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Redstate... Government Determined to Waste Money on Catfish, Posted by Ben Howe
Monday, July 30th - If you don’t remember the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act (FARRM), better known as the Farm Bill, here’s a quick refresher: Put simply, the farm bill is an anathema to free enterprise, limited government, and individual responsibility. The House version (H.R. 6083) authorizes $957 billion in spending over 10 years, 80% of which will go towards food stamps. Despite erroneous claims in the media regarding severe cuts to food stamps, this bill actually consummates... read more
Townhall Finance... Public Pensions Fail Simple Math, by John Ransom
There is a dirty secret about state entitlements that liberals don’t want you to know. The collection of a state pension increases the chances that a pensioner will live in poverty. That’s because money put aside for state-guaranteed benefits can not be safely invested at rates that provide for more than a modest retirement unless the state subsidizes retirement benefits through taxes or if retirement savings are invested in riskier, higher yielding investments. Since governments are loath to raise ... read more
Townhall... News Versus Propaganda, by Thomas Sowell
Jul 24, 2012 - Since so many in the media cannot resist turning every tragedy into a political talking point, it was perhaps inevitable that (1) someone would try to link the shooting rampage at the Batman movie in Colorado to the Tea Party, and that (2) some would try to make it a reason to impose more gun control laws. Too many people in the media cannot seem to tell the difference between reporting the news and... read more
Townhall Finance... The Fed Brought A Knife to a Gunfight, by Jeff Carter
Over the course of the past year, I have advocated the view that the Federal Reserve is out of bullets. All the central bankers of the world are out of bullets. They don’t have any ammo in their back pocket to reload. The entire EU is overwhelmed with government debt. Greece is running out of money due to entitlements, and France has turned socialist. Germany cannot save the EU by itself, and the entire region is spinning into recession. No doubt, it will have a hard landing. China is slowing. The EU is... read more
Townhall... Random Thoughts, by Thomas Sowell
Jul 25, 2012 - Random thoughts on the passing scene: Even squirrels know enough to store nuts, so that they will have something to eat when food gets scarce. But the welfare state has spawned a whole class of people who spend everything they get when times are good, and look to others to provide for their food and other basic needs when times turn bad. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution prescribes “equal... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... Trouble for the uninsured
July 25, 2012 - In its landmark ruling in June, the U.S. Supreme Court made Medicaid expansion optional, striking down the requirement in the Affordable Care Act that state governments, beginning in 2014, cover adults under age 65 with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level. On Tuesday, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office clarified some of the effects of the court’s decision. According to the budget office analysis, permitting states to opt out of Medicaid expansion... read more
Heritage Foundation... Morning Bell: Obamacare Falls Short of Promises to Uninsured, by Amy Payne
July 25, 2012 - Two new reports out yesterday continue to knock down President Obama’s promises about Obamacare: his “If you like your plan, you can keep it,” and the promise to significantly shrink the ranks of the uninsured. According to a new study from consulting firm Deloitte, almost one of out of 10 employers said they are going to drop coverage for their employees because of Obamacare, while another 10 percent said they “remain unsure” about what they are going to do. As the vast... read more
Heritage Network... Morning Bell: Senate Votes to Raise Taxes on Small Businesses
By Amy Payne - July 26, 2012 - Yesterday, the Senate narrowly voted (51-48) to raise taxes on 1.2 million small businesses, which will likely kill more than 700,000 jobs at a time when nearly 13 million Americans are out of work. Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Jim Webb (D-VA) joined all Republicans in bipartisan opposition to the tax hike. This is President Obama’s economic plan. This is what he... read more
The Heritage Foundation... States Should Wait Before Accepting Obamacare
The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare’s individual mandate to purchase health insurance, but it also struck down part of the law. That part—forcing states to expand their Medicaid programs—offers governors some much-needed relief. Expanding Medicaid, the government health insurance program for the poor and disabled, was one of President Obama’s main ways to increase the number of insured people through Obamacare. This was no magic solution for the uninsured, especially since Medicaid... read more
