate the current system of health insurance, hoping that minor tweaks will solve the escalating crisis. Conservative think tanks have even bought into the system due to heavy funding by insurance companies... read more
The EPA’s Regulatory Avalanche, By Kathleen Hartnett White
The nation’s most powerful regulatory agency, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is on a collision course with America’s still fragile economic recovery. As I outlined in a report published Monday by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, 10 to 25 major EPA rules are scheduled to take effect over the next few years, each with a multi-billion dollar price tag and highly debatable benefits for public health. In 2010, EPA regulations accounted for $23 billion of the estimated... read more
Mail Magazine 24... The Food Police, by Ben Shapiro
In Hoke County, North Carolina, a four-year-old girl brought her homemade lunch to school. It contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, apple juice, potato chips, and a banana. All hell broke loose. A state inspector pounced on the lunch as though he’d found a loose land mine in the pre-school. He decided that the lunch didn’t contain all the relevant parts of the complete meal, and that the girl needed a... read more
Redstate... Do Republicans Care About the Deficit or Not? Posted by Daniel Horowitz
Thursday, February 16th - Republicans who seek our support during an election cycle declare emphatically that they will deal with the deficit upon being elected.  Once elected, however, they far too often evince nothing but apathy towards efforts to solve our budget crisis.  Worse yet, they even work assiduously to create new deficits. Ever since Republicans won control of the House in 2010, instead of looking for spending cuts to offset existing deficits, they are constantly looking for ways... read more
Human Events... President Fundraiser is on the move, by John Hayward
8 million-dollar events in 3 days - 02/17/2012 - The Oval Office sits empty, as President Obama invests most of his time in running for re-election.  Even his “2013 budget proposal” was nothing more than a campaign document.  Any resemblance between that proposal and a serious attempt to perform the duties of governing was purely coincidental.  And remember, his previous budgets were equally absurd... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Obama’s Peculiar Idea of Fairness, by Joseph Klein
President Obama is making his call for “fairness” and for “everybody to play by the same rules” the central theme of his re-election campaign. Those platitudes may sound nice on the campaign trail, but Obama’s policies are neither fair nor even-handed. For example, President Obama is taking $500 billion from the elderly via planned cuts to Medicare in order to help fund his massive new Obamacare entitlement program. A wealthy female employee will have the government-mandated right to... read more
Townhall... The New Blacklist, by Pat Buchanan
Feb 17, 2012 - My days as a political analyst at MSNBC have come to an end. After 10 enjoyable years, I am departing, after an incessant clamor from the left that to permit me continued access to the microphones of MSNBC would be an outrage against decency, and dangerous. The calls for my firing began almost immediately with the Oct. 18 publication of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?”... read more
Redstate... Never let it be said that Obama takes governing seriously, Posted by Soren Dayton
Thursday, February 16th - Last night President Barack Obama spoke at two “star-studded” Hollywood fundraisers. And, according to Politco, he noted to a group of people who make their quite nice livings in theatrics that “people … like … poetry” rather than the “prose” of governing. Mentioning former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo’s quip that politicians campaign in poetry and govern in prose, Obama said he’s written more of the latter than the former in his first three years in office. ”We’ve been... read more
Townhall... Rationing our Rights, by Ken Blackwell
Feb 18, 2012 - They said it would never lead to rationing. But rationing is already here. Under the latest assault by the Obama administration, they are rationing our rights. Tens of millions of Catholics—and tens of millions of the rest of us—are having our religious liberty crushed by the latest health care mandate from HHS. The legislation that President Obama signed with a flourish in 2010 was supported by not... read more
Townhall... Numbers Suggest Santorum Could Be Romney’s Worst Nightmare, by Scott Rasmussen
Feb 17, 2012 - In a campaign defined by Republican reluctance to embrace Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum has emerged as the latest not-Romney candidate to surge ahead. While it’s impossible to predict what will happen in this volatile election season, the data suggests that Santorum might be more of a challenge for Romney than earlier flavors of the month. The latest Rasmussen Reports poll of the GOP race shows that Rick Santorum leads Mitt Romney by 12 points, 39 percent to 27 percent... read more
Townhall... Taxing Medical Progress to Death, by Michelle Malkin
Feb 17, 2012 - Two years ago this month, as public debate over Obamacare raged, former President Bill Clinton rushed to the hospital because of a heart condition. He immediately underwent a procedure to place two stents in one of his coronary arteries. It was a timely reminder about the dangers of stifling private-sector medical innovation. No one listened. Stents don’t grow on trees. They were not created, developed... read more
Townhall Finance... The Price of A Gallon of Gas, by Jeff Carter
Gas prices are up over the last three years. There are economic reasons why, and it’s not demand driven. A lot goes into the price of a gallon of gas. They are talking $4 buck per gallon gas this summer. All people have to do is come to Chicago and you can pay $4 today! Most of the cost is taxes. Ironically, as the media fans the fear flames of higher gas prices, Congress is deliberating a new highway bill. Highway bills are among the most pork laden bills passed in Congress. A Christmas tree of... read more
Verities & Balderdash... Politics really can make you smile
Edited by Bob Robinson - A balanced look at two potential candidates in November… Coffee Hurts I was eating lunch on the 20th of February last year with my 3-year-old granddaughter and I asked her, “What day is tomorrow?” She said, “It’s Presidents’ Day!” She is a smart kid, so I asked, “What does Presidents’ Day mean?” I was expecting something about Washington or Lincoln, etc... read more
Christian Science Monitor... Young people, post recession: Ready to launch?
