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August 1, 2011

World's Largest Farce

We’re watching the world’s largest farce playing out 20 miles away.  It has 536 stars and a supporting cast of millions who voted these 536 into office.  As an independent who didn’t vote for any of them, I’m holding my nose as I watch all this. Why the apparent refusal to compromise?  No one’s going to get everything they want out of this.  These people clearly have forgotten their country’s history.  The US Constitution wasn’t a perfect document, but it was signed and ratified, and the experiment was started.  Benjamin Franklin, among others, would be appalled at what’s happened to this country.
These 536 been playing with fire for far too long. It was one thing to play with federal employees’ lives last spring, but this mess involves more than federal employees.  At some point, unfortunately, we’ll all be burned.
Unfortunately, it seems that these 536 (and the rest of the country) seem to be forgetting that this is playing out globally.  The rest of the world isn’t very happy about the leaders of this country who can’t seem to get this important task done.
What if these “public servants”, who don’t apparently agree on what to do about this, are letting this drama play out to see what happens on 03 Aug?  Since no one seems to know what will happen if the US defaults, perhaps the bickering children at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, NW want to explore this new territory.  A frightening thought, isn’t it?
If  the worst happens, will the Smithsonian Museums, the Washington Monument and the memorials be open on 03 Aug?  If there’s no money to pay salaries and utilities, these tourist attractions theoretically should not be open. 
I enjoyed your opinion yesterday about the possibility of a split in the Republican Party in 2012.  There is precedent for it: the 1912 election.  The Republican Party split, and Theodore Roosevelt, one of my favorite presidents, ran as the Bull Moose Party candidate.  William Howard Taft ran as the Republican candidate.  The winner was the Democratic Party candidate, Woodrow Wilson
As I’m finishing this, I just read that the Senate has defeated the House proposal.  No surprise.

Apologies, it was the House rejecting the Senate proposal.  The confusion, no doubt, due to my complete disgust with the entire bunch of time wasters down there.  They’ve had months to deal with this.
Perhaps they should try something along the lines of what 18th century juries did: sequestered in a room with no light, food, drink, or necessaries.  They didn’t dawdle with their verdicts.  In this case, all electronic toys would also have to be confiscated (no contact with the outside world).  With 536 people, rather than 12, the speed of the process would depend when the weakest bladder complains.  But it’s probably too late.
Susan Olling
Washington, DC (Maryland suburb)

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