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GSF Grants East School Library picture L-R: Gretchen Davis (GSF board member), Patti Jetter (GSF board member), Kay Sloat (grant recipient), Loretta Etzell (GSF board member), Dianne Brown (GSF board member)
  100 for $50 a Success  

Greenville Schools Foundation...
100 for $50 a Success  
February 1, 2012 

The Greenville Schools Foundation is winding up its “100 for $50” campaign, and would like to thank all of those who have supported us this year and in the past.  We have had a great response to this program.  Our trustees personally contact friends, family and community members and ask them to donate $50 to the Foundation and the projects we support.  In 2010-2011 we were able to provide the following: 

  $500 for “Text Talk” - a program at Woodland Heights that teaches parents how to read and discuss books with their children. 

  $900 to improve the East School Library display area

  $900 for a compatible laptop computer to use with the LCD projector in the Junior High computer classroom.

  $1000 for an Elmo, LCD projector, and wall screen for the Junior High Art Department in order to allow all students to view demonstrations at one time

  $1200 for two LCD projectors for the Language Arts Department at the High School.

  $855 for the Darke County Bridges to Colleges data collection project

  $301 to the Vocal Music Department 

If you have not been contacted by a board member, but would like to contribute to the Foundation, donations may be made to “Greenville Schools Foundation” at 6306 Hartzell Rd, Greenville, OH 45331.


GSF Grants 2011- High School Language Arts picture L-R: Suzie Brown (GSF board member), Loretta Etzell (GSF board member), Lori Keller (grant recipient), Gretchen Davis (GSF board member), Patti Jetter (GSF board member), Dianne Brown (GSF board member)



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