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Columbus Dispatch… Incentive pay
Governor seeks to tie university support to performance - Monday September 24, 2012 - Giving state funding to colleges based on their performance makes more sense than doling out money mainly based on the number of students they enroll. That’s the governor’s newest idea, and college leaders have been asked to come up with such a formula this fall. Early this year, Gov. John Kasich asked Ohio’s 37 public universities and colleges to agree on one statewide “wish list” for... read more
Redstate… The Marriage Question, Romney’s Polling, and Bibi’s Red Sharpie, By Erick Erickson
September 28th, 2012 - You know that 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce right? Every time gay marriage comes up, that data point comes up. Fifty percent of married couples get divorced. If heterosexual couples value marriage so little, why should they stand in the way of gay couples who really will value it as a civil right? You know that evangelical Christians in the United States get divorced at the... read more
Akron Beacon Journal… Persistent poverty
September 23, 2012 - It was good timing that the 2011 data updates of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey Estimates were released last week, while a national debate — inadvertent, to be sure — was focused on questions of poverty, dependence and the role of government. More than the subjective impressions and assumptions that often drive political rhetoric, the hard data of the census reports capture the spread and depth of poverty as the nation grapples... read more
Townhall… Strangulation by Union, by John Stossel
Sep 26, 2012 - The Chicago teachers strike is over, but the public didn't win. Schools will still transfer bad teachers to other schools because it's nearly impossible to fire them. When bad teachers go from school to school, principals call it "the dance of the lemons." It would be funny if those teachers didn't slowly wreck children's lives. The basic issue is: Who decides how to manage a workplace? Unions... read more
Toledo Blade… Fast, furious fiasco
The scheme by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to track the movement of guns from their sale in the United States into the hands of Mexican drug dealers was just as misguided and mismanaged as it seemed. The best report the nation is likely to see about the scandal confirms this view. The first attempt at prying open the secrets of the scandal came through a partisan investigation in Congress led by Rep. Darrell Issa, a Republican from California. Attorney General... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer… Price of freedom of speech can be high
Sohaib Awan, Guest Columnist - Saturday, September 22, 2012 - My 10-year-old sister published her first Letter to the Editor in The Columbus Dispatch -- with the help of her big brother, of course. She had innocently expressed her dismay at the unbecoming conduct of some Disney Channel stars who were supposed to be her role models. She gazed in awe as I pulled up the letter online and began reading the comments to her letter. ... read more
Mail Magazine 24… Obama to UN: It's Not My Fault Stevens is Dead, by Joel B. Pollak
Passing the buck in dramatic fashion on the world stage, President Barack Obama told the UN General Assembly this morning that the U.S. government was not responsible for the anti-Islam video that he once again blamed for recent attacks on U.S. embassies in the Middle East. He added that more guards at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi would not have helped save Ambassador Chris Stevens, and that the real problem was "deeper causes" such as religious intolerance. "[I]t will not be enough to... read more
Mail Magazine 24… Obama Ducks Responsibility for Washington’s Spending Binge
by Emily Goff - In a recent 60 Minutes interview, host Steve Kroft primed President Obama with this statement: “Most Americans think we’re spending too much money.” To which Obama uttered a contemplative “Mm-hm.” An understatement, indeed. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that federal spending will reach $3.56 trillion, or about 23 percent as a share of the economy, for fiscal year (FY) 2012—well... read more
Mail Magazine 24… The Democrats’ False Narrative on the Auto Industry, by Bright Knight
Note: I’ve often thought a Chapter 11 court protection bankruptcy would have been the better option for GM and Chrysler but I never saw anything written about it. Finally! Thanks MM24 for providing it. Editor Romney was absolutely right with his statement at the time the auto-industry was going under in 2008: a managed bankruptcy would have been the only really stable and lasting solution. The Failure-in-Chief didn't address the problems that caused the financial problem but put some (very expensive)... read more
