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Voice your Opinion for this year’s awards

Every year Greenville Kiwanis honors two individuals for their achievements. One is the Kiwanis Citizen of the Year; the other is the Kiwanis Teacher of the Year.

This year Kiwanis would like public input on who they believe would be excellent candidates for either one of these awards.

Who, in your opinion, has done the most for the betterment of the Greenville community? Areas to consider are the individual’s involvement in community activities, charities, public service, youth mentorship and more. What has the individual done to make the community a better place in which to live?

Who, in your opinion, has done the most for the young people in the Greenville City School System? Your nomination can be a teacher at any grade level, from Kindergarten to High School.

Nominees do not have to be members of Greenville Kiwanis. Deadline for Nominations is Feb. 15.

Nominations should be sent to Kiwanis President Mike Snyder care of Mercer Savings Bank, 125 E. Main St., Greenville 45331. They can also be sent to his email (NO attachments, please) at If you need to reach him, his phone number is 937-548-9049.

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