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Empowering’s After School Program students achieve honors

Empowering Darke County Youth’s After School Program students at Edison State Community College have received their first quarter report cards. Several East students brought their special Achievements with them Nov. 18. Pictured, they are:

HONOR ROLL 4th Grade: Payton Herrmann; MERIT ROLL 4th Grade (L to R): Ibrahim E.B.  Fall, Olivia Flatter, Kristen Bromagen, Kara Rehmert and Travis Flatter; NO MISSED ASSIGNMENTS: Payton Herrmann and Kara Rehmert, 4th grade and Owen Nicely, 3rd grade.

A number of Woodland students also showed excellent progress, and Sixth Grader Xander Brown (not shown) proudly showed off a long list of A’s and B’s.

The After School Program at Edison State is a program established by Empowering Darke County Youth to provide a safe place for students to do their homework and expand their reading and math skills. Volunteers are available for homework help and one-on-one tutoring as needed.

Volunteers are always needed. If any responsible adult, college or high school student would like to help, call 937-548-5546 and ask for Bob Robinson, or email


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