Post-recession data and the government’s pro-elderly policies don’t give much hope to Millennials. Yet they remain surprisingly optimistic.  By the Monitor’s Editorial Board, February 15, 2012 - It may be getting really old to be young in America. That is in large part because of the lingering aftereffects of the Great Recession on people who are between the ages of 18 and 34, according to recent data. More than a quarter of that group, for example, now live with a parent. During the recession... read more
Townhall Finance... A Case Study in Energy Regs Gone Mad, by Bob Beauprez
When Barack Obama promised that his non-energy energy policies would “bankrupt” anyone foolish enough to try to operate a coal-fired power plant, he talked as if he would only inflict pain on some inanimate structure of concrete and steel.  Clever politician that he is, he depersonalized his war on fossil fuels all in the name of saving the planet. What he didn’t mention, of course, is that real people work at these... read more
Townhall... Obama’s Epic Screw-Up, by Michael Gerson
Feb 14, 2012 - WASHINGTON -- Before Barack Obama can defeat his opponents he must first be rescued from his friends. Some of them are now suggesting that his contraceptive mandate on religious institutions was a skilled political stratagem. “I’ve found by observing this president closely for years,” argues Andrew Sullivan, “that what often seem like short-term tactical blunders turn out in the long run to be strategically shrewd. And if this was a trap, the religious right walked right into it.” Religious... read more
Townhall... Budget Fiction and Failings, by Bob Beauprez
Barack Obama delivered his new budget proposal to Congress this morning. The document increases yet again the estimate for deficit spending for the current FY 2012 year - $1.33 trillion.   If even close to accurate, when this fiscal year ends, Obama will  have presided over four consecutive annual deficits in excess of $1 trillion – each one nearly three times larger than any previous annual deficit in U.S. history... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Dependence on Government at All-Time High
Government Dependence Surges 23% Under Obama - The 2012 Index of Dependence on Government, released today, should be a wake-up call for America. Published by The Heritage Foundation for the past 10 years, the Index tracks the growth in government dependence dating back to the early 1960s. This year’s edition shows an alarming trend. Among the most troubling facts: One in five Americans—the highest in the nation’s history—relies on the federal government for everything from housing... read more
Townhall... The Free Lunch Is Back. by Mona Charen  
Feb 14, 2012 - Leaving aside the blatant assault on religious liberty that the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate represents (a number of commentators have ably elucidated the assault on free exercise), the edict ought to offend all sensible Americans for its sheer economic and moral fatuousness. In this case, “moral” refers to moral hazard, i.e., unintentionally encouraging bad behavior. But... read more
Townhall Finance... Charge!, By Charles Payne
February 12, 2012 - Half a league half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred: ‘Forward, the Light Brigade! Charge for the guns’ he said: Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. Charge of the Light Brigade... Alfred, Lord Tennyson. - Miscommunication in the Battle of Balaclava on October 25, 1854 sent 600 British soldiers to their deaths during the Crimean War. Many believe the word “charge” is itself the way to self-destruction, especially when it comes... read more
Human Events... The Volt Re-Evaluated: $250,000 Per Car Behold the magic of government subsidies
by John Hayward - I’ve long been fascinated by the sad tale of the Chevy Volt, a heavily subsidized electric car nobody wants. It’s one of the purest, most perfect examples of government attempting to artificially create a marketplace, and failing miserably. At the time of the Volt’s launch, when rebates brought the consumer price down to $33,500 (which is still horribly high for such a tiny, unappealing car, and doesn’t factor in the enormous maintenance... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Are High Taxes Driving the Wealthy Out of States and Out of the Country?
