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Commissioners Corner...The budget process has begun
The month of May has started out very well for Darke County. The crops are planted, and now getting enough moisture will be the key. Mother’s day saw a lot of flower buying and planting in the County, and as always the sunshine makes everyone feel better about getting out and about. The Commissioner’s office is in full swing this month, as this is the start of the Parade season. On May 19th,... read more
You can be a Super PAC, By Jim Surber
Would you like to start your very own Super PAC (political action committee)? Then you can collect millions of dollars in contributions and spend it on behalf of political candidates that are sympathetic to your own personal issues, or against those who are not. It’s a whole lot easier than you may think, thanks to a popular late-night comedian and our US Supreme Court who has ruled that money is speech and that... read more
The True Heroes, By Bob Robinson
When I took a semester off from college, I would occasionally take a date to the Officer’s Club for dinner. My adopted father was an Air Force Light Colonel. To make access to the base easier, he had me drive his car. It had his Air Force decal on it. Some young airman – usually about my age – would always come to attention and salute. It made me uncomfortable. I didn’t deserve the salute... read more
Holy Moses! Judge says toss 4 of 10 Commandments, by Sharon Hopper
Perhaps he was inspired by the Bible story of King Solomon’s great compromise to determine which of two women was the real mother of a baby brought before him. But instead of “cutting the baby in half,” a U.S. District Judge has suggested resolving a dispute between the ACLU and the Giles County, Va., School District by reducing the Ten Commandments to just six, eliminating those that refer to God. No word yet if the ACLU will agree to... read more
State Representative Richard Adams... With Government Agencies, More is Not Better
All of us probably learned at a very young age about the importance of sharing. Little did we know at the time that the lesson could also be relevant to government when it comes to reducing costs. The idea of sharing, or consolidating, government services has received increased attention of late, and not only in Ohio. As government looks for ways to balance budgets and manage expenditures, officials have begun... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Thanking Ohio’s Teachers
This week – Teacher Appreciation Week – we salute teachers from across the nation for their commitment to instructing, mentoring, and empowering our youth. To honor our nation’s teachers, Senator Brown is proud to cosponsor a Congressional Resolution recognizing May 13-19 as National Teacher Appreciation Week. Today, Sen. Brown joined teachers throughout the state at the Ohio Education Association’s... read more
100 Years of History Celebrated, By Bob Robinson
Thank you Darke County Center for the Arts - No, I didn’t graduate on the stage of Memorial Hall in 1962. I did that a couple thousand miles away in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nor have I ever performed on its magnificent stage. I did that on the stage of Texas A&M’s historic Guion Hall 40 plus years ago. Lincoln Southeast High School has probably been upgraded a few times in the last half... read more
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted... Be a Good Citizen, Be a Poll Worker on Election Day
As the state’s chief elections officer, I am responsible for administering a fair election where eligible voters can freely exercise their right to vote and have confidence in the accuracy of the results. This is no simple job. As Ohio’s elections officials are working to prepare for the 2012 Presidential Election, the political rhetoric on both sides is heating up. One side believes the law is too restrictive and that voters are being... read more
Why I read conservative blogs, That’s My Opinion By Bob Robinson
2000. The year of the infamous pregnant chads. I still see the closeup of the guy down in Florida with his huge eye behind the magnifying glass. It would have been funny had it not been so crucial. The Democrats are still huffy over that... “the Supreme Court stole the election!” I heard it for years. Fortunately, the insanity came to an end before the coming “almost pregnant” chads had a chance to change the course of... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Supporting Ohio’s Veterans
Joe Halicker, a WWII Veteran from Northwest Ohio, recently participated in an Honor Flight visit to the WWII Memorial in the nation’s capital. After liberating Lorient, France from Nazi occupation, Mr. Halicker returned home to a grateful nation with the resources needed to provide for his three children. Today, young veterans often return to their communities and struggle to access the benefits they’ve earned. Whether... read more
I’m angry... is anyone else? By Sharon Hopper
Perpetrated fraud referred to as a “tax loophole” - May 8, 2012 - Today I am angry and you should be too. In fact all hard working Americans should be angry and all retired Americans should be past angry. That’s me. Past Angry. I just watched a video released from Channel 13 in Indianapolis about a story that is absolutely unbelievable to me. Bob Segall interview and investigated this story with a tax consultant... read more
State Senator Bill Beagle... Spurring Investment in Ohio’s Struggling Communities
Since taking office in January 2011, I have had the pleasure to work on a number of reforms and policy measures that are helping to bring Ohio back to a place of economic prosperity. Ohio’s unemployment rate is now at its lowest level since October of 2008, having dropped to 7.5 percent.  Additionally, Ohio has added 83,000 new jobs since the start of 2011, and hard-working residents of our state are now able to take advantage... read more
I’m mad as hell, That’s My Opinion By Bob Robinson
Contrasting local anger to national indifference… First of all, a huge THANK YOU to CBS News! A “legitimate” news source finally reported that the latest unemployment figures were bogus... although they didn’t express it quite like that. CBS reported that unemployment figures don’t include those who have given up looking for a job. When someone gets so frustrated at not being able to find one - and his or her ... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Preventing College Costs from Rising
Justin Kuemerle, a Wright State University student, relies on federal student loans to help pay for school. He recently told me that without Stafford Loans, he would have to forgo college. Justin is one of more than 382,000 students in Ohio – for the number of affected students in your county, click here – who are able to attend college with the help of Stafford Loans. Stafford Loans – low-interest loans for low- to moderate... read more
Don Wright is always Wright; this time he’s Right! By Bob Rhoades
Sometimes you just have to wait for greatness to shine through.  Don Wright’s editorial is just that.  He waited, did some homework and wrote a pretty decent article.  I was flattered to be mentioned in the same article as Jeanne Morris, Bill Funderburg and others but not surprised that Don and I agree on the issue of Melody Lucas. You see, even two old dudes like us have the intelligence to respect someone... read more
To my fellow taxpayers, By Don Wright
Editor: Fellow taxpayers, we dodged the bullet. A group of Christian school teachers and parents have been conferring with an attorney about the possibility of taking legal action against the Greenville school board. I’m told this is on hold now since Susie Riegle is taking a hike. With the exception of the newest member, who seems to have some common sense, the rest of the Greenville school board should resign... read more
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