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Hi there,
Thanks for your informative web site.
I've quite enjoyed the articles on your site as they pertain to the soon-to-be-relocated space shuttles and have refrained from saying anything.  However, today's piece, "Commentary: Brown had no help from Obama aides on shuttle effort" on your web page was amazing beyond belief.  How sad it is that a senator or anyone would think the POTUS's aides would help in any way with NASA's decision.  Given what's going on with the debt/economy, the POTUS and the senator in question would better spend their time working with the 534 other people who were elected and govern (I know, I can hope).  Just as amazing was the last part of the piece that mentions how the previous Democratic POTUS "would have handled this one".  How does one know what a president in office in the 1990s would do in 2011?
The article below, "Obama denies politics cost Houston a shuttle", was on MSN's website this morning.  Very interesting, particularly in light of the above mentioned DDN piece.
One of the selected locations has been making me laugh: Washington, DC.  Thank goodness the shuttle will be at the Smithsonian's Udvar Hazy Center in northern VA, a drive of 30 miles from the Air and Space Museum on the Mall (out by Dulles Airport).  One will really have to want to get out there: it's a 40 minute drive without traffic (not sure when that is) or 60 minutes or more with traffic (more likely).  In addition, there's a $15 dollar parking fee.  I think there are still shuttles that go out to the annex, but that means that visitors will have to do their homework if they want to see this new artifact.
Will it really matter where these things are in five years?
Keep up the good work, and thanks again.
Susan Olling

PS - Just saw today's page on your web site.  The news article from DBJ at least got the location correct for the shuttle that's going to come to our little corner of the world. You gotta love sandbox fights.

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