by Ken Marrero - FrontPageMag.Com is reporting on what it’s dubbed “The 1% Exodus;” wealthy Americans fleeing increased taxes. Missing millionaires are also reported in Maryland, New York, New Jersey and other states raising taxes on the wealthy. Explanations have fallen along ideological and partisan lines. The one thing agreed on, however, is that there are fewer wealthy folks in states which tax them higher. It’s said the missing millionaires are: Transients – those who enjoyed a... read more
Mail Magazine 24... U.S. Supreme Court Justice insults U.S. Constitution
Every Supreme Court justice is required, under Article VI of the United States Constitution, to be bound by his or her oath or affirmation “to support this Constitution.” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just broken this commitment by insulting, in front of a foreign audience, the very document she is sworn to support. In an interview during her visit to Cairo, which aired January 30, 2012 on... read more
Business & Media Institute... Drill There, Build Here, Now! By Dan Gainor Monday
Media buy lefty shtick on Keystone pipeline, accept Obama as pro-energy. February 06, 2012 - Four years ago, global tensions were rising and gas was on its way to a mid-July peak of $4.11 per gallon. Conservative leaders called for a nationwide push to access our energy resources - long denied by the eco-nuts. The campaign to “Drill Here, Drill Now,” was a rallying cry throughout 2008. Even martial arts tough guy Chuck Norris urged voters to “tell Congress we’re the bosses and they’re not... read more
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register... Get School Reform Right
February 8, 2012 - Twenty percent of the young Ohioans who enter the state’s public education system don’t graduate from high school. The average is much worse - 35 percent - in urban areas. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is right to consider that a tragedy that is both unsustainable and avoidable. He also is correct in avoiding knee-jerk reactions to the problem. During his State of the State speech Tuesday in... read more
Redstate... The Frontrunner, Posted by Erick Erickson
Friday, February 10th - The other night I was having dinner and Pat Cadell, Jimmy Carter’s pollster and a very honest liberal, came up to me. He said bluntly that if his side’s front runner had lost 3 of the first 8 elections and been swept out last Tuesday, by Wednesday the Democrats would have a new candidate in the race. He is right. Yet the Republican Party has decided instead of finding a new guy to do what it can to get Romney across the finish line no matter how bad the limp... read more
Townhall... The Flaws of Mitt and Newt, by Steve Chapman
Feb 06, 2012 - Newt Gingrich has an exquisitely sensitive moral antenna, and Mitt Romney’s remark suggesting indifference to the poor sent it quivering. “I am fed up with politicians in either party dividing Americans against each other,” he said. Yes, he did. Then he fell on the floor and laughed till he cried. For Gingrich to disavow divisiveness is the equivalent of Mark Zuckerberg renouncing modern technology: Without... read more
Townhall... Who Would Jesus Tax? by Doug Giles
Feb 05, 2012 - This past Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama said that his Christian faith crafts his domestic policies—particularly his desire to rob from the rich and give to the poor. In my humble opinion, I think the president is getting Jesus and His disciples confused with Robin Hood and his Merry Men. I don’t know which White House wizard crafted that speech for him, but the verse he or she gave to our Spender in Chief to back his socialism was more twisted out of joint than... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Expect $21.7 Trillion debt by 2022 if we don’t act!, by Candice Lanier
According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the national debt will rise to $21,665 trillion by 2022. In a report released last week, it was revealed that current policies, applied by the Obama administration, will result in a 50% increase in debt held by the public and a 40% increase in intra-governmental debt held in the trust funds of entitlement programs. The CBO report explains that though the economy will... read more
Townhall... CBO Study on Federal Pay, by Chris Edwards