Between the Lines... Proof! Establishment Media Controlled, By Joseph Farah
Exclusive: Joseph Farah scorches ‘journalists’ who are ‘selling their ethical, moral souls’ - There was a rather low-key confession made in the New York Times last week that deserves to be blared throughout this country so that every American understands what they are reading in the establishment’s ultra-controlled, government-managed “press” – and I use that last word loosely indeed. The admission... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Amonix: Another Obama-Subsidized Solar Company Fails, by John Nolte
Here we go again. Yet another example of the Obama White House’s failed attempt to pick winners and losers and doing so by gambling with our our tax dollars, this time to the tune of $6 million in tax credits and $15.6 in grant money from the U.S. Department of Energy. This company, Amonix, is only 14 months old. How in the world did it qualify for that kind of tax dollar windfall without any kind of track record? Oh: Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., and Gov. Brian Sandova... read more
The Columbus Dispatch... Farmers would benefit from income-tax cut financed by fracking tax
Gov. John Kasich’s push to establish a reasonable severance tax on drilling for oil and natural gas in Ohio stalled in the legislature earlier this year, but millions of Ohioans would benefit from the income-tax cut that the severance tax would make possible. Farmers are the latest group the governor is courting, and many stand to benefit from a tax on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to give Ohioans an income-tax reduction. Because most small businesses... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Actually, foreign companies invested in Bain Capital, creating American jobs
Another one of the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital is starting look pretty silly.  New information turns the Bain “outsourcing” narrative completely on its head.  As it turns out, instead of sending money overseas, Bain Capital actually received money from foreign investors while Romney was CEO, enabling him to start his company right here in the United States. from the LA Times: When Mitt Romney launched Bain Capitalin 1984, he struggled at first to raise enough... read more
Redstate... On Mitt Romney’s Taxes, Posted by Erick Erickson
Thursday, July 19th - I am a bit put off by the number of people on the right fighting amongst themselves over whether Mitt Romney should or should not release more tax records. As I said back in January, it was abundantly clear then that Barack Obama could just make Romney’s taxes an issue all the way to November. That the campaign hasn’t come up with a credible way to deal with it is appalling. A friend... read more
Mail Magazine 24… Thanks to Obamacare, Small Businesses Plan on Eliminating Jobs Before 2014
Obamacare’s employer mandate has small businesses scrambling to reduce their workforce in anticipation of the law’s implementation in 2014. Under the employer mandate, businesses with 50 or more full-time employees have to provide coverage or pay a $2,000 penalty for every worker minus the first 30. Growing businesses have discovered that expanding their workforce beyond 50 fulltime workers is simply too burdensome. In order to survive, many of these companies will have... read more
Townhall... What Patriots Can Learn to Do, by Bob Beauprez
It seems that virtually everyone agrees that the upcoming election in November is the most important in our lifetimes. And, while many people do engage in supporting candidates, the vast majority of citizens remain on the sidelines. Barely half of the eligible population bothers to vote even in a presidential election. Only a small fraction of the people ever step up to volunteer to help or write a check. But, that’s not the... read more
Mail Magazine 24… Obama Economy: Food Prices Skyrocketed in 2011
by William Bigelow - So you think you’ve been paying more for groceries because your food bill is too high? You’re right. Barack Obama is consuming fine dining while you’re putting another helping of macaroni on your plate. In 2011, with Obama’s inflation beginning to hit, prices skyrocketed for staples that you consume, according to the government: Beef... read more
Townhall... First Jobs, by John Stossel
Jul 18, 2012 - What was your first job? I stuck pieces of plastic and metal together at an Evanston, Ill., assembly line. We produced photocopiers for a company called American Photocopy. I hated the work. It was hot and boring. But it was useful. It taught me to get good grades in school so I might have other choices. Four years later, good grades got me a job as a researcher at a TV station. To my surprise, that... read more
Darke T.E.A. Patriots... Land of the Free, Jerry Gasquez
