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Letters to Santa
Let the fun begin
By Bob Robinson

During my tenure at The Advocate, one of the most “fun” things I got to oversee was the annual Letters to Santa Claus. Kids can really be a hoot, especially when it comes to their thoughts about Christmas and Santa Claus and being good and everything.

No one likes to think of that “lump of coal” that is reserved for the kids who have not been so good all year.

Last year, County News Online went “live” in January, too late for the Christmas season. When December arrived, we were still trying to get our act together to keep up with the unbelievable acceptance by the community and our resulting growth.

This year, it was time. An online community news and information service has so many more options to offer… letters, photos, drawings… we’ll even post your local YouTube video if you send us the link. Senior Scribes volunteers have stepped up and offered to do the typing before we bundle everything up to send to the North Pole.

I’ve extended individual invitations where possible and we announced our “Letters to Santa” campaign on CNO a few days ago. Several teachers have already indicated they will be sending letters. Last week, I told my Edison classes about the opportunity if they knew anyone – family, relatives, friends – who wished to write a letter to Santa.

Many teachers and CNO readers have already told me they love to read the letters, just as they did so many years ago.

What I had forgotten is that some of us are kids even when we are no longer “little” kids. One of my Edison “kids” has already sent her Letter to Santa, and it is hilarious! We will be delighted to offer our “kick-off” letter from a Greenville High School senior on Monday…

Let the fun begin!

Send your letters to Santa's Helper, County News Online, PO Box 1113, Greenville, OH 45331, or email:

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