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State Senator Bill Beagle... Investing in Ohio’s Agriculture Assets
With an annual contribution of more than $100 billion to our state’s economy, agriculture-related industries have proven to be critical cornerstones of Ohio’s most recent successes. Largely composed of family-owned farms and small businesses, agribusiness has long been a vital asset to the State of Ohio.  As our economic comeback continues, it is more important than ever before that we provide job creators with... read more
Commissioner’s Corner... Tough month but we’re moving forward
Last month this column was started with the words that as the column was written, it was a balmy 45 degrees for February.  This month, as this is written, we are looking at 3 days in the 80’s in March!  This has been our kind of weather!  We in the Commissioner’s Office are hoping we do not pay for this in April!  We are fortunate to have had a mild winter, as that helps... read more
For you the voter to decide, That’s My Opinion By Bob Robinson
“I really got angry with you when you asked Diane if she was going to resign.” The gentleman’s reference, of course, was to Commissioner Diane Delaplane and the announcement a couple of weeks ago that the Office had agreed to a settlement with Whistleblower Melody Lucas that will eventually cost the County well over $60,000. According to an email from the Office it was due to Delaplane and an unnamed... read more
State Representative Jim Buchy: Mid-Biennium Budget Review
Promising More Government Accountability and Efficiency - The Mid-Biennium Budget Review is a current topic of discussion in the Ohio General Assembly. Last year we passed Governor Kasich’s jobs budget, which provided a road map for state spending in 2011 and 2012.  In an unprecedented move, Governor Kasich directed the state agencies to assess their spending and adjust their budgets accordingly. This process... read more
On legalizing pot, By Jim Surber
March 26, 2012 - As an inexperienced writer, I frequently find it difficult to produce a topic. The inspiration usually comes with an event or headline that provokes thought. Examples could be: “NASA Chief says space exploration is a waste of money,” or “Grover Norquist backs new tax for deficit reduction.” My interest was recently peaked with the headline, “Rev. Pat Robertson advocates decriminalizing marijuana.” His exact words were... read more
David & Goliath (or Rabid Dog), By Melody Lucas
Regarding the Settlement involving Melody Lucas vs Darke County... David heard Goliath shouting his daily defiance and he saw the great fear stirred within the men of Israel. Everyone was afraid of Goliath. He seemed invincible. Not even King Saul, the tallest man in Israel, had stepped out to fight. They knew the sides of the valley were very steep and whoever made the first move would have a strong disadvantage... read more
As we all sit here watching the County Administration implode before our eyes
By Bob Rhoades - As we all sit here watching the County Administration implode before our very eyes, one has to wonder how it got to this point.  Did the commissioners bring these attitudes and practices with them?  Did they learn this type of behavior after getting into office?  What about the people who have left office, where did this all start?  Is it just a comedy of errors that festered till it popped?  The... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Easing the Pain at the Pump for Ohioans
With the average price per gallon of gas in Ohio topping off at $3.85, small business owners and families are eager for economic relief. Daniel Jarvis, who owns his own independent trucking company in Ohio, recently joined me at a gas station in Northeast Ohio because he’s siphoning off more and more money to afford record-high prices at the gas station. Ohioans like Daniel deserve relief from high gas... read more
Ohio Senator Keith Faber... Recovery and Growth Starts with Our Local Communities
With March nearing its end, the effects of Ohio’s economic rebound continue to resonate throughout our state.  Just a week ago, we received welcomed news when the bond-rating agency Moody’s upgraded our state’s credit outlook from “negative” to “stable” in a move that was very similar to the boost we received in July from Standard & Poor’s.  Most impressively, however, is the fact that Ohio has solidified its... read more
Delaplane: “No, I will not be resigning” Opinion by Bob Robinson
My congratulations to Tina Chalmers and her staff for the interview the Advocate published recently with Melody Lucas. When I questioned why there was no attempt to get feedback from the Commissioners in what was a fairly hefty condemnation of the Board, specifically Mike Rhoades and retired Commissioner Terry Haworth, Tina’s response was simple. “We heard their side. We wanted to give her a chance... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Smart Grid Technology In Darke County
New resources will help build and improve the electric grid in Darke County. U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown announced that Darke Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. will receive a loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development to install and enhance 69 miles of distribution line and make additional smart grid improvements, which improves connectivity between electric power generation plants and... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Serving Ohioans
Some of the most important work that I do has nothing to do with votes cast on the Senate floor. As your senator, my most important job is serving you and helping constituents cut through red tape when dealing with the federal government. That means helping seniors access the Social Security benefits they have paid into, assisting veterans and their families in obtaining military records and medals that they earned... read more
Congressman Boehner Statement on February Unemployment Report
WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following statement today regarding the Department of Labor’s unemployment report for February 2012: “Today’s report provides some encouragement for millions of families and small businesses who continue to struggle in this economy, but unemployment remains far too high.  It is a testament to the hard work and... read more
Ohio’s $1.6 Billion Highway Budget Shortfall: Where do We Go from Here?
By Jerry Wray, Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation - Ohio’s highways are essential to keeping and creating new jobs.  Our state’s economy—especially our agriculture and manufacturing businesses, and the logistics operations that support them—depend on the ability to quickly and efficiently ship raw materials and finished goods throughout Ohio, the country and the world, and our state’s transportation... read more
State Representative Richard Adams... Celebrating “Ohio Agriculture Week”
Most of the time when we think about agriculture, we probably picture big machinery moving through the fields and livestock grazing in the meadows stretched across vast farmland. But if we were to take a step back and look at agriculture from a broader context, we could recognize and appreciate the important role that agriculture plays in all sectors of the economy. Our economy does not operate in a vacuum, with various... read more
Darke County Commissioner Mike Stegall... Response: Owning up to a wrong or two, By Mike Stegall
Mr. Robinson, sorry it has taken me a while to respond to you, but we have had a lot of stuff going on in the commissioner’s office the last week or so, and I am just now catching up with you. In response to your and Bob Rhoades question on the MARCS system, yes we did discuss it. The main problem with the system at this time is conversion costs to the taxpayer. The MARCS system is a very good system but it is... read more
Greenville’s Renewal Levy… Confusion acknowledged, but don’t take it out on the District
By Bob Robinson - We’ve had a ton of traffic about Greenville’s Renewal Levy in the last 72 hours. People are concerned (read “angry”) over what they perceive as misleading information because the millage has increased. Common sense and logic tell us that should be a replacement. In my humble opinion, little or nothing having to do with government policies or regulations is logical or uses common sense. Be that as... read more
Pictures aren’t always Worth a Thousand Words! By Carla G. Surber, Treasurer of Greenville City Schools - One thing that I like about Darke County and Greenville is when something doesn’t make sense to others, it often doesn’t make sense to me. I generally understand why people think and feel the way they do in this community. This was very true this last week when the levy committee sent out cards with pictures addressing the school tax renewal currently on the ballot. Call after call was transferred... read more
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