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The freedom to choose dependency - That’s My Opinion, By Bob Robinson
It’s been what… three years since I retired from the Advocate? People are still coming up to me on the street, in the store… “Sure do miss you at the Advocate, Bob.” I thank them for giving me my “thumbs up” for the day, then ask if they have a computer? Most of them are my generation… not always interested in this new fangled stuff. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If yes, I hand them a CNO card. But I also warn them... read more
It’s Unpatriotic, By Truman Scott
I am a Vietnam veteran who was welcomed home with epithets such as “Baby Killer”, “War Monger”, and “Murderer.”  Perhaps the current support and patriotism for our troops comes about because those who used those types of epithets in the 60’s and 70’s had a change of heart.  From the outset, let me be clear that I do support our troops. In Vietnam, I recall arguing with my fellow Marines who said that... read more
Commissioners Corner... Budget Balanced, Bottom Lines Steady
Revenue increases were pretty much offset by state cuts - The New Year has arrived, and so far it has come in rather meekly.  The weather hasn’t been too bad, there seems to be a lull in activity in Columbus, and here in the Commissioner’s Office things are getting back to normal after our appropriations have been completed.  Now, we can all look forward to the tax... read more
Free speech vs. Internet Piracy, By Jim Surber
Jan. 19, 2012 - I don’t think I will ever be fully accustomed to acronyms, but there are two recent ones that provide an interesting study in the complexities of our modern society. What does it take for some of the major Internet websites to go black, and lose money, for a day of protest? The answer is SOPA and PIPA. The Stop Online Piracy Act which is now pending in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the... read more
Guest Column… Are We Settling For Less? By Jesse Leonard
Editor’s Note: This was originally sent as a letter to the editor. The points made are relevant, something we should consider as we travel the path to November 2012. Jesse is a resident of Greenville. While the course of the presidential candidates is nowhere near to being concluded, it seems that there is only one GOP candidate that has the public eye, Mitt Romney.  Many conservatives have claimed that he is not the right... read more
State Representative Jim Buchy... The Heartbeat Bill
Putting Ohio on the Front Lines of the ProLife Movement - A baby’s heart begins to beat around 8 weeks into a pregnancy; this is where many in the prolife movement believe we can avert hundreds of abortions in Ohio weekly. I believe life starts at conception and I will take every possible step to save lives weather it is 1 or 1 million.  House Bill 125 the “Heartbeat Bill” is the next step to ending abortion. The... read more
State Rep. Richard Adams... Adams and House Republicans Outline Priorities for 2012
Workforce development, beginning hearings on fixing school funding formula among top goals for legislative session - COLUMBUS—On the heels of a successful first half of the General Assembly that saw the passage of more than 90 bills that address issues from regulatory reform and the creation of JobsOhio to prescription drug abuse, State Representative Richard Adams (R-Troy) today joined Speaker of the Ohio... read more
State Senator Bill Beagle... Ohio Eyes Consumer Protection in 2012
With 2012 underway, I am experiencing a bit of disbelief in realizing that my first full year in the legislature is behind me.  Balancing time between Tipp City and Columbus can often be challenging, but the past year has exceeded my expectations in a multitude of ways.  Whether it is working alongside my colleagues at the Statehouse or spending time with the hard-working residents of Ohio’s 5th Senate District... read more
Care about jobs? This is a Must Read!...Adjust we must?, By Jim Surber
There are things that get a person to thinking. As an example, we all know that the United States has been in the middle of an unemployment crisis, since an estimated: 6.3 million fewer Americans have jobs than at the end of 2007. At the same time it is also reported that the country’s economic output is higher today than it was before the financial crisis. The logical first question is, “Where did the jobs go?” Outsourcing work and... read more
Senior Scribes Opinion... This letter is to everyone who likes to eat, By Al Bliss
From a very senior citizen who should know better. Functioning with a few health problems in my seventh decade and after twenty years in the Navy and thirty seven years married to bright, strong willed lady who makes sure that each day is interesting (some much more than others), I recently discovered what is a very old medical problem. Over the years, I have considered this medical problem to be limited... read more
It’s All About the Kids... That’s My Opinion, By Bob Robinson
Introducing “The Flying Eagle” from East School - As more and more educators and young people discover County News Online, they are seeing opportunities to showcase the talents of future generations. How many of you knew that East School Fourth Graders had their own newspaper? I didn’t. Not only do they have a school newspaper, they are making it available to Darke County CNO readers beginning... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... The Next Era of the Postal Service
This holiday season, Ohioans received scores of gifts—from Great Lakes beer to Cincinnati chili—but many of the parcels probably weren’t dropped off by their local postal carrier. The United States Postal Service (USPS)—the second-largest employer in the United States and one authorized by the U.S. Constitution—is governed by rules that limit its financial viability. To address a growing deficit, more than... read more
State Senator Keith Faber... 2011 Sparked a Time for Renewal in Ohio
Members of the Senate Majority helped in sparking job creation and economic growth - The past twelve months saw Ohio forge a new path toward economic expansion and growth. From the onset of the 129th General Assembly, Senate Republicans introduced a slate of policy proposals fixed on bringing real relief to the state’s residents while also overhauling the way in which government operates. Thanks to a series... read more
Ohio Gov. John Kasich... 2011 Year In Review
When Governor John R. Kasich and Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor took office one year ago, Ohio faced historic challenges.  Over 400,000 jobs were lost in the previous four years, unemployment peaked and remained at 10.6 percent between August 2009 and February 2010, and the state faced an $8 billion budget shortfall going into Fiscal Year 2012.  For Gov. Kasich, job creation has been priority number one from day... read more
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