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A dynamic Lori Hoover gives her IMTV class instructions on
one of their community service projects.

A Teacher Making A Difference
By Paige Burns
IMTV Reporter

GREENVILLE - “IMTV has been involved in many community service projects, building communication and bonding young people with their home community,” said Lori Hoover, Greenville High School Interactive Media Instructor. She added, grinning, she looks forward to each day in class as “(an) opportunity to grow and a chance to make an impact.”

As the instructor of IMTV, Hoover chooses to let her students make decisions on their own. By giving them encouragement and guidance, she notes that she is teaching them many important skills such as leadership, time management, and communication.

Under Hoover’s leadership, GHS IMTV students learn to edit and record videos, take pictures, Photoshop pictures, use the computer to make animations, plus many other media skills. Hoover encourages her students to serve their community by dedicating their computer and media skills to helping community projects.

"Mrs. Hoover is a great teacher because she actually cares about her students and helps them with real-life problems," said Tabetha Westfall, a junior in IMTV. Hoover is outgoing, vibrant and her students see her as a passionate educator and mentor in both interactive media and community service.

The class is offered through GCTC (Greenville Career Tech Center). It is available to juniors and seniors, and students are accepted based upon character, recommendations and attendance. Students in IMTV provide their media services to the community all year long. Each year, the senior class works on its biggest project, which is dedicating a video called Senior Sendoff to the graduating seniors. The junior class of IMTV is heavily involved in school events and community projects such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. A new IMTV endeavor will be to create a video for Empowering Darke County Youth.

She assigns these projects to her students to get them familiar with working as a team and with their community. Hoover also works with her students one-on-one to guide them to success. By participating in these projects, the students learn leadership and communication skills because Hoover lets them take complete control.

One of the community projects the students of IMTV are associated with is Channel 5, a Greenville local public access station. The students take charge of recording local events and running the community message board. Another project IMTV partners with is the Greenville Veterans Memorial Park & Digital Library. In this project the students record and highlight stories of veterans in a series called Never Stop Serving. The students of IMTV impact the community by participating in many projects such as these.

Not only does Hoover help the community through IMTV, but she also plays an active role in her students’ lives. Hoover provides her students with many opportunities to better their futures and knowledge. For example, she gives her students information on important opportunities that the students may not know about. A few things she provides information on are job shadowing, college visits and financial aid.

Hoover has worked as a teacher for 32 years; 26 years at Greenville Junior High and six years as the Interactive Media instructor at Greenville High School. She said she was very nervous about a new position after 26 years, but added "change is good!" She soon began to love her new job at GHS.

"(I want) to make a difference in their lives,” she said, glancing at the students working at their stations, “to encourage them to be successful, work hard, set goals and reach for them."

Hoover said that she always wanted to be a teacher because the majority of her family were teachers. She went to Ashland University for her undergraduate degree in Secondary Education and Wright State University for her master's degree in Curriculum. She also studied High School and Comprehensive Business Education, Computer Science, Supervision and Professional Development, and Computer Coordination.

“I come from a long line of family educators and I am a life-long learner,” she said with a grin that has almost become second nature to her students.

Hoover is always striving for diligence in her students. With her caring attitude and perseverance, she helps IMTV students take active roles in their community, their goals, and their lives.

Hoover helps IMTV student Mikayla Bailey with her current project.

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