July 18, 2012 - DP&L has published that it is not going to use coal anymore because of EPA regulations starting in 2015 - 2016. It is a regulation that can skyrocket the price of electricity since 86% of Ohio’s electricity comes from coal. An Agenda 21 plan in the works. For you that don’t know about Agenda 21...don’t feel bad. Most people don’t. Agenda 21 was once thought to be a conspiracy theory. However, since there are books printed on the subject, and its plans are in the working... read more
Human Events... Like Charter Schools, Britain’s Academies Aim High, By Michael Barone   
7/16/2012 - LONDON — 1776 is a number with great resonance for Americans, but not one you expect to be featured on a British government website. But there it is, on the home page of the United Kingdom’s Department of Education: “As of 1 April 2012, there are 1776 academies open in England.” Academies, as you might expect, mean something different in Britain than in the United States. They are, approximately, what... read more… Keeping Taxes Low At State Level Is Key To Growth
By Rex Sinquefield and Travis H. Brown - Posted 07/17/2012 - State taxes impact economic performance more than most people imagine. While the majority of attention is paid to the federal tax code, the evidence suggests that state taxes are just as important in determining economic competitiveness and often mean the difference between economic success and failure. The level and form of state taxation varies greatly, from no-income-tax states such as Florida and Texas to states like Hawaii... read more
Verities & Balderdash… The Death of Common Sense, Edited by Bob Robinson
I can’t remember the first time I saw this… it was probably 10 years ago after I first arrived in Greenville. I was still getting my feet wet in the “hot seat” as Managing Editor of The Daily Advocate. How many of you remember the publisher who hired me? Yup. Rodd Hale, Greenville’s current Safety Service Director. He’s a good man, and based on everything I’ve heard, doing an excellent job in his... read more
The American Thinker… Obama’s Second Term Transformation Plans, By Steve McCann
The 2012 election has often been described as the most pivotal since 1860.  This statement is not hyperbole.  If Barack Obama is re-elected the United States will never be the same, nor will it be able to re-capture its once lofty status as the most dominant nation in the history of mankind. The overwhelming majority of Americans do not understand that Obama’s first term was dedicated to putting in place executive power to enable him and the administration to fulfill the campaign promise of... read more
Wall Street Journal... Strassel: Obama’s Imperial Presidency, By Kimberley A. Strassel
When Congress won’t do what he wants, he ignores it and acts anyway - The ObamaCare litigation is history, with the president’s takeover of the health sector deemed constitutional. Now we can focus on the rest of the Obama imperial presidency. Where, you are wondering, have you recently heard that term? Ah, yes. The “imperial presidency” of George W. Bush was a favorite judgment of the left about our... read more
The Heritage Network... Morning Bell: Obama’s Imperial Presidency Guts Welfare Reform
by Amy Payne - The imperial Presidency has overturned Congress and the law again. Not content to stop at rewriting immigration policy, education policy and energy policy, yesterday, President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)... Read More.
Canton Repository... CPAs: Kasich is right on the money
Can Republicans in the Ohio House come up with another reason for opposing Gov. John Kasich’s plan to raise the severance tax on oil and natural gas? Not that they should — the tax hike is a perfectly reasonable proposition that will benefit Ohioans in a big way. Thankfully, the drawback some GOP legislators are citing doesn’t pass the calculator test. Kasich wants to raise to 4 percent the tax on much of the oil and gas extracted by horizontal fracturing. Some of his fellow Republicans say this... read more
Human Events… Budget Insanity, By John Stossel   
7/11/2012 - Last year, Congress agreed to $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts, unless politicians find other things to cut. They didn’t, of course. So now, with so-called sequestration looming in January, panic has set in. Even the new “fiscally responsible” Republicans vote against cutting Energy Department handouts to companies like Solyndra and subsidies to sugar producers. Many claim that any cut in military spending... read more
Townhall Finance... Hey Unions: Welcome to Politics, by John Ransom
The U.S. Supreme Court, in a hat tip to common sense, decided yesterday that nonunion members can opt out of union fees that are targeted towards political purposes. “Labor unions must give nonmember workers ‘fresh notice’ of unplanned increases in fees or assessments -- money that might be used for political purposes -- the Supreme Court ruled Thursday,” according to CNN. For labor unions around the country, it serves as a painful reminder that when they decided to go all-in for Obama in... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Governor Walker Breaks New Ground in Higher Ed
