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Drug & Alcohol Free Youth
Awareness Walk: We Are the Majority

Attached is a WRTM flyer regarding an upcoming youth led, youth organized, walk to create awareness that statistically MOST teens are not using drugs and alcohol and are making positive choices.  All are invited to join the walk which will be Monday, April 17th.  Walkers will meet at the Annie Oakley Park in Greenville at 10:00 and will walk down Broadway, which will be blocked off.  The students are asking supporters to wear green or purple that day.  WRTM is an ongoing program, which is a group of teens who create programming in attempt to decrease drug and alcohol abuse. 

The week of the walk will be proclaimed “Majority Awareness Week” and the mayor as well as other professionals and teens will provide information at the city building to conclude the walk.  Food may be provided, however those details are still in the works!
Please spread the word!  This is a family walk to rally around the importance of not using illegal substances.  Hope to see you (AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW) there! To learn more about WRTM ask to join the youth led FB page called “Darke County We Are The Majority”.

Download the We Are the Majority flyer here

senior scribes

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