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FEBRUARY 12, 2012 


The Town Hall Meeting achieved the stated purpose of furnishing a small crowd with direct contact with incumbents and candidates for County Offices that in addition to hearing each candidates opening statements also had the opportunity to  ask questions. The procedure for asking questions was identified at the beginning of the meeting and was simply that each person asking a question was limited to one question at a time or in other words one question per turn. 

The invited candidates [with the exception of  Amanda Farley who was working but who did furnish a written document to be read by Commissioner Stegall]  followed the program agenda well and routinely responded to the various questions asked. Attendance at subsequent sessions with the candidates is essential to form a viable well founded decision for each responsible voter. 

The final comments were made by Commissioner Mike Stegall to address the subject of the 911 pending expense and change. Mr. Stegall distributed a five (5) page handout that contained a significant amount of information that should be studied by every  taxpayer/voter in the process of making a decision. A number of questions were asking and in some cases were answered without specifics but only a verbal assurance that the County Commissioners would make sure the final resolution would have the right words. 

A critique of the Master of Ceremonies (your author) is merited because in one instance, an audience member was permitted to badger an incumbent with harping repeated questions that had been answered but when repeated should NOT have been allowed.

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