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Editor's Note: CNO does not have the letter that Commissioner Mike Stegall wrote. It was published in a recent issue of The Advocate.

Right back atcha


If there is a brain running loose in the Darke County Commissioners Office it will die of loneliness. Nowhere in my letter do I even mention the commissioners in relationship to what I said about CAUV and the new taxes. A third grader should have been able to see that my letter was on multiple subjects.

As for the real estate taxes and unemployment in Ohio, the key word here was “real.” These investigative reporters dug out the “real” numbers on Ohio. I believe them. Politicians lie to look good and keep their jobs.

I’m sure I read in the Advocate where the commissioners were lauding the good economic impact the windmills would have on the County. I did not say one word about what other people should or should not do about windmills on their property. (Mike, don’t try and put words in my mouth. You’re not smart enough.) If you had read my letter you would have seen I did talk to a wind energy company.

Once again it is my opinion that these wind energy companies will come to Darke County and scoop up all the government money they can get and then high tail it out of here leaving a windmill junkyard. It’s no skin off my donkey. End of subject.

About one term Delaplane. I believe I was the first person to publicly advocate for a woman in the commissioners office. The reason was women usually handle money better than men.

The Republican voters of Darke County took Diane Delaplane to the dance. She drank the Kool Aid and left with someone else. We made a mistake. I believe she is a lightweight with no mind of her own. Proof... She has joined up with the slow boys to spend ten million dollars for a court house we don’t need. If there is anyone reading this letter that is thinking about running for Darke County Commissioner, she is the easiest target. A viable candidate will get a lot of help.

Before Mike Stegall was elected, I went to a commissioner’s meeting with a group of men opposed to building the new courthouse. We were told by the commissioners that Judge Julie Monnin was behind the big push for the new building. It was a bold face lie. One of our group contacted Judge Monnin. She wanted to move her court out to the shopping center where the county already owned buildings suitable for her court. This was exactly what we were advocating. I have no time for liars.

Slow Boys and Dough Boys:

Taxpayers, Mike Stegall’s pathetic attempt to take me to the wood shed was to distract you from the fact the commissioners are raising your conveyance fees or taxes. I’m still not sure what we should call it. Either way it’s money out of your pocket. You should take notice he did not address this subject in his letter.

I have no interest in Mike Stegall’s dough boy belly. It’s his slow boy brain that scares the hell out of me.

Folks I want to warn you. The most dangerous place in Darke County today is between Mike Stegall and a newspaper reporter. In my opinion the man has ink fever. There is no known cure.

Don Wright

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