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To the Republican Voters of Greenville

On May 3 those of us who vote Republican will be choosing the candidate who will
not only likely be the Mayor of Greenville, but will also be the Republican
Party’s candidate for Mayor.

One candidate has contributed to the party and actively participated in party
activities on a routine basis. When asked to help, he has been there and was
always willing to take on whatever job was asked of him. He has contributed
funds to party activities and attended party events on a regular basis.

This person happens to be the current mayor of Greenville, Mike Bowers.

Mike has likewise done a conscientious job of serving the residents of
Greenville during his term as our mayor. He has made tough decisions regarding
city business and has always kept the good of the community as a whole the basis
for those decisions. Mike has accomplished a lot for the city in terms of
helping make Greenville user friendly for businesses.

Greenville has been served well by Mike Bowers, as has the Republican Party of
Darke County.

Please join me in voting to continue this record of excellence – ask for a
Republican ballot and then vote for Mayor Mike Bowers.

-Lyn Bliss

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