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JANUARY  15, 2012 

The meeting followed the advertised meeting questions with the exception of an additional first subject. 

This new subject was a direct response to an item received that started with the following   “I simply do not agree with what you are trying to do.” The remainder of the document [my opinion] dealt with many items that constitute a basis for a political viewpoint but never returned to the conclusion related to what you are trying to do. This discussion segment focused on the DARKE T.E.A. PATRIOTS MISSION STATEMENT that has been our public policy since about April 2010. A copy of our Mission Statement and the supporting basic policy statement is available if you request it. The conclusion of this part of the program [again my opinion] was very simple; the FACTS related to “what you are trying to do” are readily available. 

TO WORK TO IMPEACH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL? A very significant question was asked regarding which Attorney General are we to evaluate?  The Federal Attorney General Eric Holder was the intended focus of this question. 

Examples of issues that are factors in firing/impeachment are: 

1. Deleting charges against the black brotherhood in Philadelphia for intimidating voters. 

2. Joining the Mexican Government to sue the State of Arizona. 

3. Lying to the Senatorial Committee regarding FAST AND FURIOUS.  
Fast and Furious is a major blunder. Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) have held and will continue with hearings into the fiasco, but we now have two dead federal law enforcement agents and several hundred dead innocent Mexican citizens as a result of the DOJ actions. 

4.  Eric Holder, Attorney General, publically calls the US “a nation of cowards” for supposedly not addressing race relations to his level of satisfaction. 

5.  Eric Holder, US Attorney General, vows to reinstate the “assault weapon” ban, even while 65 House Democrats wrote him in opposition to such a ban. 

6. Eric Holder, US Attorney General, stating the disposition of captured Somali pirate is “the possibility is that we would release him into this country.” 

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DECLARE ACTION NOW TO HAVE A BALANCED BUDGET? During this discussion, the number of United States Military bases domestically and overseas was discussed. In January 2011 an estimate of 737 bases was published. But a recent article in Common Sense states that there are 1077 bases but just maybe there are more or less. According to the Military Travel Zone data base there are 387 military bases in the United States and 133 military bases overseas. According to The Military Zone Information about US Military Installations there are seventy (70) overseas bases and two hundred seven (207)  bases in the US. This subject was discussed because of a comment regarding Ron Paul returning all service personnel to the United States. 

The conclusion of this segment was that if the current elected officials can improve their financial position and/or their political position without addressing this issue [an essential ingredient in the 2010 elections] then NOTHING will happen. 

START AN INITIATIVE HERE TO REQUIRE PASSING A DRUG TEST BEFORE RECEIVING WELFARE? This was the basis for a heated discussion. The overwhelming majority indicated that anyone who receives money or services from the US Government / taxpayers should be subject to the consistent and random simple act of drug testing. 

TAKE A STAND REGARDING SCHOOL DEBT IN DARKE COUNTY??  The period began with a summery of the financial five year forecast for all schools in Darke County. The conclusion rapidly reached was that the school boards must make public their position regarding operating in the red i.e. from a debt position as soon as 2013. 

SUBMIT A PETITION TO THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS TO REDUCE COUNTY SALES TAX??? The fact  that the County Commissioners in Office a few years ago made a promise to end the % additional sales tax in either one or one and years was discussed and the fact that this promise has not been keep. In fact some of the funds from this sales tax are being used to offset current salaries. The question of “What can we do??” was not answered. 

Author’s comment. The small group that attended actively participated and they represented many Darke County Communities, both major parties, veterans, senior citizens and elected officials. We need greater representation/more attendees at the next meeting on Sunday February 11, 2012 at the Lighthouse Christian Center at 3:00 P.M., WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

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