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Lauren Henry, Director of Wayne HealthCare Foundation, hands a check to Empowering Darke County
Youth Program Coordinator Bob Robinson. The donation will help provide healthy snacks to students
in Empowering’s After School Program.

Wayne HealthCare promotes healthy snacks for Empowering youth

The Empowering Darke County Youth After School Program kicked off Oct. 2 with a huge increase over the previous year in the number of students needing help. Major changes in the operation of the program were required; one of them is in providing snacks.

Wayne HealthCare Foundation came to the rescue with a significant donation to assure that at least some of the snacks are healthy!

“These kids are hungry after a long day in school,” Bob Robinson, Empowering Program Coordinator, said. “They don’t care what they eat as long as it satisfies their immediate after-school hunger pangs. And a large number of students each day makes providing the snacks an expensive proposition.

“We are extremely grateful to Wayne HealthCare Foundation for its support. It couldn’t have come at a better time.”

The Wayne HealthCare Foundation Board expressed a strong interest in the program and, according to Lauren Henry, Wayne HealthCare Foundation Director, the full board is pleased to be able to support the Empowering program.

The Empowering Darke County Youth After School Program is in need of volunteer and financial support. Anyone interested in helping can leave a message at Edison State Community College, Darke County Campus, 937-548-5546, or message Empowering on Facebook.

The Empowering Mission: Empowering Darke County Youth provides After School and Summer Tutoring programs to assist students in the areas of language arts and math with the goal of Strong Students for a Strong Community.

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