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Columbus Dispatch… Kasich again tackles faculty load, By Ryan Clark
Saturday February 23, 2013 - Gov. John Kasich’s office has renewed a 2011 attempt to make Ohio’s public-college professors teach more classes. Critics say it’s a one-size-fits-all solution to a multifaceted issue. A little-noticed provision in the state budget bill would revamp the way Ohio universities and community colleges can change their employees’ workload. Boards of trustees currently have the ability to modify faculty workload — even to subvert collective-bargaining agreements... read more.
Supreme Court To Hear Appeal of Public School Teacher Fired for Religious Displays and Teaching
By Dennis Whalen - February 22, 2013 - The Ohio Supreme Court hears oral arguments in nine cases on February 26 and 27. The Supreme Court of Ohio will hear oral arguments in nine cases on February 26 and 27, including the appeal of a Mt. Vernon middle school teacher who was fired for refusing to stop presenting extracurricular materials to his students that advocated the religious doctrine of creationism and challenged the reliability of the district’s approved science curriculum... read more.
Rasmussen… What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls
All eyes are on Congress and the president as the countdown to the March 1 spending cuts continues. Scott Rasmussen says in his latest weekly newspaper column that “a panic is bubbling to the surface in Washington, D.C.” as this sequester deadline approaches. The process “will be further proof to voters that their elected officials are incapable of doing their jobs. So incapable, in fact, that automatic, arbitrary and thoughtless budget-cutting is a better option than anything Congress and the president could... read more.
DeWine: Ohioans have received $280 Million in Mortgage relief
(COLUMBUS, Ohio)-Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that today's release of a monitor's report shows that more than 7,000 Ohioans have received more than $280 million in consumer relief from the National Mortgage Settlement announced one year ago. "The two goals of the National Mortgage Settlement were to compensate Ohioans for the damage caused by robo-signing and to prevent future bad acts," said Attorney General DeWine. "Today's monitor's report shows that Ohioans are... read more.
The Vindicator, Patriot Water claims ODNR attack on its business, By Jamison Cocklin
WARREN - The face-off between the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Patriot Water continued Tuesday, as the company’s president, Andrew Blocksom, had choice words for an agency he says is attacking his business. Blocksom finds himself in yet another dispute with ODNR, which he says has taken aim at his company because the agency views it as a competitor in the drilling-waste-disposal business. Patriot learned from a representative at D&L Energy last... read more.
Note from a reader… Beware Misleading Information
Regarding the recent article posted from the Dayton Business Journal ranking schools by SAT scores:  The information is truly misleading.  On average Arcanum-Butler High School only has one to three students who take the SAT. Editor: Arcanum was ranked No. 30 regarding “Best SAT Scores.”
DBJ… Sequestration to cost Ohio $111 million in lost wages, by Joe Cogliano, Senior Reporter
Sequestration will suck more than $111 million from Ohio’s economy in lost wages during the first six months after it kicks in and the vast majority of that will come from workers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, according to a U.S. Air Force document obtained by the Dayton Business Journal. The document outlines the state-by-state impact of furloughs of civilian workers expected to start in the spring — and run... read more.
Cleveland Plain Dealer… Gov. Kasich focuses on Medicaid, job creation, tax reforms in State of the State
By Robert Higgs - February 19, 2013 - LIMA, Ohio - Gov. John Kasich used his State of the State address Tuesday to tout proposals in his budget plan he says will drive Ohio forward, saying now is not the time to ease up on the gas. "Keep your eyes on the mountaintop," the first-term Republican governor implored the audience at the Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center. The plan, billed as Ohio's Jobs Budget 2.0, includes a bold overhaul of the state's taxing system intended to bolster... read more.
Aurora Advocate… Transcript of Gov. Kasich's State of State Speech
February 20, 2013 - A transcript of the State of the State speech delivered by Ohio Gov. John Kasich in Lima on Tuesday night: Thank you. Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Thank you, members and colleagues from the General Assembly, members of my cabinet, the great people of Lima. We love the way you welcomed all of us here today. Am I right, members of the General Assembly? And, of course, my wife, Karen Kasich. Sweetie... read more.
