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Eric Fee, owner of Oliver Floyd and Braund Pope Funeral Homes, presents a check to
Krista Stump, treasurer, Empowering Darke County Youth.

Oliver Floyd, Braund Pope Funeral Homes donate to Empowering Programs

GREENVILLE – Eric Fee, owner of Oliver Floyd and Braund Pope Funeral Homes, continues his support of Empowering Darke County Youth programs, presenting his first of two checks for 2017 to Krista Stump, Empowering treasurer.

Shortly after purchasing Oliver Floyd Funeral Home in January 2016, Fee added Empowering Programs to his community support efforts. He is continuing that support in 2017. Fee, through both funeral homes, is involved in a variety of community programs. His stated goal is to support the community that supports his services.

Empowering Darke County Youth is a 501c3 community service organization, organized a year ago March to work with children who need help in the basics: reading, grammar and math. The organization conducts two programs, The After School Program at Edison State Community College, Darke County Campus, and the Summer Tutoring Program at Greenville Public Library. To date it has helped more than 100 Darke County young people.

Empowering’s services are free and can only exist with community support. If you would like to help, including volunteering, go to the Empowering Darke County Youth Facebook page, or email:

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