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Greenville’s 2017 Annie Oakley Parade Bigger & Better
By Paige Burns

The last weekend in July, a celebration of Darke County’s most famous daughter, Annie Oakley, took place in downtown Greenville. The morning started with two events supporting the fight against breast cancer: a 5K run and an entertaining Pink Mile Walk.

Then the main event… a parade marched down Broadway where crowds of people stood by to watch. Some people brought their dogs to enjoy the celebration as well.

During the parade, the annual Farmer’s Market displayed their own products on the side streets of Broadway. Canopies and tents lined the intersection of 4th Street and Broadway. Many of these vendors were selling homemade goods such as produce, clothing, food, and antiques.

One particularly interesting tent had painted rocks for sale. Owner and painter, Valerie Randolph, explained that she collected smooth river rocks and carefully painted each rock to portray a certain animal. Another hot spot at the market was a homemade fudge tent. Susan Magoteaux owns her own fudge business, which produces 60 different flavors of homemade fudge.

Thanks to the market, the crowd watching the parade down Broadway could enjoy the homemade and homegrown treats Greenville residents had to offer.

Local businesses participated as well. Specialty shops, including the popular KitchenAid store, had been attracting bargain hunters throughout the morning. Most had been offering their specials since Thursday and Friday.

The parade began around 10 a.m. and lasted for nearly an hour. Greenville Police Department, Greenville Band of Pride, 2016 and 2017 Miss Annie Oakley, and many other groups and organizations participated in the Annie Oakley Parade down Broadway. Some floats in the parade even threw candy to the kids waiting on the sides of the street.

A few participants marching in the parade dressed up in silly outfits or costumes while some rode in small go-carts with a group to publicize their organization. Second National Bank even had a float with someone in a puppy costume standing at the front.

This wide range of entertainment during the Annie Oakley Parade provided a sense of community and fun. With the 5K, Pink Mile, Farmer’s Market, the parade, and the participants’ excitement, the 2017 Annie Oakley Parade in downtown Greenville did an extraordinary job of honoring Darke County’s very own “Little Sure Shot.”

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