Rasmussen… What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls
Saturday, February 16, 2013 - Voters must sometimes wonder what part of the phrase “spending cuts” their elected officials don’t seem to understand. In this weekend’s edition of What America Thinks, Scott Rasmussen and his guests, former DNC Chairman Howard Dean and Republican Senator Bob Corker,  discuss spending and other issues raised by President Obama in his latest State of the Union address. What America Thinks airs on 61 TV stations nationwide. Find a station in your area... read more.
Dayton Daily News… Medicaid expansion in Ohio would avoid a $404M budget gap, By Jackie Borchardt
COLUMBUS — State officials told lawmakers Thursday that rejecting Gov. John Kasich’s proposal to expand Medicaid to Ohio’s working poor would cause a $400 million hole in the state budget that would need to be patched with money dedicated for schools, law enforcement and local governments. Greg Moody, director of the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation, said extending Medicaid will actually save Ohio taxpayers $404 million over two years for several reasons such as decreasing state... read more.
Senator Sherrod Brown… Promoting UAS Research & Development in the Miami Valley
During a meeting with the nominee for secretary of defense, former Senator Chuck Hagel, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown urged for support in expanding the research, training, and development of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in Ohio. Sen. Brown discussed a number of his Ohio priorities with Hagel during a meeting in Sen. Brown’s office this week. UAS will play a critical role in border security measures, wildfire suppression, and search and rescue... read more.
The Hill… Republicans: Obama State of the Union dims hopes for deficit-reduction deal
By Alexander Bolton - 02/13/13 - Republican lawmakers say a deal to reduce the deficit and replace $85 billion in automatic spending cuts set to take effect on March 1 is even less likely after President Obama's State of the Union address. While Obama tackled the deficit head-on in his speech, mentioning the word "deficit" 10 times at the top of his address, Republicans accused him of paying lip service to the debt in a speech that called for a higher minimum wage and new spending on programs... read more.
Dayton Business Journal… More than 7,000 new jobs in works for Dayton region, By Joe Cogliano
Economic development groups in the region are reporting more than 7,100 potential jobs in the pipeline, according to Dayton Business Journal research. The numbers come from 19 groups that are reporting more than 100 total projects in the planning stages so far this year. The Dayton Development Coalition has the largest number of new jobs in the works with 3,000. Some of the total jobs listed as in the works could be duplicates because the DDC handles any projects up for state incentives... read more.
Beagle Legislation Provides Funds for Job Training, Workforce Development
Also, Lehner & Beagle seek to modernize state Jobs support - COLUMBUS– State Senator Bill Beagle (R–Tipp City) today introduced the first piece of legislation for the new General Assembly. The legislation is aimed at helping Ohio’s unemployed and underemployed find work through continued education and job training. Senate Bill 1, which Beagle jointly introduced with State Senator Troy Balderson (R–Zanesville)... read more.
$29 Million Toyota Settlement over Unintended Acceleration
Ohio to receive $1.7 Million - (COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Attorney General Mike DeWine today joined 29 other states in announcing a $29 million settlement with Toyota Motor Corporation and its related North American entities over allegations Toyota concealed safety issues related to unintended acceleration. Ohio, a lead state in the investigation, will receive just over $1.7 million as a result of this settlement. "When it... read more.
CNS News… GAO: 35% of Major Federal Regulations Were Issued Without Public Notice
February 8, 2013 - By Matt Cover - ( – According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), 35 percent of major federal regulations – those with at least $100 billion in annual economic impact – were issued without a public notice from 2003 to 2010. The GAO also said that 44 percent of non-major regulations were issued without a public notice, which is referred to as a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). “During calendar years 2003 through 2010, agencies published... read more.
Columbus Dispatch...Solar-power developers putting  together Plan B
New proposal to address PUCO concern about need for energy - By Dan Gearino - February 8, 2013 - Developers of what has been called the largest solar-power project in the Midwest say it will get built, despite a setback dealt them last month by utility regulators. Turning Point Solar partner David Wilhelm said, “Reports of our demise are exaggerated. Plan B is coming together." The project calls for construction of a 49.9-megawatt plant on a site near Zanesville. The plan to save it likely will involve. ... read more.
Ohio Job & Family Services...New Report Details Growth of Shale Industry
COLUMBUS, OHIO - A new quarterly report from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) will track changes in Ohio’s oil and gas industry and give policy makers, workforce development professionals and the public insight into how the shale industry is impacting Ohio’s economy. “The growing oil and gas industry holds great economic potential for Ohio,” said ODJFS Director Michael Colbert. “This report provides... read more.
