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Date:   June 23, 2011
To:   All Darke County Voters/Taxpayers/Homeowners  and County Commissioners
Subject:   Transfer Tax/Conveyance Fee
Reference:   Monday June 20, 2011 Darke County Commissioner’s Meeting
An improved name for the subject Tax/Fee has been suggested and will be used subsequently. The appropriate name [my opinion] is the STEALTH TAX. The reason that this is meaningful is that to date, no one asked has any idea that this tax even exists. So STEALTH TAX it is.
The comprehensive report by Bob Robinson in the County News Online was detailed and professionally done. Kudos to Bob for a job well done.
It seems that a question regarding a process (evidently acceptable) should be asked knowing that the elected County Commissioners are considering increasing taxpayer funds to an organization (County Improvement Committee-CIC) for use as directed by the CIC Directors. The County Commissioners happen to be Directors of the CIC. The 50% increase proposed is only about $100,000.00 to $150.000.00 to be used for Economic Development – BUT this is money out of anyone’s pocket that decides and is lucky enough to sell their home.
Another question just might be, why, if Indiana is attracting business by lowering taxes, does it make sense for Darke County to raise taxes?? A comment was made that most of the other counties in Ohio have a higher tax/fee than Darke County, so we should raise ours to be like the other counties. If the goal is to attract businesses to Darke County, an example of lower taxes here should be a positive incentive for new business.
The value of an effective Economic Development Program should be self evident. Everyone in our County should be willing to support Marc Saluk’s dynamic efforts. The financial support should be on an individual basis and not an increase in a STEALTH TAX.
Al Bliss

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