Townhall… Why Wisconsin is in Play, by Salena Zito
Sep 23, 2012 - MOUNT HOREB, Wis. – At first, Jeff Millard was undecided about who to vote for in November. “I am not particularly happy with Obama,” the retired auto-parts storeowner said of the man he supported in 2008. His wife, walking beside him on the Military Ridge state trail, overheard him voicing doubt. She let him know it was not an option. “What about my reproductive rights?” she asked, clearly upset. “No, we are voting for Obama!”... read more… We Need A Startup President Who Knows How Jobs Are Created
09/21/2012 - Economy: How can the next presidential get the American job machine functioning again? One way is establish a policy environment that incentivizes business startups, which have fallen hard under the current administration. President Obama tells small-business owners they "didn't build" their companies. But they know better. And they are also aware of the important role they play in employment. Small businesses employ about half of all U.S. workers and they create the majority... read more
Wall Street Journal… Transformers 2
Obama was honest when he said he wanted to remake America. For all the spin and deception of politics, sooner or later every politician reveals his true purposes. For Barack Obama, one of those moments came when he declared shortly before the 2008 election that "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." Above all else, the President who asked voters for a second term Thursday... read more
Heritage Foundation… Government Dependency Rises As Number of Taxpayers Declines
By Amy Payne - September 19, 2012 - The leak of a video featuring former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) has sparked debate about government dependency and the number of people in the United States who do not pay federal income tax. In the video, Romney refers to “47 percent” of Americans and says that they are “dependent upon government” and “pay no income tax.” While these groups are not necessarily one in the same, there is overlap between the two, and the percentages... read more
Verities & Balderdash… Charley Reese's Final column! Comments by Bob Robinson
They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. If I remember what I found the last time I researched this, Reese did originally write this column before it was enhanced a few times, and quite a few years ago. I think I checked about a year ago; CNO has already published this once. In reading through it, however, I noticed that once again it has been enhanced. Because of that, and an election of utmost... read more
Heritage Foundation… Morning Bell: Our Constitution Is Under Fire, Matthew Spalding, Ph.D.
September 17, 2012 - Today, the federal government has acquired an all but unquestioned dominance over virtually every area of American life. It acts without constitutional limits and increasingly regulates our most basic activities, from how much water is in our toilets to what kind of light bulbs we can buy. So while we face many challenges, the most difficult task ahead—and the most important—is to restore constitutional limits on government. Forty visionaries signed a piece of paper 225... read more
Verities & Balderdash… We the People, With Comments by Bob Robinson
A friend sent me a link to a video. I hate video emails… I don’t have time to watch. I can get the gist of 99.9 percent of all the other emails with a 5-second (or less) glance. I can’t get that with a video. You have to wait for it to load. Nine times out of ten I have to have the sound turned way down because my “office” is in a family area… babies napping or playing plastic pianos, tv blaring, family discussions... read more
Mailmagazine24… President Obama's General Motors Hypocrisy, by David Harsanyi
The Wall Street Journal reports today that General Motors executives have asked the Treasury Department to sell its stake in the giant automaker. The administration has refused. Oddly enough, today we also learned that the Obama administration is launching a complaint at the World Trade Organization over China’s allegedly unfair subsidizing of its auto industry. The United States will charge the Chinese government with subsidizing auto and auto parts producers from 2009 and 2011 to the tune of .... read more
Redstate… Mitt Romney’s Remarks are Another Chick-Fil-A Moment, by By Erick Erickson
September 19th, 2012 - Just a few months ago, Dan Cathy of Chick-Fil-A, gave an interview to a Christian publication that asked him about the Chick-Fil-A Foundation’s support of marriage. Cathy defending his position and spoke about his family’s faith. picked it up and ran a story that Cathy had come out against gay marriage. In fact, Cathy hadn’t been asked directly about gay marriage, but it was implicit in what he said. The story... read more