Speaker Boehner Statement on the State of the Union
WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released this statement following tonight’s State of the Union address and Republican address to the nation: “Four years after the president first addressed a joint session of Congress, Americans are still asking, ‘where are the jobs?’   Tonight, he offered them little more than more of the same ‘stimulus’ policies that have failed to fix our economy and put Americans back to work.  We cannot grow the middle class and foster job creation by growing... read more.
Fox… Fact check on Obama's State of the Union address
February 13, 2013 - WASHINGTON –  President Barack Obama did some cherry-picking Tuesday night in defense of his record on jobs and laid out a conditional path to citizenship for illegal immigrants that may be less onerous than he made it sound. A look at some of the claims in his State of the Union speech, a glance at the Republican counterargument and how they fit with the facts: OBAMA: "After years of grueling recession, our businesses have created over 6 million new jobs." THE... read more.
Midmark President and CEO to Attend State of the Union Address
VERSAILLES, Ohio – (February 11, 2013) – Dr. Anne Eiting Klamar, president and CEO of Midmark Corporation, will attend President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, Feb.12 as a guest of House Speaker John Boehner. Midmark is represented by Boehner as part of Ohio’s 8th Congressional District. “I’m honored to attend my first State of the Union address as a guest of House Speaker John Boehner,” said Klamar. “As part of the healthcare industry, we must continuously... read more.
Marco Rubio's Republican response, Posted by CNN Political Unit
(CNN) - Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida delivered the Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday. The full text of his remarks, as released by his office... Good evening. I’m Marco Rubio. I’m blessed to represent Florida in the United States Senate. Let me begin by congratulating President Obama on the start of his second term. Tonight, I have the honor of responding to his State... read more.
Washington Post… State of the Union 2013: President Obama’s address to Congress (Transcript) - February 12, 2013 - Here is a full transcript of President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address as delivered. PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you. Please, everybody, have a seat. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, fellow Americans, 51 years ago, John F. Kennedy declared to this chamber that “the Constitution makes us not rivals for power, but partners for progress.” (APPLAUSE... read more.
New York Times… Congress to See Memo Backing Drone Attacks on Americans
By Michael D. Shear and Scott Shane - February 6, 2013 - WASHINGTON — The White House on Wednesday directed the Justice Department to release to the two Congressional Intelligence Committees classified documents discussing the legal justification for killing, by drone strikes and other means, American citizens abroad who are considered terrorists. The White House announcement appears to refer to a long, detailed 2010 memo from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel justifying the... read more.
Dayton Business Journal… Top high schools with best SAT scores in Dayton region
Darke County Schools, by ranking: Versailles 9, Arcanum 30, Franklin Monroe 37, Greenville 63 and Ansonia 64. If you ever wondered which high schools in the Dayton region have the smartest students, you're not alone. The high school is among the most important of all the school levels for preparing a student for college; and knowing which schools have students that are the best prepared for higher education is critical for parents... read more.
Attorney General Mike DeWine… Synthetic Drug Search Warrants issued, Arrests Made
Store Inside Ohio Shopping Mall Among Locations Targeted - (ASHTABULA, Ohio) – Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that authorities in Ashtabula and Seneca counties executed search warrants at area businesses today as part of an ongoing effort to fight the illegal sale of synthetic drugs. In Ashtabula, agents with the Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) assisted officers with the TAG Law Enforcement Task Force, Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office... read more.
Bloomberg… Republican Governors Finding Sense in Medicaid Expansion, By Alex Wayne
Feb 7, 2013 - Six Republican governors have agreed to expand Medicaid, the second-largest piece of President Barack Obama’s U.S. health-care overhaul, accepting federal money to ensure their state’s residents have access to medical coverage. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, an Affordable Care Act opponent, said yesterday it makes sense for the “physical and fiscal health” of his state to participate in the law’s expansion of Medicaid, the state-federal health plan for the poor. He became the... read more.… Dead woman at gas station was Ansonia resident
GREENVILLE —  The woman found Thursday in the restroom of a Sunoco gas station dead of an apparent gunshot wound was a 58-year-old Ansonia resident. Foul play is not suspected in the death of Carol Kramer, the Greenville Police Department said Friday afternoon. The Darke County Coroner’s Office was not ready to release a preliminary ruling on Kramer’s cause of death, police Detective Eric Kiryluk said Friday afternoon... read more.
