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Giant Geranium

54. 58. 55. 47.  Not new math but these numbers represent the dimensions of one giant geranium.  The plant boasts 54 salmon blossoms, stands 58” tall, 55” wide, and 47” deep.  It thrives in the sunroom of Pat McLear and was purchased as a start fifteen years ago by her mother, Ruth McLear.

At first, the geranium lived in Ruth’s garden on Dogwood Drive.  It spent winters in her son’s sunny home.  Then Ruth went to live at Brookdale and Pat moved to Chestnut Circle, both Greenville addresses.  Pat inherited the hardy geranium.  “I water it every Sunday and fertilize it every other Sunday,” said Pat. 

Charlene Thornhill, master gardener and president of the DARKE COUNTY ASSOCIATION OF GARDEN CLUBS:  Butterflies Junior Club, Ladybug and Wildflower, visited the McLear Geranium and said, “It is the biggest I have ever seen!  What a great accomplishment to keep this geranium for 15 years!”

In the past year, the plant has grown 20” and Pat has added four supporting stakes to the stems and branches.  She occasionally deadheads spent blossoms or withered leaves.  Ruth enjoys coming to visit her daughter and “their” giant geranium.

“You can witness the love and care it has received,” said Thornhill.  “Many people try to over-winter geraniums with little success.  This plant is a great reflection of the person who is caring for it and the ideal conditions she has it placed in."

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