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Editor’s note: This Wright letter is a late offering from County News Online. It was published in The Advocate and has since gotten a response from Darke County Commissioner Mike Stegall. He advised me that another letter is on its way and CNO will soon get a copy. You will see it as soon as we get it.

We have to wake up


According to Ted Finnam a proponent of CAUV and Scott Zumbrink representing the State Treasurer Association, CAUV is losing it’s clout in Ohio. Taxes on our farm acres will increase 100 percent to 300 percent in January 2012.

We have to wake up immediately and begin to protect ourselves from any additional taxes.

A national TV program just revealed that Ohio has the highest real estate taxes in the nation. Can you believe we pay more than New York? We have the second highest real unemployment rate behind Michigan in the nation.

These fools in the commissioner’s office don’t get it. Every dollar they take out of our pockets and transfer to someone else’s pocket is a tax on the achievers and welfare for the non achievers.

Case in point. The slow boys and one term Delaplane are planning to raise the conveyance fees again. I get confused over conveyance fees and real property transfer taxes. I believe this is a way to call a tax a fee. Why not be honest and just call it what it is, a tax?

It has also come to my attention that our enlightened commissioners want to turn Darke County into a wind mill junk yard. Two years ago I was contacted by a company out of Austin, Texas about leasing a farm I have on the Richmond-Palestine Road. They were considering putting wind mills in southern Randolph County, (the highest place in Indiana) and southern Darke County, Ohio. They came to the conclusion there wasn’t enough wind in this area to make it a viable business.

After what I’ve learned, I am of the opinion that wind mills in Darke County are nothing more than a rip off of the stupid people in Washington that are squandering our tax money. Ask yourself why would they come here to start a wind farm when we have so little wind when they could go anywhere in the United States where the wind blows all the time? They come for the Government money. When it’s gone we will have a massive junk yard... in my opinion.

In all fairness there is one location in Darke County where I’m sure a wind mill would be profitable. The front yard of the commissioner’s office. The hot wind is always blowing there.

Don Wright

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