Darke County Courts… Common Pleas Court Monthly Report
Greenville, Ohio-  Jonathan P. Hein, Judge of the Darke County Court of Common Pleas, reported on the following actions undertaken by the Court for the month of January, 2013: 29 new civil cases filed or reopened; 39 civil cases completed; 135 total civil cases remain pending. There were 26 new criminal (felony) cases filed; 20 criminal cases completed; 64 criminal cases remain pending. Regarding domestic relations cases, 36 new cases or... read more.
WHIO-TV… Social media post getting public officials in trouble, By Andrew J. Tobias
COLUMBUS — A high-ranking state official is in hot water over a recent posting she made on Facebook, illustrating the tightrope public officials must walk while using the relatively new technology. Ohio School Board President Debe Terhar drew fire last week after she re-published on her personal Facebook page a friend’s picture that seemed to equate gun control efforts with the views of Adolf Hitler... read more.
WHIO-TV Video… Lottery Targets Retailers Who Steal Winning Tickets
By Jim Otte - Dayton -For some people working at Ohio Lottery outlets, the lure of easy money is too much to resist. In the last two years, 24 workers at gas stations and carryouts statewide have been caught stealing winning tickets from unsuspecting lottery players. The stolen prize money ranged from $5 to $10,000. How were they found out? The lottery's own investigative unit not only... read more.
DeWine Takes Criminal, Civil Action Against Synthetic Drug Crimes
(SPRINGFIELD, Ohio) – Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced today that state and local law enforcement served five search warrants in three counties this morning as part of an intensified effort to stop the sale of synthetic drugs. The warrants, served in Clark, Montgomery, and Guernsey counties, came as a result of a series of investigations that uncovered synthetic cannabinoids, also known as synthetic... read more.
Kasich Communication Department… What They're Saying About Kasich Tax Cut Plan
Richard K. Vedder, Professor of Economics at Ohio University and Former Senior Economist at the U.S. Joint Economic Committee: “Governor Kasich's tax proposals are welcome, because they address Ohio's biggest long term problem, sluggish growth in job opportunities and incomes. Despite some meaningful improvements in the past three years, Ohio still has income levels below the national average, and too many of our best and brightest youth are leaving the Buckeye State for greener pastures... read more.
Washington Examiner… Portman: Abortion clinics marketing to minors, By Michal Conger
February 6, 2013 - Abortion clinics are marketing their services to minors in states with parental consent laws, drawing them to states where they can get an abortion without their parents’ permission, according to Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio. “Ohio and the majority of other states require parents’ involvement if their minor children have an abortion,” Portman said in a Jan. 24 statement. “Yet, 13 states and the District of Columbia do not have such laws on the books.  Minors who live in the states... read more.
The U.S. can't be complacent on job creation, By John Kasich
John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, on the steps his state has taken to create jobs and fuel economic growth. Countries in eastern Asia and Europe have, in recent decades, developed highly effective training systems that help their citizens prepare for success in a competitive, global economy. Key to this has been the ability of policy-makers to listen to job creators and respond with training programs that meet their needs. The United States... read more.
Darke County Sheriff’s Office… Clandestine Lab Unit responds to two Drug Labs
On February 7, 2013 at approximately 1:05 am Darke County Sheriff’s Deputies along with the Ansonia Fire Department responded to the 10,400 block of Beisner Road in reference to a ditch fire.  Upon arrival deputies discovered the materials burning appeared to be items used in the manufacturing of Methamphetamine.  The Darke County Sheriff’s Office Clandestine Drug Lab team responded to the scene to neutralize and removed all hazardous... read more.
State Rep. Buchy… Buchy Seeks Constituent Input on Proposed Reforms in the State Budget
COLUMBUS— Jim Buchy (R-Greenville) today announced an effort to gain public input on the possible reforms in Governor John R. Kasich’s state budget proposal.  Opinions are being collected in an online survey below. Recently, Governor Kasich released his plans for reform as part of the proposed state budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal years.  Representative Buchy remains in the process of reviewing Governor Kasich’s reform package which... read more.