Cleveland Plain Dealer… As newspapers reinvent themselves without paper who will responsibly inform our children - By Phillip Morris - Sunday, September 16, 2012 - Have you ever tried to explain to a really smart 9-year-old child what you do for a living? It's not quite as easy as it seems. If you fly airplanes, put out fires or arrest bad people, I suppose the job speaks for itself. That's why kids grow up pretending to be pilots or cops. But if you work in an industry like newspaper journalism (read: old school), an industry that is undergoing revolutionary change in terms of consumer demand and... read more
Heritage Foundation… School Choice Would Limit CTU Power and Free Children to Learn
By Lindsey Burke - Some 350,000 Chicago schoolchildren have spent the past few days either on the streets, sitting around empty school buildings, or at home. Their teachers, on strike at the behest of the Chicago Teachers Union, have been absent from classrooms that should have been filled with the noises of a bustling back-to-school season. Notably, tens of thousands of their public charter school peers... read more… Obama's Ham-Fisted Response To The Attacks On The U.S., By Mark Steyn
09/14/2012 - So, on a highly symbolic date, mobs storm American diplomatic facilities and drag the corpse of a U.S. ambassador through the streets. Then the president flies to Vegas for a fundraiser. No, no, a novelist would say; that's too pat, too neat in its symbolic contrast. Make it Cleveland, or Des Moines. The president is surrounded by delirious fanbois and fangurls screaming "We love you," too drunk on his celebrity to understand this is the first photo-op in the aftermath of a national humiliation... read more
Verities & Balderdash… WWII B17 Survival Story, Edited by Bob Robinson
This was sent by a reader. It has not been verified. From my perspective, I’d simply like to “believe.” Belief… faith… is something we are short on these days. I know men like this existed once. My father was one of them. And I know men and women like this exist today. My nephew is one of them. We need to honor them all and thank them for their service… past, present and future. A made in America story... read more
The American Thinker… Will Obama Keep Power 'by Any Means Necessary'? By Stella Paul
August 21, 2012 - Let's go there: if Obama thinks he's losing, will he allow safe and fair elections on November 6?  And if he does lose, will he peacefully turn over power to Mitt Romney on January 20, 2013?  Or will he cling to power "by any means necessary," as a highly placed insider alleges? Now, I'm truly sorry to raise such disgusting, un-American, crazy-sounding questions, but, alas, they're not crazy, and I've got a disquieting amount of evidence.  The Democrats have already accused Romney... read more
Mail Magazine 24… U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded After Fed Pumps More Money, by Tony Lee
A prominent ratings firm downgraded the U.S. Government's credit rating from "AA" to "AA-" one day after the Federal Reserve announced it would pump more money into the economy by buying more than $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities per month until the economy improves. Ratings firm Egan-Jones said it cut its credit reating on the U.S. government because it felt the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing... read more
Mail Magazine 24… But... bin Laden!?! by Ben Shapiro
President Obama’s central foreign policy accomplishment, according to his campaign, is the killing of Osama Bin Laden. And it’s quite an accomplishment: finding a man hidden halfway around the globe, ensconced among his multiple wives, with no access to the outside world, protected by local Pakistani security forces, wielding little or no power. Meanwhile, however, other things were going on in the world. So let’s try to balance President Obama’s foreign policy record over the last four... read more
Townhall… Depending on Dependency, by Thomas Sowell
Sep 12, 2012 - The theme that most seemed to rouse the enthusiasm of delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte was that we are all responsible for one another -- and that Republicans don't want to help the poor, the sick and the helpless. All of us should be on guard against beliefs that flatter ourselves. At the very least, we should check such beliefs against facts. Yet the notion that people who... read more
Townhall… The Higher-Ed Bubble is Bound to Burst, by Jeff Jacoby
Sep 12, 2012 - "If you want to go to college," my mother said, "you'll have to get a scholarship." Luckily, I did. I was admitted to George Washington University, which generously awarded me a grant covering the full cost of my tuition. To the best of my recollection, that sum was $2,400 in 1975, the year I entered GW. To pay for my other expenses there were several forms of need-based financial aid, and I received what is now called a Pell Grant and a subsidized work/study job on... read more
