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Buckeye and the pilots on the way to the Bahamas. Buckeye is Courtney’s bear, who is going around the
world with her. He is a part of her Vicarious Voyage with a group of 3rd graders from Greenville.
  A Greenville grad’s ‘Vicarious Voyage’ around the World

By Courtney De Schepper

From the Editor: This is the first of several reports as Courtney visits 11 countries this spring, from Singapore to Ghana and more. The 2010 Greenville High School graduate begins her journey in the Bahamas, where she boards the cruise ship “Explorer” on her way to Dominica.

County News Online will be posting updates as they are received.

CNO will also be posting notices on how a group of Third Graders at East School will be sharing Courtney’s journey with her. She will be noting schools, natives and land forms, taking pictures and writing about them for Sherry Flora’s third grade class. On her journey, she is taking “Buckeye,” a bear that the class made. It is stuffed with pieces of paper with their names on them, so they could go “around the world” with her.

Ever been around the world? Neither have I. Prepare to share Courtney’s ‘Vicarious Journey’ with her. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


My name is Courtney De Schepper and I am from Greenville, Ohio. I graduated from Greenville in May of 2010. Since graduating from GHS I have successfully completed two years at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio just twenty minutes south of Cleveland.

Currently I am a sophomore at Baldwin-Wallace College studying Education with a concentration in Mild Moderate Education needs. I also have a duel minor in Psychology and Urban Studies. As a part of my Liberal Arts college education I must complete international studies classes. I could either take a foreign language class or study abroad, and I chose the latter.

When I was searching for a program I came across, applied for, and was accepted to a program called Semester at Sea based out of the University of Virginia. In this program I live on a ship with seven hundred other people ranging in ages from three to people well into their fifties, visit 11 countries, and take four three-credit hour college classes.

People who teach on the ship can bring their families, therefore we have approximately thirty children under the age of eighteen. There is also a program called Life Long Learners, which are people who are beyond the normal college age but wish to further their education by participating in this program. The majority of this community is college aged students like myself.

While traveling I will be visiting: The Bahamas, Dominica, Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Singapore, Viet Nam, China, Japan, Hawaii USA, and finally California USA where I will get off the ship on May 2. While traveling around the world to these magnificent places I will be taking four classes. I will be studying Global Studies (an introduction to each country while connecting them in an intriguing way through culture and history), introduction to world religion, world music, and Anthropology.

While on this voyage I hope to gain not only a better understanding of our world (which is inevitable) but to also grow as a person. I hope to take what I learn here aboard the MV Explorer and use it in my future goals and career choices as an educator.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all. Feel free to follow my blog in between articles at:   

Bonn Voyage!

Courtney’s Trip Itinerary

Courtney preparing to leave the Bahamas for her ‘Vicarious Voyage’ to 11 countries around the world.

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