by Lindsey Burke and Teresa Shumay - Governor Scott Walker (R-WI), already well known for his efforts to curb union power, has now set out to tackle an equally big task: busting the higher education bubble. The problem of college affordability is recognized on both sides of the aisle, but sadly, most efforts to abate the problem – such as increasing federal subsidies – have only exacerbated it. Walker wants... read more
Mail Magazine 24… Unemployment Rate Dropped In Every State That Elected A Republican Gov. In 2010 - by Tony Lee - In 2010, influenced by the Tea Party and its focus on fiscal issues, 17 states elected Republican governors. And, according to an analysis, every one of those states saw a drop in their unemployment rates since January of 2011. Furthermore, the average drop in the unemployment rate in these states was 1.35%, compared to the national decline of .9%, which means, according to the analysis, that the job market in these Republican states is improving 50%... read more
Verities & Balderdash… You Just Can’t Make this Stuff Up, Edited by Bob Robinson
Messed up headlines is one of the “banes” of journalism. As a career journalist I’ve seen my share of dumb chucklers… and even made a few mistakes myself. Actually, far too many. Most of mine, however, were simply dumb grammar or spelling errors. I don’t think I ever gave anyone a good hearty laugh with their morning coffee and newspaper. At least I don’t think I did. The following? A CNO reader... read more
Akron Beacon Journal… Defining the deal
July 10, 2012 - Almost every word that emerges from the camps of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama must be filtered through the prism of campaign tactics. Yet there also are moments when a candidate lands on a defining issue, for the contest and the country. On Monday, President Obama did just that in proposing a one-year extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for those households with annual incomes below $250,000. That translates into a tax increase for those households above the threshold... read more
Gingrich: President Obama must tell lies to get re-elected, By Audrey Hudson     
7/9/2012 - The keys to victory for Mitt Romney this fall against President Barack Obama are amassing a formidable campaign war chest, projecting an unshakable confidence in the country’s future and marshalling conservative fear and anger. That’s according to former Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, who told editors and reporters at Human Events Monday that voters are fearful of economic uncertainty... read more
Columbus Dispatch… Savings account... Restoring Ohio’s fiscal foundation is the proper goal
Monday July 9, 2012 - Rebuilding Ohio’s fiscal integrity after years of ruinous overspending is difficult and will take time. Gov. John Kasich is working on that by putting all surplus cash from the recent end of the fiscal year in the state’s rainy-day fund. What’s easy, on the other hand, is for state Rep. Vernon Sykes to accuse Kasich of “callous disregard,” for not spreading that money around to school districts and local governments whose budgets are squeezed because of previous... read more
Redstate… If Not Now . . . by Erick Erickson
Monday, July 9th - “At what point do we hold our side accountable? Contrary to what some of you want to think, it was not the Democrats who got us to $16 trillion in national debt. It was bipartisan.” Despite making clear that I was not advocating a third party, but rather recognizing that one will spring up if the Republican leadership does not pay attention to the state of its own party, many not only assumed wrongly my advocacy... read more
Mail Magazine 24… Obama Being ‘Outspent’? by Arnold Ahlert
According to the latest media-aided meme emanating from the Obama re-election campaign, the president and his supporters are being outspent by the Romney campaign. A fund-raising email sent out in late June reveals the level of purported angst. “I will be the first president in modern history to be outspent in his re-election campaign, if things continue as they have so far,” it reads. “I’m not just talking about the super PACs and anonymous outside groups–I’m talking about the Romney campaign... read more
Townhall Finance... Seizing Underwater Mortgages Through Eminent Domain
by Morgan Brittany  = Crazy California is at it again.  In another bone-headed attempt at messing up the real estate market instead of letting it reset on its own, officials in San Bernardino County have figured out a way to seize property.  Yes, that’s right; they have come up with a way to “save” homeowners from underwater mortgages by using eminent domain.  They call it the “Home Ownership Protection... read more
For the Thirtieth Time, the Obama Administration Admonishes Voters Not to Read Too Much into One Month’s Jobs Numbers, Posted by Jeff Emanuel
