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Annual Fright Night at Library

Friday October 27th is everyone’s favorite Fright Night!  Take the haunted tour through the Greenville Public Library any time between 7:00 - 10:00 pm for $5.00 a person.  This event is in collaboration with Gateway Youth and all proceeds go to supporting their non-profit program.   See

Other community groups participating are ACES, Darke County Recovery staff, the Library staff, and the GHS theater group.  You’ll see such scenes as a chamber of horrors, a zombie graveyard, a mad scientist’s laboratory, a haunted maze, and the usual witches, monsters, and aliens. You’ll be surprised, shocked, and spooked!

Through experience we’ve found this event is unsuitable for young children.  Note that the Library will close at 3:00 pm the 27th. Happy Halloween!

senior scribes

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