WHIO-TV… Police investigate death at Greenville gas station
GREENVILLE — Police are investigating a death after the body of a woman was found in a Greenville gas station restroom. Police responded to the Sunoco gas station in the 800 block of Martin Street this morning. The store owner, Kasey Obed, said a female walked into the gas station and asked to use the restroom. A couple minutes later, the cashier heard a noise, and when they went back to the restroom, the woman was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police are... read more.
text… Postal Service wants to cut Saturday mail delivery
By Beena Raghavendran — McClatchy Newspapers - February 6, 2013 -  WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service plans to end Saturday mail delivery beginning in August, a sign that the long-suffering agency may finally be succumbing to e-commerce. Postmaster General and CEO Patrick R. Donahoe said at a press conference Wednesday that moving to a five-day delivery week starting the week of Aug. 5 is a necessary ... read more.
Speaker Boehner Press Office… House Action taken to Force a Balanced Budget
February 5, 2013 - In this story: Politico report on Boehner statement; Explanation “What is Sequestration” WASHINGTON, DC – At a press conference with Republican leaders today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) discussed President Obama and Senate Democrats’ failure to offer a serious budget or plan to replace the president’s sequester, and highlighted the action House Republicans are taking to hold them accountable.... read more.
Chicago Tribune… More 911 calls won't get in-person response, By Hal Dardick and Jeremy Gorner
February 3, 2013 - The Chicago Police Department hopes to free up the equivalent of 44 officers a day by no longer dispatching cops for certain crimes, like burglaries and car thefts in which the offender is no longer at the scene and no one is in immediate danger. Police confirmed the change, which takes effect Sunday. Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told aldermen last year he was considering a move in that direction. The change is not related to plans by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and McCarthy... read more.
Zanesville Times Recorder… Republicans more likely than Democrats to own firearms
Feb 5, 2013 - Written by Paul Singer and Gregory Korte - Members of Congress were asked whether they owned firearms. Here is how they responded, including support from pro-gun groups. WASHINGTON — Ohio’s congressional Republicans are much better armed than their Democratic counterparts — a fact that helps explain the deep partisan divide as Congress gears up for its first major votes on gun control in a decade. Among Ohio lawmakers, eight Republicans said they owned guns, while only... read more.
Attorney General Mike DeWine… Synthetic Drug Training Begins
(PERRYSBURG, Ohio) – Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced that 75 law enforcement officers and prosecutors attended the first Investigating Synthetic Drugs training course offered through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA). Today's training took place this morning at Owens Community College just outside of Toledo.  Instructors include members of the Attorney General's special prosecutions unit as well as a... read more.
Fox News… Record-setting asteroid to shave past Earth this month
An asteroid about half the size of a football field will zoom past Earth on Feb. 15, closer than the man-made satellites that power GPS, says NASA. "This is a record-setting close approach," Don Yeomans of NASA's Near Earth Object Program at JPL said in a video released by NASA this week. Yeomans, however, emphasized that the asteroid, designated 2012DA14, won't hit Earth. "It will come interestingly close, closer than many... read more.
Fox News… Earth Warming, Sun Heat to Blame?
Feb 02, 2013 - The Earth has been getting warmer -- but how much of that heat is due to greenhouse gas emissions and how much is due to natural causes? A leaked report by a United Nations' group dedicated to climate studies says that heat from the sun may play a larger role than previously thought. "[Results] do suggest the possibility of a much larger impact of solar variations on the stratosphere than previously thought, and some studies have suggested that this may lead to significant regional... read more.
New York Times… Birth Control Rule Altered to Allay Religious Objections, By Rober Pear
February 1, 2013 - WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Friday proposed yet another compromise to address strenuous objections from religious organizations about a policy requiring health insurance plans to provide free contraceptives, but the change did not end the political furor or legal fight over the issue. The proposal could expand the number of groups that do not need to pay directly for birth control coverage, encompassing not only churches and other religious organizations, but also some... read more.
Columbus Dispatch… Kasich’s school-funding plan greeted with relief
Ohio school superintendents were relieved yesterday when Gov. John Kasich told them his two-year school-funding plan would not cut their current levels of state aid. In fact, the $15.1 billion education plan would increase state funding to schools by 6 percent in the coming school year and 3.2 percent the next. “This is not hard to figure out: If you are poor, you’re going to get more. If you are rich, you’re going to get less. If you have gifted students, you’re going... read more.