Friday, July 6th - In case you missed it, the June jobs report is out, and the numbers are not good (though the Obama administration had a ready-made – and well-worn – excuse ready to go at a moment’s notice; more on that below). As Daniel Horowitz wrote here this morning: The headline number of the establishment survey is that only 80,000 net jobs were created last month, about 100k under the requisite amount to accommodate the population increase... read more
Verities & Balderdash… The Post Turtle , Edited by Bob Robinson
‘Tis the season for political humor. Needless to say, the vast majority of emails received from readers are regarding the current administration. Check out the following collection if you’re ready for a chuckle or two. If not, take a pass. You’ve been warned. Solving the Budget Problem. To help save the economy, the Government will announce next month that the Immigration Department will start deporting seniors (instead of illegals)... read more
Akron Beacon Journal... Surplus of slogans
July 5, 2012 - John Kaisch declared Tuesday a “very good news day.” The governor cited the state’s improved balance sheet, Ohio ending the fiscal year with $482 million in its “rainy day” fund. This does deserve applause, reflecting a state in recovery, albeit a slow one. After the severe recession, the fund contained jut 89 cents. Might a portion of the revived sum go to school districts and local governments that are coping with sharp reductions in money flowing from the state? Not a chance... read more
Mail Magazine 24… Obama Administration Admits You Can’t Keep Your Health Plan
by Alyene Senger - On several occasions during the health care reform debate, President Obama promised the American people, “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” Now, even the Administration admits that this isn’t the case, stating that “as a practical matter, a majority of group health plans will lose their grandfather status... read more
Toledo Blade... Aging Ohio
“State and local governments need to get ready” - Ohio is getting older, rapidly. In 2010, people who were 60 years old and older made up at least 30 percent of the population of only one Ohio county. By 2050, 50 of the state’s 88 counties could have populations at least 30 percent 60 and older. This graying of the Baby Boom generation will have huge ramifications for local governments. They need to prepare for those changes now. Researchers at Miami University’s Scripps... read more
Human Events... More Dems bail on Obama’s convention and refuse to endorse him
By John Hayward - 7/5/2012 - A fresh round of Democrats has announced they will not be attending the party convention in Charlotte.  Most troublingly for President Obama, several of them are from North Carolina, and not only have they decided not to drop in on a convention held in their own state, they’ve refused to endorse Obama for president in 2012. The latest round of Democrats fleeing from Obama include North... read more… Lessons to be learned from plan for Cleveland schools
Gov. John Kasich traveled to Cleveland Monday to sign a law designed to transform the troubled Cleveland City School System. But the governor’s presence wasn’t just about one school district. As he said at the signing, “Cleveland is now leading the way in school reform. Why shouldn’t I fight to make sure that every kid has the same opportunity that I had?” Why, indeed. The state’s urban school districts are in trouble, both financially and academically, and none is more indicative of this fact... read more
Verities & Balderdash… Why teachers age faster, Edited by Bob Robinson
God bless them. These are answers from 16-year-olds. Q. Name the four seasons. A. Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar. Q. Explain one of the processes by which water can be made safe to drink. A. Flirtation makes water safe to drink because it removes large pollutants like grit, sand, dead sheep and canoeists. Q. How is dew formed? A. The sun shines down on the leaves and makes them perspire. Q. What... read more… Roberts, Blankenhorn And The Power Of Liberal Intimidation, By Dennis Prager
07/03/2012 - Given how many more Americans define themselves as conservative rather than as liberal, let alone than as left, how does one explain the success of left-wing policies? One answer is the appeal of entitlements and a desire to be taken care of. It takes a strong-willed citizen to vote against receiving free benefits. But an even greater explanation is the saturation of Western society by left-wing hate directed at the right. The left’s demonization, personal vilification, and mockery of its... read more
Mail Magazine 24... Obama Administration Already Granting Amnesty, by Tony Lee
President Barack Obama issued an executive directive in which his administration would not deport illegal immigrants who came to the United States before they were 16 years of age, are 30, and have been in the country for at least five years. Further, the Obama administration told Congress that it would take 60 days to implement the directive. It has not even been a month since Obama’s directive, but... read more
The Political Scene: The New Yorker… Unpopular Mandate: Why do politicians reverse their positions?