CBO has released a study comparing the wages and benefits of private sector and federal non-military workers. The study uses statistical techniques to make comparisons with adjustments for education level, experience, and other factors. Here are the overall results: The wages of federal workers are 2 percent higher than similar private-sector workers, on average. The benefits of federal workers are 48 percent higher than similar private-sector workers, on average. The total compensation... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Mortgaging our Future, by Michael Becker
I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen a bunch of, well, stupid things. But folks, let me tell you, there’s something in the water in Washington DC that causes a complete shutdown of one’s ability to reason or be rational. We are facing a crisis. Yawn. And, never one to let a crisis go to waste, the President is proposing to once again pile more debt on the backs of our sons and their ladies. And, if they... read more
Townhall... Planned Parenthood’s Grand Delusion, by Bill Murchison
Feb 07, 2012 - Go the website You know, Planned Parenthood, around whose rippling banner enlightened opinion rallied last week when news broke that Susan G. Komen for the Cure would, in the near future, cease granting it money. PP -- just a big-hearted service organization for women, fighting breast cancer and other female afflictions with might and main. One could buy into that sales pitch on the basis of the Category 5 hurricane that PP caused to sweep across the... read more
Townhall... A Defining Moment, by Thomas Sowell
Feb 07, 2012 - Governor Mitt Romney’s statement about not worrying about the poor has been treated as a gaffe in much of the media, and those in the Republican establishment who have been rushing toward endorsing his coronation as the GOP’s nominee for president -- with 90 percent of the delegates still not yet chosen -- have been trying to sweep his statement under the rug. But Romney’s statement about not... read more
Townhall... The Fight to Reform Education, by Derek Hunter
Would any concerned parent willingly send their children to an average public school in this country if there was an option available? The word “concerned” in the question should be a tipoff that the answer is no. Still, states, localities and the federal government continue to dump billionsof our hard-earned tax dollars into a system that is rotten to its core. Don’t think things are that bad? A student in Washington state named Austin took a video camera into his school’s cafeteria and asked students.... read more
Mail Magazine 24... The Governmental Job Machine
Government is creating jobs after all… welfare offices on hiring spree, by Candice Lanier, LibertyNews
Public sector jobs, in the state of New York, increased due, according to an NBC affiliate in New York, to “economic woes” leading to the addition of more public employees in order to manage the increase in demand for public assistance. The NBC affiliate reports that the amount of people on food stamps in New York... read more
Townhall Finance... Mitt Presumes to Tell Big Government to Make Wages Fairer, by John Ransom
Obama and Romney are getting really good at this. They just wave their hand and the rest of us fall into line. Both of them recently unveiled huge new proposed government mandates aimed at making government a bigger player in the masterpiece economy that Big Government Inc. has given us, in these, the waning days of the Boomer generation. Obama’s working on solving the whole “real estate” crisis and Romney’s working on solving the whole “fairness” crisis. Obama’s mandate was to banks... read more
Townhall... Mauling the Military, by Ed Feulner
Feb 05, 2012 - “Freedom isn’t free.” We usually hear this on occasions such as Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. It’s meant to remind us of the brave American troops who put their lives on the line daily to protect our liberty and preserve our security. But that phrase also applies to matters of money. It takes dollars and cents to field a world-class military. Equipping and training the best soldiers, and providing them with the... read more
Christian Science Monitor... A CEO as US president? America is not a business, Mitt Romney.
