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Annie Oakley Committee
Wanted: Candidates for Annie Oakley Shooting & Costume Contests

Darke County Women Age 14-19 are wanted for the Miss Annie Oakley Shooting Contest & Costume Contest.

The contest is part of the Annual Annie Oakley Festival that is held at York Woods, the last weekend of July. The Miss Annie Oakley Shooting and Costume contest begins on Wednesday, July 12  for a mandatory publicity photo shoot at the Annie Oakley Park Statue at 6pm in downtown Greenville.  Then the shooting practice will be held at York Woods on Tuesday, July 25 at 6pm, with the shooting preliminaries held the next night, Wednesday, July 26 at 6pm.  The winners of the preliminaries will have a shoot off on Thursday, July 27 at 6pm.

All of the shooting contest is open to the public with no admission charged. Darke County Women Age 14 to 19, complete the application and send it in. Deadline is Wednesday, July 12 at 6pm. No Exceptions. IF YOU NEED INFORMATION, or HAVE QUESTIONS. CALL (937) 547-9947.

senior scribes

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