by Ezra Klein - June 25, 2012 - Republicans turned against the individual mandate after supporting it for two decades. In March 23, 2010, the day that President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, fourteen state attorneys general filed suit against the law’s requirement that most Americans purchase health insurance, on the ground that it was unconstitutional. It was hard to find a law professor in the country who took them seriously. “The argument about constitutionality is, if not frivolous... read more
Townhall Finance... The Chief Justice of the United States, by Rich Galen
Jun 29, 2012 - Just about everyone in Washington was wrong about what the Supreme Court would do yesterday on the Obamacare case. Well, we were sort of right but in the end we were wrong. First of all the official title of the case is: NATIONAL FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS ET AL. v. SEBELIUS, SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, ET AL. Who knew that? Put your hand down, you didn’t... read more
An analysis of the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, by Richard Bolen
Posted on Facebook by a CNO reader - To all my friends, particularly those conservatives who are despondent over the searing betrayal by Chief Justice John Roberts and the pending demise of our beloved country, I offer this perspective to convey some profound hope and evidence of the Almighty’s hand in the affairs of men in relation to the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare. I initially thought we had cause for despondency when I only heard the results of the decision and not the... read more
Townhall Finance... John Roberts Is a Super-Taxer, by Larry Kudlow
In the hours following the Supreme Court’s decision to ratify Obamacare, Romney got $4.6 million in donations from 47,000 individuals. The tide is with him. The Supreme’s are a game changer. But Romney has to make the case. He needs to link the anemic jobs and economic situation to the Obamacare tax, spend, and regulate fiscal drag. And he has to add to that mix the dangers to our freedoms embodied in Justice... read more
Townhall Finance... Stockton Bankrupt; Unions Pension Death Trap for Cities to Blame, by Mike Shedlock
The city of Stockton, California, is Bankrupt. It has stopped making bond payments and will become the largest city in the US to seek protection via US bankruptcy law. The bankruptcy was inevitable. California law requires blame to be assessed. To be sure there is plenty of blame to go around. Here are a few paragraphs from the LA Times that explain the setup. How Stockton found itself so mired in debt can be seen everywhere in the city’s core. There is a sparkling marina, high-rise hotel... read more
Townhall... Retaining Harder than Declaring Our Independence, by Jackie Gingrich Cushman
Jun 28, 2012 - We declared our independence from Great Britain 236 years ago next week. It was a declaration long in coming, brought about by the overreaching rule of King George III and Britain’s insistence on taxation without representation. The taxation began in the 1760s, the Boston Massacre occurred in 1770, the Boston Tea Party in 1773, and the Battles of Lexington and Concord in April of 1775. Patrick Henry’s... read more
Mail Magazine 24... The Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling, by Bright Knight
Anybody out there who has expected this decision (click here for the full text of the Court’s decision)? I doubt it. I assume, that even the Campaigner-in-Chief and his liberal gang were surprised (they would never admit it...) unless they knew (maybe via Kagan?) how the Court will rule. The only real positive thing out of this ruling is the fact, that IMO it will (or at least should) mobilize everyone who opposes Obamacare, because the only chance to get rid of Obamacare is getting rid of Obama... read more
Townhall Finance... Only 1-in-10 Finds Work, Middle-Aged Workers Hit Hardest, by Bob Beauprez
At the White House on June 8, 2012 Barack Obama uttered six words that will forever haunt and define him; “the private sector is doing fine.”   His absurd statement came on the heels of a horrific May jobs report,  an increase in the unemployment rate to 8.2%, retail sales declined for the second straight month, consumer confidence dropped for the third consecutive month, the number of job openings available dropped... read more

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