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Empowering’s Holiday Reading kept student minds active

GREENVILLE - An even dozen youngsters participated in at least one of the five Holiday Reading Sessions sponsored by Empowering Darke County Youth. Sessions were held on the Edison State Darke County Campus during the long winter break while finishing touches were put on GCSD’s new K-8 building.

“The Christmas holiday season is an extremely busy time of the year for everyone, especially families with children,” said Bob Robinson, Empowering Program Coordinator. “We really appreciate the parents who took time out of their schedules to bring their children, and the volunteers who showed up to help.”

Five sessions were held over the nearly 4-week break. Several parents also took the opportunity to get in some one-on-one tutoring time for their children.

Each Holiday Reading session covered a different topic. The first three were seasonal: All About Santa, The Spirit of Giving, and New Year’s Resolutions.

The last two sessions took students into new worlds… American Legends, including the Midwest’s Johnny Appleseed, and Natural Resources, including renewable and non-renewable energy, recycling and more.

“The last two sessions, provided by Hannah Wiest from Darke County Parks, were great,” Robinson said. “We can’t thank her enough for the two excellent learning opportunities she gave these kids.”

Empowering Darke County Youth is a 501c3 community service organization established to help struggling students achieve and maintain their educational skills. Find out more about its programs and how to help at Empowering Darke County Youth

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