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Scheduled Improvements to Roads & Bridges, 2012
By James P. Surber P.E.,P.S.
Darke County Engineer

February 8, 2012 

In addition to normal required maintenance, an estimated $3,489,212 worth of improvements to County roads and bridges is scheduled that will be 79 percent locally funded. Local funds are gas tax and license fees returned monthly to the County by the State of Ohio for County Highway operations. No real estate or sales taxes fund Darke County roads and bridges. The County Engineer and Highway Department are responsible for over 519 miles of County road and 530 bridges on County and Township roads. 

COUNTY ROAD RESURFACING: The following twelve County roads which total      

30.6 miles are scheduled for resurfacing during May   July at an estimated contracted local cost of $1,800,000. 

Road Name                     From (Rd.)          To (Rd.)                       Length (Mi.)

Hollansburg Richmond     Ohio-Ind. Line      Hollansburg Corp.                 4.53

Young                            Beamsville-U.C.  Brock-Cosmos                       5.05

Staudt                            U.C.-Elroy           Ellis                                      5.07

Seibt                               S.R. 185             Miami Co. Line                      2.55

Cohee                             U.S.R. 127          Vers.-Yorkshire                     3.45

Ballinger                          Vers.-SE             Miami Co. Line                     0.27

Darke-Shelby Line           Ballinger              Studer                                  3.01

Studer                            S.R. 47                Shelby Co. Line                    1.50

Seiler                             S.R. 571               Beanblossom                       0.51  

Mangen                          N. Star-Ft. Lor.     Mercer Co. Line                     2.00

G’ville-St. Marys             U.S.R. 127            Burch                                   0.31

Delisle-Fourmans            Jaysvl-St. John     S.R. 49                                 2.35

                                                                 Total                                   30.60 

PAVEMENT MARKING: During the summer months, about 40 miles of road will have new centerline/no passing markings applied, and about 70 lane miles (35 road miles) will have white edge-line markings applied at an estimated local cost of $28,950. The project is expected to use 650 gallons of yellow paint and 1,400 gallons of white paint. Centerline markings are estimated to cost $260 per mile and edge-lines will cost $265 per mile. 

CULVERT REPLACEMENT: An estimated 60 roadway culverts and many subsurface tile crossings will be replaced in the upcoming year on those roads to be resurfaced in 2013. All work will be done by County personnel and equipment, and the estimated cost of labor, materials, and equipment is $118,360. 

CRACK SEALING: An expected 50 miles of County Road will have pavement cracks sealed with hot applied crack sealant material by County personnel. The total estimated cost for this work is $156,000 and will be performed throughout the year. 

SIGNS: An estimated 979 STOP AHEAD and yellow warning signs will be replaced on County Roads to meet the new reflectivity mandates. The cost of the signs is estimated at $50,500 with a federal grant providing 80% or $40,400 of this amount. The total cost, including hardware, labor and equipment is estimated at $80,500 and all work will be done by County personnel and equipment. 

ROAD RECONSTRUCTION: A major widening and reconstruction project will be contracted in late summer on Frazers Road from the Preble County Line to Grubbs-Rex Road for a length of 3 miles. The work will include culvert replacements, pavement and shoulder widening and overall road enhancement. The estimated cost is $866,881, substantially funded by the Ohio Public Works Commission with an estimated County cost of $225,389 (26%). 

Total Estimated Road Improvement Costs: $3,050,691

Total estimated local cost: $2,368,799 (78%) 

BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION BY COUNTY EMPLOYEES:  Two bridges will be replaced and six bridges will be rehabilitated by County personnel during the upcoming year. 

Road                                 Bridge No.       Span     Width         Work                    Est. Cost 

Hollansburg-Richmond        C013-0297         31’         28’   Superstructure Rep       $   69,912

Ohio-Indiana Line Rd.         C012-0326        37.6’       28’    Total Replacement        $ 111,180*

Schroeder                          T161-0063        113’         24’   Rehabilitation               $   44,692

Oakes                               T086-0241          73’         20’    Rehabilitation              $   41,300

Seibt                                 C168-0091        224’         24’   Rehabilitation               $   84,760

Younker                             T160-0231         70’         22’    Rehabilitation               $   24,458

Culbertson                          T198-0242         41’         24’   Rehabilitation                $   17,992

Palestine-Union City           C030-0742          97’        28’    Rehabilitation                $   44,227

                                                                                                               Total    $ 438,521

  One-half of this cost will be reimbursed by Randolph Co., Ind.

                                                                Total County Obligation: $ 382,931 (87%)

(Force account estimates include cost of County labor and equipment with large overhead rates required by state law and policy)

In total, an estimated $3,489,212 of road, bridge, and culvert improvements will be made in 2012 to County roads and bridges on County and Township Roads in Darke County with an estimated cost of $2,751,730 in local funds.


James P. Surber P.E.,P.S.

County Engineer


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