The Heritage Network… America’s Debt to Its Diplomatic, Military, and Intelligence Personnel
By David S. Addington - September 12, 2012 - U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was killed in Benghazi yesterday, along with reportedly three other staff and two Marines. The deaths in Benghazi, Libya, of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and others in the service of the United States provides a tragic reminder of the great sacrifices that U.S. diplomatic, military, and intelligence personnel serving abroad... read more
Townhall… Let Bush be, by Victor Davis Hanson
Sep 13, 2012 - The theme of the president's 2012 re-election campaign is that George W. Bush left such a terrible mess that Barack Obama could hardly be expected to clean it up in four years. In other words, 43 months of unemployment rates above 8 percent, $5 trillion in new borrowing, $16 trillion in aggregate debt, gas prices of nearly $4 per gallon, a dive in average family income and involvement in two wars were all due to George Bush and simply too difficult for anyone else to overcome. So... read more
Columbus Dispatch… Over-inflated
Obama campaign isn’t painting true picture of auto bailout in Ohio - Sunday September 9, 2012 - President Barack Obama and his supporters have made the $82 billion bail-out of General Motors and Chrysler a centerpiece of his re-election campaign. But there are a few things wrong with the picture they paint. First, the number of jobs they claim to have saved in Ohio is inflated. They cite 850,000 Ohio... read more
The President and the Arab Fall, By Erick Erickson
September 12th, 2012 - Oh if only Islamic radicals would riot over the HHS contraception mandate and gay marriage. If they did, the Administration would fall all over themselves to apologize. Don’t believe me? Consider yesterday’s events well chronicled by Jeff Emanuel. A group in the United States exercised their first amendment rights, which set off rioting yet again among the religion of peace. Egyptians stormed the American Embassy, torn down the... read more
Townhall Finance… America 2016, by Jeff Carter
Politicians love to tell stories. They put little heartwarming stories in their speeches. Today, everyone will try to define Obama’s speech. I saw the speech and there was nothing new in it. He tried to fire up his base. We will see if he did it. Last night, I saw a movie that you should see too. Dinesh D’Souza made a movie and wrote a book, “Obama’s America”. It’s a very pragmatic look at Obama’s upbringing. There isn’t any birther stuff, but there are some autobiographical facts presented about... read more
Patriot Voices… Day 3 of Poll Results: American Moms Concerned about Energy Production and Government Regulations - Verona, PA - On the third and final day of results from the Moms Know Best poll which sought opinions of moms in five important battleground states, American mothers revealed their strong views on oil and energy production, prices at the gas pump, the harmful effects of government regulations on middle class businesses and Medicare cuts within Obamacare... read more
Heritage Network… FACT CHECK: Secretary Arne Duncan on Education Cuts, By Lindsey Burke
September 10, 2012 - During remarks to attendees in Charlotte last week, Education Secretary Arne Duncan claimed that the budget passed by the House of Representatives would mean “fewer teachers in the classroom, fewer resources for poor kids and students with disabilities, [and] fewer after school programs.” However, the House budget does not designate specific cuts to K-12 education programs; it simply calls for reductions in non-defense discretionary spending over the next decade. Duncan, as he... read more
Patriot Voices… National Security Dominates Concerns in Moms' Poll
Verona, PA - As Democrats highlight President Obama's flawed foreign policy record at the Democratic National Committee Convention in Charlotte, NC, Patriot Voices releases Moms Know Best poll numbers indicating concerns over the administration's "leading from behind" approach to foreign policy. Day two of the poll, taken with mothers in five battleground states, reveals an array of questions concerning the Obama administration's... read more
Heritage Foundation… Morning Bell: Obama’s Dismal Jobs Record, By Amy Payne
September 7, 2012 - The unemployment rate is now 8.1 percent, marking 43 months straight that it has stayed at 8 percent or above. At least 12.5 million Americans are out of work. Yet President Obama has been trying to convince people that he’s a job-creating President. Have 4.5 million new jobs been created under President Obama, as several speakers in Charlotte have claimed this week? A fact check shows that under President Obama, the U.S. economy has created a net... read more
text… Obama To Soldiers Overseas: No Voting For You!
