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Local youth collecting donations for homeless, animal shelter

Recently, Rachel (17 years old) and Bridget Unger (10 years old) started a donation program called Comforting Comforters.    They have only a few more weeks to collect donations in the area for the homeless of Darke County and for local animal rescues and the Animal Shelter.  So far, almost 50 blankets and almost 100 socks were delivered to CAP this week, and several dog toys and treats were delivered to the animal shelter.

The businesses listed in this FB post on their page stepped up to host boxes to collect donations.  Is there any way this can be covered so that they can get more donations to help more people?  Their Facebook page is here:

"Hello, all you wonderful people!

We have 12 boxes in place at 13 businesses throughout Greenville. Here is the breakdown.

New Socks and Blankets for Homeless in Darke County (and then neighboring communities/counties) can be dropped off at the following locations:

Nature's Heart Yoga/ F45 Training Greenville
Bread Of Life Christian Bookstore
JT's Brew & Grill - Greenville Location
Young Forest Martial Arts, ltd.
CrossFit in the Darke
Greenville Public Library (Ohio)
tangles... a unique hair & nail salon
Darke County United Way, Inc.
Meckes and Associates Insurance
Darke County Parks - Nature Center

New Blankets and dog toys for Rescued Animals in Darke County can be dropped off at the following locations:

De Colores Montessori School - Central Ave location
Montage Cafe

Items for the Homeless will be distributed via Community Action Partnership here in Darke County.

Items for Rescued Animals will be donated to local rescues and the Darke County Animal Shelter.

The donations will be accepted through January 30.

Thanks to Lowe's Home Improvement for the supplies to make all the collection boxes and their donation of blankets to both programs. Thanks goes to George! Unlimited, Inc. and Lambright Trucking for the warehouse space so we can organize what comes in.

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