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New Madison Independence Day Parade 2011
An American Tradition
By Bob Robinson

See below for links to 100 photos of the New Madison Independence Day parade and celebration.

Despite 66-year-old exhaustion from the two-day Eagles Celebration Saturday and Sunday, I wasn’t about to miss what I’ve always thought of as an American Fourth of July tradition… the Parade.

I had two choices… New Madison’s annual parade or Ansonia’s. Both exemplify Rural America and I had been to both numerous times in my nine years in Darke County. I tossed a coin… New Madison won this year… and fortunately one of our newest Teen Scribes, Naeisha Thobe, went to Ansonia.

Consequently, CNO was able to offer you a “picture” story of each.

I got there early enough to take a series of photos of participants lining up and preparing for the trek from north New Madison to Tri-Village High School, then headed downtown to find a good spot to watch and “shoot” the parade.

Good as in a “shaded” spot.

I found it and discovered a bonus. As with many sections of the parade route, there were several families waiting for the parade to begin. Adults, children, family and friends. In particular, three young ladies… about two years old maybe?

I’m lousy at guessing ages.

They were identically dressed. I was told by proud Moms that two were sisters (twins?) and the third was a cousin… she could have passed for the third sister any day of the week.

Watching their fascination with the parade… picking up candy, waving at the people, staring up at the fire trucks, soaking in the sights and sounds of an American pastime… was a good feeling.

The Independence Day Parade. An American Pastime. I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine.

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New Madison Independence Day Parade 2011… An American Tradition

The Independence Day Parade… an American passion

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