Military: The administration thanks the troops for their service by failing to comply with a law requiring that it help soldiers deployed overseas cast ballots in their home states. The administration has taken various states to court to block voter ID laws on the grounds it will disenfranchise voters. But it has no qualms about the disenfranchisement of military voters overseas through its failure to comply with and enforce the Military and... read more
Economists for Romney… Economists Supporting Mitt Romney for President
Statement in Support: We enthusiastically endorse Governor Mitt Romney’s economic plan to create jobs and restore economic growth while returning America to its tradition of economic freedom. The plan is based on proven principles: a more contained and less intrusive federal government, a greater reliance on the private sector, a broad expansion of opportunity without government favors for special interests, and respect for the rule of law including the decision-making authority of states and... read more
WND Exclusive on Poverty… Heritage Foundation says 'Greatest Weapon' is NOT education
By Bob Unruh - A new study released just this week by The Heritage Foundation reveals that one factor alone can reduce by 82 percent the probability that a child lives in poverty – whether Mom and Dad are married to each other. “Policymakers on the state and national levels recognize that education reduces poverty, but they’re largely unaware that marriage is an equally strong anti-poverty weapon... read more
Redstate… Barack Obama and the Rise of Ineptocracy, By streiff
September 6th, 2012 - Bob Woodward is out with a new book, called “The Price of Politics.”  The first excerpts appeared today as Barack Obama prepares to accept the Democrat Party nomination for president. Woodward makes the best case possible as to why Barack Obama should be denied a second term. As it turns out the fiasco of a vagina-based convention that denied God three times before the cock crowed — a convention that featured an adulterer and callous killer as its hero on the first... read more
Patriot Voices… Moms: Country on Wrong Track
New Poll Finds Majority of Moms Believe Country is on the Wrong Track - Verona, PA - As Democrats gather this week in Charlotte just as Republicans did in Tampa to discuss which is the better party for women, Patriot Voices is releasing results of a new poll that discusses which issues moms care most about and who stands on the right side of these issues. The poll, conducted by the Tarrance... read more
Heritage Foundation… Clinton Is Wrong on Welfare Reform
Last night, in his nationally televised speech, former President Bill Clinton said the charge that President Obama has gutted welfare reform was “a real doozy.” Clinton, who vetoed welfare reform twice before signing the welfare reform law in 1996, echoed the Obama Administration and media “fact checkers,” who have sworn that Obama’s Health and Human Services Department (HHS) is actually trying to strengthen the work requirements of the law by doing away with them. The fact is that... read more
WND Commentary… We Belong to the Government, By Joseph Farah
September 6, 2012 - Do you belong to the government? If you want to understand why the Democratic Party represents the gravest threat to America’s freedom, all you really need to know is that the convention planners in Charlotte didn’t see anything wrong with a video shown there Tuesday night. They made the video. They must have thought it was very good. I’m sure they listened carefully to every word uttered... read more
Salem News…Clean up tax breaks, loopholes
September 5, 2012 - When Ohio had a corporate franchise tax, companies were able to write off losses against future income. The idea was that the companies would generate taxable profits in the future. Ohio eliminated the franchise tax in favor of the commercial activity tax. However, the state never eliminated the write-offs against future income even though future profits are no longer taxed. This is one of 128 tax loopholes, some dating back nearly a century, that a variety of think tanks that... read more
mailmagazine24 ...Obama Election Manipulation in Swing State Ohio, by Matthew Vadum
An Ohio election law that eliminated an unfair advantage enjoyed by the Obama campaign has been struck down by an unelected federal judge under the guise of fairness. The heavy-handed court ruling probably gives the Obama campaign an edge in the vitally important battleground state. Acceding to a lawsuit from the Obama campaign, part-time, semi-retired liberal judge Peter C. Economus last week voided provisions of.... read more
Heritage Foundation… Morning Bell: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of a New School Year
By Amy Payne - September 4, 2012 - As of today, the vast majority of American students have begun a new school year. As lunches are packed and carpool lines grow, Heritage reviews the good, bad, and ugly in education. The Good - Support for school choice is at an all-time high. In a poll released in August, school choice favorability jumped 10 percentage points since last year, a sign that the proliferation of options such as vouchers, education savings accounts, and online learning... read more
Governor Ted's Top Ten Talking Points for DNC, By Bob Bennett, Ohio Republican Party Chairman
Bennett on Governor Ted Stickland’s keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention, along with a list of 10 talking points… The Democratic National Convention is apparently so desperate for speakers they actually have Ted Strickland on the schedule. Whoever decided to give a speaking role to a fired governor responsible for 400,000 lost jobs ought to have their head examined... but then again, I've been... read more