By Walter Rodgers / January 31, 2012 - A photo of Mitt Romney splashed across the cover of a recent Economist under the title “America’s next CEO” was a bit unsettling. Not because Mr. Romney isn’t qualified to be president, but because America’s main need is for a public servant, not a corporate executive. For the most part, Americans have favored candidates with a career in public service – sometimes electing soldiers but often voting for lawyers who went on to hold public office... read more
Redstate... Sixty-Five to One: It’s Not That Complicated, Posted by Erick Erickson
Wednesday, February 1st - Political analysts have a need to sound expertly and important when it comes to elections. They have to go in depth and explain artfully and deeply why someone won and someone lost. It was the debates. It was the ground game. It was the strategies. It was the likability versus dislikability of the candidates. On and on they go. What gets danced around is the money. Money is usually why candidates win or lose. Candidates with the highest favorable name ID usually... read more
Daily Events... Thursdays with John Hayward: New Outlook a Horror Story
The Congressional Budget Office released its annual Budget and Economic Outlook this week. Last year’s was a tragedy, but the new one is a horror story. The crushing burden of government debt and persistent unemployment — which, contrary to the carefully massaged statistics released for public consumption, has really been in double digits for years, when the collapsing work force is taken into account — will conspire with... read more
American Thinker... Media Blackout in Obama Georgia Ballot Eligibility Case, By Cindy Simpson
January 30, 2012 - Last week, I noted that Obama turned his back not just on Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer, but also on the laws of the State of Georgia. I closed my column, “Georgia Ballot Challenge: Obama Walks on By,” with the observation: “And most of the media has followed along right behind him.” At the time, I had just witnessed an historic hearing that actually discussed the eligibility of the sitting president of the United States to run for a second term. The president had been... read more
Daily Events... Fridays with Erick Erickson: Unemployment has fallen? By Erick Erickson
The household survey says unemployment has fallen. Jobs are being created. A few days after American Airlines announced it would lay off 15,000 employees and other companies are laying off as well, the unemployment rate fell with new hires. It is good news for Barack Obama, except not really. The unemployment rate fell, but so did the number of people participating in the workforce. If those people were... read more
Redstate... NLRB To Force Companies To Turn Over Employee Telephone Numbers & E-Mail Addresses To Unions? Union-backed NLRB Chairman: “We keep our eye on the prize.” Posted by LaborUnionReport - Thursday, January 26th - Undaunted by the constitutionally-questionable appointment of three members to Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board, union attorney and current NLRB chairman Mark Pearce declared in an Associated Press interview that he and his union comrades are continuing their assault on the 93% of private-sector employees who are... read more
Townhall... Do Government Programs Ever ‘Fail’ by Austin Hill
Jan 29, 2012 - “Too big to fail.” Americans have come to loath the idea that some business enterprises are so important and so “big,” that they can’t be allowed to fail - especially as it regards large corporations that “need” government bailouts.  But have we developed a similar disdain for government programs that are treated as though they can’t possibly be failures? After last week’s State of the Union Address... read more
Wall Street Journal... No Need to Panic About Global Warming
There’s no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to ‘decarbonize’ the world’s economy. WSJ Editor’s Note: The following has been signed by the 16 scientists listed at the end of the article: A candidate for public office in any contemporary democracy may have to consider what, if anything, to do about “global warming.” Candidates should understand that the oft-repeated claim that nearly all scientists demand that something dramatic be done to stop global warming is not true. In fact... read more
What I like about Blogs, By Bob Robinson
Want to know what I like about blogs? Nothing. We have two “real blogs” on local web sites where people can comment anonymously… in other words, they can say whatever they want without taking responsibility for their comments. I don’t read them. I always recommend to people who are in the news don’t read them. Nine times out of ten, they are being hammered unfairly; they get upset, hurt and end up feeling... read more
Townhall Finance... Should Everyone Be Required to Have Health Insurance? by Michael F. Cannon
When Washington begins penalizing people for not purchasing health insurance in 2014, it will mark the first time in history the federal government has required nearly all Americans to buy a private product as a condition of lawful residence in the U.S. No part of the health-care law is less popular, or more essential to preventing it from crumbling like a house of cards, than this individual mandate. Even if the mandate were popular and constitutional, it would still be a bad idea. It will increase... read more
Mail Magazine 24... You Owe $52.5K to Uncle Sam, by Ken Marrero for Liberty News
$52.5K Now Owed by Every American - Debt Ceiling Increase Votes a Sham by Irresponsible Congress - I have 5 children and 1 grandchild. At the moment, I will be leaving them a bill for almost $315,000. Actually, I won’t be. Barack Obama and Congress will be. The Senate just voted to increase the debt ceiling by another $1.2 TRILLION on the heels of last August’s $2.1 TRILLION increase... read more Who’s Vetting Muslim Chaplains On College Campuses?
Homeland Security: To please Muslim-rights groups, more and more colleges are hiring Muslim chaplains, only to watch them radicalize students. Campuses need tougher background checks. Alarmingly, some chaplains have actively supported al-Qaida and called for violent jihad against “kaffirs,” or infidels. And yet they still have access to students, and remain on the university payroll. Take Imam Abdullah Faaruuq, Muslim chaplain at Northeastern University in Boston. He has urged.... read more

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