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Statewide contest celebrates National School Breakfast Week

At the Ohio Department of Education, we believe — and evidence shows — that feeding students healthy, nutritious foods is key to their learning. This year’s theme for National School Breakfast Week is I Heart School Breakfast.
As part of the week-long celebration March 5-9, the Office for Child Nutrition is sponsoring My Favorite Breakfast, a statewide contest highlighting the important connection between child nutrition and its impact on learning. The contest is open only to schools taking part in the food program. The office invites students from program schools to submit all types of artistic work — photography, painting, sculpture, origami, pencil drawing and more — of a favorite breakfast meal or food item. The office will select the artwork that most effectively promotes school breakfast based on its visual impact, creativity, effort and skill.
Submissions must be postmarked by the Feb. 16 deadline. Please visit the Department’s School Breakfast Program webpage for additional entry and submission details. Email questions to

Visit the ODE School Breakfast Program webpage here

senior scribes

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