Upstart Business Journal… Romney and Ryan have few convention words for entrepreneurs
By J. Jennings, Moss - August 31, 2012 - With the 2012 Republican National Convention now one for the history books, it's time to take stock of what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had to say to the nation's entrepreneurs. The answer: not a whole lot. Romney, the party's presidential nominee, mentioned "entrepreneurs" exactly once in his speech Thursday night. Ryan, his running mate, didn't say the word at all when he gave his address at the Tampa Times Forum on Wednesday. Both men gave... read more
Townhall Finance… Romney Didn't Make the Sale, By Larry Kudlow
Did Mitt Romney make the economic sale at the Republican National Convention? Did he convince people who are living at the margin or unemployed and discouraged that he has the answers to the economy? Frankly, I don't think so. I do not understand why he did not talk about his 20 percent across-the-board personal tax cut plan that would help the middle class enormously. He never mentioned it, and he went into no detail on the business tax... read more
Mail Magazine 24… Heritage Foundation “Cut Government Spending” Goal Gains Ground
by David S. Addington - As the public debate swirls over whether and how to limit the size and cost of the federal government, The Heritage Foundation’s longstanding efforts to shrink the government gain ground. In May 2010, Heritage published Saving the American Dream: The Heritage Plan to Fix the Debt, Cut Spending, and Restore Prosperity. The Heritage plan proposes to balance the federal budget within a decade and keep it balanced forever at no more than 18.5 percent of the total output of... read more
Human Events… Clint Eastwood’s Mysterious, yet kinda cool speech, By Hope Hodge 
“Mystery speaker” Clint Eastwood gave something of a mysterious performance Thursday night to RNC delegates as the legendary actor and respected director was sometimes halting, other times humorous and didn’t exactly give Mitt Romney the ringing star power endorsement that many had hoped for. But, he did make his main point in a simple, Dirty Harry kind of way: “You, we, own this country. Politicians are employees... read more… Morning Bell: We Can Change America’s Course, By Amy Payne
August 31 - Entering the final stretch of the presidential contest, Americans are facing a monumental choice. The American people will decide the direction of government and its role in their lives for the coming years. The debate in Tampa this week raised a number of issues, including preserving the American dream of working hard to achieve success. The Heritage Foundation has extensive research and policy prescriptions on each of these issues: Energy: America needs to end... read more
Townhall… The Ryan Vision: Let's Get This Done, David Limbaugh
Aug 31, 2012 - The Democrats and their mainstream media cheering section can huff and puff at Paul Ryan's convention speech, but they can't blow his house down. It was built on a solid foundation. So powerful was the speech that the liberal establishment is reduced to wailing about alleged lies the speech contained -- dishonest and easily refuted allegations. Ryan delivered a substantive indictment of the Obama... read more
Mail Magazine 24… Gallup: Americans Rate Public Schools the Worst Place to Educate Children
By Bright Knight - To be honest: that doesn't surprise me at all. Say "Thank You" to the Liberals - they have almost accomplished their mission: keep the people uneducated and poor and stay in power. Uneducated and poor people are reliable voters for the Liberals, so, after they took over the education (from the Department of Education over the Teacher Unions), they wrecked the education system and started to "produce" sheeples. After school/college the leftist medias continue dumbing... read more
Verities & Balderdash… A time to remember, Edited by Bob Robinson
I was in the seventh grade in 1957. By then I was already in a metropolitan area, so I don’t remember shotguns in cars… not in Lincoln, Nebraska. I do remember at Texas A&M shotguns on racks in the back windows of pickups a few years later. Everywhere. It wouldn’t be unlikely that one would end up on a high school campus following an early-morning quail hunt. I had my share of fist fights in high school... read more
Mail Magazine 24… Consumer Confidence Plummets To Year's Lowest Level, by John Nolte
As the corrupt media guards Obama's palace with narratives that sound something like, RichMormonFreakIsSoftOnRape AndWantsToEatThePoor BecauseTaxCheatFelonKilledMyWife, out here in the real world people are suffering under Barack Obama's failed policies. But the Media-Collective doesn’t want to talk about that. Might help Romney. The American people, however, beg to differ and are talking amongst themselves about an economy that's slowing and an... read more
Redstate… The Next President, By Erick Erickson
August 31 - What a difference a speech makes. As Ari Fleischer noted on CNN, the same media that was cool with the shallow vapidity of hope and change in 2008 is now demanding specifics from Mitt Romney. Last night in Tampa, he gave the one set of specifics he needed to give — a course correction.The Democrats are screaming that it is a return to the 1950's, when unemployment was less than it is... read more

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