Dayton Police Cold Case… Ohio Unsolved Homicides:  Officer Kevin Brame
(DAYTON, Ohio) – As part of his Ohio Unsolved Homicides Initiative, Attorney General Mike DeWine is hoping to help the Dayton Police Department gather new evidence in a cold case that has directly impacted their department. Officer Kevin Brame joined the Dayton Police Department in 1993 and was shot to death while he was off-duty in November 1999.  He was only 31-years-old. "Kevin's ultimate goal in life was to be a good officer and contribute to... read more.
Toledo Blade… Sen. Portman to introduce proposals to cut U.S. deficit, By Tom Troy
U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio) said Wednesday he plans to introduce a couple of amendments that will push Congress and the administration to take action to reduce the size of the federal budget in return for increasing the long-term debt limit. Meanwhile, a group of about 25 people saying they represent workers and the elderly demonstrated Wednesday outside the Social Security Administration office at 4906 Monroe St., one of several public events organized by the AFL-CIO... read more.
Dayton Business Journal… Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions for 2013
The most challenging — and bizarre — questions that job candidates will face as they interview this year have been compiled by California-based in the Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions for 2013. Included in the list are several companies with operations in the Dayton area. Questions were shared by tens of thousands of job candidates during the past year. Human resources... read more.
Columbus Dispatch… Plan to replace license plates blows a flat, By Ryan Clark
Friday February 1, 2013 - Put down the screwdriver. It looks like Ohio drivers can keep their license plates. The Ohio Department of Public Safety requested a budget item requiring drivers to replace their license plates every seven years for a fee of $10, which would add up to an estimated $5 million a year. But Rep. Rex Damschroder, chairman of the House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, said public-safety officials told him the request will not become reality. Earlier this... read more.
Ohio JFS… Statewide Phone Number Makes it Easy to Report Child Abuse
COLUMBUS, OHIO - Ohioans who suspect child abuse or neglect now only need to remember one phone number. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) has launched 855-O-H-CHILD (855-642-4453) an automated telephone directory that will link callers directly to a child welfare or law enforcement office in their county. Reports can be anonymous. “It is important that Ohioans be able to report suspected child abuse quickly, easily and anonymously. This one, easy... read more.
Toledo Blade… Kasich reveals school funding plan expanding charter school funding
By Jim Provance - COLUMBUS — Gov. John Kasich’s school funding proposal rolled out today targets more aid for poorer school districts, expands funding for charter schools and access to vouchers to attend private schools, and dangles $300 million in one-time carrots before schools to innovatively break the public education mold. Basic aid to schools would increase 6 percent in the first year of the two-year budget... read more.
10… Top Operative Says Cordray Will Return To Ohio
Cordray to challenge Kasich in 2014 - Wednesday January 30, 2013 - COLUMBUS, Ohio - A Democratic operative close to former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray predicts "he will be back home in a month." Cordray is currently the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington.  Cordray took the helm of the agency through a recess appointment by President Obama. His term... read more.
Darke County Sheriff’s Office… Injury accident on SR 49 North
On January 31, 2013 at approximately 4:30 pm Darke County Deputies along with Greenville Township Fire, Greenville Township Rescue and CareFlight were dispatched to the 8000 block of State Route 49 north in reference to a single vehicle injury accident. Preliminary investigation revealed a white 2003 Chevy Venture van driven by Heather L. Knowles, 35, of Greenville, Ohio was northbound on state route 49, north of Horatio-Harris Creek Road. Knowles lost control of the mini van on the  ... read more.
Cincinnati Enquirer Exclusive… Kasich says 2-year budget has $1B surplus, Written by Paul E. Kostyu
Expect fight on whether to spend or save doubled 'rainy day fund' - Jan 30, 2013 - COLUMBUS — When the governor publicly releases his proposed two-year operating budget on Monday, it will show a $1 billion surplus, he says. But until then, no one will know just how Gov. John R. Kasich and his staff arrived at that figure. That’s because they’re not telling anyone about the two-year budget proposal – including legislators and their leaders in either party. It means the surplus – called the rainy day... read more.
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