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Letters to Santa
From the Coolest Kid Ever

Dear Santa, 

Usually, I just visit you at the mall every year to tell you what I want, but that doesn’t really seem to work because I’ve never gotten anything for Christmas! So, I decided that this year, I was going to attempt to communicate with you via snail mail…or a traditional letter. 

Well Santa, before I tell you what I want and everything, I just want to let you know that you can’t pull that silly, “you’ve been a bad kid”, excuse on me! I know I’ve been a spectacularly awesome kid this year. You know why? Well, you probably actually do know why because you’re Santa. Still, I feel the need to beg my case here! 

First of all, I didn’t steal any of my brothers’ Halloween candy this year! I know that sounds unbelievable, but I got off my lazy butt this year and went trick-or-treating for myself! Now, I know you’re thinking that I couldn’t possibly have behaved any better than that; I mean, not stealing candy from a younger sibling? That’s almost as hard as making it a whole week without chocolate. But, it gets better. You’re not going to believe this one Santa, but I didn’t post that really embarrassing picture that I took of my friend to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or any other social network. I don’t really know if you realize just how hard that is, but let me explain with an analogy. It’s like saying no to cake, or not pushing that really mean girl, who spread rumors about you, down the stairs. Or…well, I guess you get the point. Basically, it’s really tough. There are more reasons why I should definitely be on the good list this year, but if I listed all of them here, this letter would be longer than the novel, Gone With the Wind. So, just take my word for it Santa, I’ve been a good kid. 

Now that I’ve proved my goodness, it’s about time I get to the part where I demand free stuff from you. This won’t sound like much until you realize just how many colleges I applied to or plan to apply to, but all I want for Christmas this year is to get accepted into every college that I am applying to. This is going to be made especially tough by the fact that I won’t even have applied to most of my colleges by Christmas. Nonetheless, you’re Santa, so I figured you could work some magic and make my wish come true, especially since I’ve been such a good kid this year.  

If that’s just impossible for you to make happen, I guess I’ll settle for getting two unicorns, a male and a female, for Christmas. That way, I can start a unicorn farm and get rich and famous off of breeding and selling unicorns. 

Well Santa, I think that’s it. If I don’t get a present this year, after how well I’ve behaved, I might just have to start a petition to elect a new Santa. You should just get me my presents though because starting a petition sounds like a lot of work. Thanks! 


The Coolest Kid Ever

Michelle Chen

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