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Ketrow Foundation Contributes to DCCA  
January 27, 2012 

Ketrow Foundation has awarded funds to Darke County Center for the Arts (DCCA) to support the Family Theatre Series and Arts in Education programs.  DCCA presents and promotes performing and fine arts, encouraging cultural enrichment in the community.  DCCA is also committed to the preservation of Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall as an important cultural center.  

DCCA presents three shows annually in the Family Theatre Series; these programs are generally based on children’s literature.   The Arts in Education program presents performances to every grade level in all Darke County and Greenville City schools. 

According to Executive Director Julie Strait, Darke County Center for the Arts is grateful for Ketrow Foundation’s generous and loyal support, enabling DCCA to provide programs that inspire creativity, educate, and entertain the children and youth of our community.  For more information regarding these programs, contact Julie Strait at DCCA (937) 547-0908.

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