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Reaching True Potential as an FFA Student
By Ashley Studebaker

Photo: Katie Hart, who is currently the Franklin Monroe FFA President, has been active in the FFA program for three years.

Franklin Monroe FFA students have a busy spring ahead of them. They have quite a few events coming up that might spark the interest of the community, or they could be events that are just for different FFA groups at different schools.

Events coming up are Livestock Judging, FFA banquet, selling BBQ tickets, FFA week, public speaking, Ag ball, wood projects, and a work service trip. The work service trip will be taking place in Alabama this year.

I have never been in FFA, but I do know that the Livestock Judging is something that many FFA kids take part in and that they all seem to enjoy. Livestock Judging can actually become very competitive for those who take it seriously.

Selling chicken BBQ tickets has always been something for the whole community and it benefits the Franklin Monroe FFA program.

Never being in FFA, I thought it would be nice to give the reader a better idea of what FFA is all about by asking someone who has been in FFA for the past three years. Katie Hart is a senior at Franklin Monroe and the Franklin Monroe FFA President.

I asked Katie how being in FFA can affect a student’s life outside of school.

“Being in FFA, you learn many leadership skills that can help you in life. Public speaking is an event that has helped a lot,” she said.

The FFA has public speaking as one the events coming up this spring so hopefully many will participate to benefit them in the future. Miss Hart has also been in the Darke County 4-H club for eight years by showing beef cows. I was curious to know if being in 4-H has helped her in FFA, or FFA helped her in her 4-H club.

“FFA has helped in 4-H more than 4-H helped in FFA,” she said. Miss Hart added that all she has done in 4-H has been showing and holding an office.

I thought that a teacher’s perspective might be a little different.

The Ag FFA teacher, and newly named Athletic Director, Matt Triplett, gave a little of what FFA is about at Franklin Monroe. I asked him how being in FFA can affect the student’s life outside of school.

“Being in FFA prepares the student for the work force,” he said. “With all the activities that FFA does, the student must keep up with everything and work hard at it so this can be very beneficial for them later on in life.”

Mr. Triplett also stated that being in FFA can help the student obtain a scholarship, which is obviously one of the most rewarding things for a student. He added that the Franklin Monroe FFA tries to reach the full and highest potential for the student. Students must be willing to work hard at reaching their highest potential.

Ashley Studebaker as a student at Franklin Monroe High School and a post-secondary student at Edison Community College.

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