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2012 Primary, Darke County…
Meet your Candidates before you Vote
By Bob Robinson

In a little under two months, Darke County voters will be asked to make a choice between the candidates for three countywide positions.

Those candidates for which you will cast your vote on March 6 are as follows (all Republican):

Juvenile Probate Court Judge: Sitting appointed Judge Jason Aslinger or Attorney James Detling.

Darke County Commissioner: Incumbent Diane Delaplane or her challenger, Aaron Ward.

Darke County Clerk of Courts: Incumbent Cindy Pike or her challenger, Amanda Farley.

You will have multiple opportunities to meet them and/or learn their views and qualifications for the offices they are seeking:

The Darke County Republican Womens Club has invited all Republican candidates to its Meet the Candidates Forum, Monday, Feb. 13, 7 p.m., Chestnut Village Center, Brethren Retirement Community.

The Darke County Republican Mens Club will be inviting all Republican candidates for its traditional pre-election Meet the Candidates Forum, Saturday, Feb. 18, 8 a.m., Employee Dining Room, Brethren Retirement Community.

County News Online has sent questionnaires to each candidate in the contested countywide races. The questionnaire addresses the following: Name; office seeking; personal and professional background; the duties and candidate’s qualifications for the office; the top three challenges of the office and how the candidate can address them better than his/her opponent; and a brief summary on why the candidate should receive your vote.

Deadline for receipt of the answered questionnaires is midnight Sunday, Feb. 12. Anticipated publication for each race is scheduled for Feb. 14, 15 and 16.

Finally, the Darke County League of Women Voters will be holding its traditional Candidates’ Night Forum on Monday, Feb. 27, 7 p.m., at the American Legion on Ohio Street. Videos will be presented to cable subscribers on Channel Five prior to the election. To see the story, Click here.

All other countywide races are unopposed. They are: Darke County Prosecutor Kelly Ormsby, III (R), Darke County Sheriff Toby Spencer (R), Darke County Recorder Linda Stachler (R), Darke County Treasurer Scott Zumbrink (D), Darke County Engineer Jim Surber (D), and Darke County Coroner Timothy Kathman (R).

Voters will also be asked to vote for their Central Committee members on March 6. Some of the Republican races are contested: #4 Greenville City 2-A: Robert Berger or Doris Howdieshell; #18 Franklin Township: Micki Miller Earwood or Sue Johnson Park; #22 Greenville Twp. West B: Jim Ward or Robert A. Foster (Write-In).

There will be a number of Write-In Central Committee candidates, which means they won’t actually appear on the ballot. You will be able to get a list from your voting precinct and must type in the name of your choice.

Remember that in Ohio, primaries are Party Contests held for voters in each party to choose their representatives in the November General Election. You will have to ask for a Republican or Democrat (or other) ballot in order to vote for a candidate in that party.

Since County News Online is a media outlet and not a participant in either party, all candidates will be treated equally and provided equal access to promote their candidacies. No candidate will be endorsed or in any other way promoted by CNO. Also, CNO will observe the traditional “cooling off” period for all local candidates. No editorial content will be published on behalf of any local candidate after the March 2 edition of County News Online.

To see all candidates for the March 6 Primary at the Darke County Board of Elections, click here

To download the list of candidates from the Darke County Board of Elections, click here

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