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To all Darke County Folks who care about their schools

The following three tables consist of facts derived directly from reports generated by school districts in Darke County as required by the Ohio Board of Education, the Ohio Board of Education Annual School evaluation report or the School Facilities Eligibility Ranking List.

The purpose of presenting these three tables is to give each eligible voter an opportunity to look at relevant information about the schools in Darke County. As you can see, Bradford School District is included because it is physically in Darke County. The Ohio Board of Education considers it to still be in Miami County and is still tracked as such.

A few items are either shown in a special font or shown with a green highlight. The last table that includes the Greenville School District is very worthy of examination and compared to the other school districts in Darke County uniquely out of balance.

After reviewing these pieces of school information, it is hoped that each voter just might have a question or two to ask your school board.

Al Bliss

Darke County School Facts
ODOE 2009 – 2010 Report*

Darke County Schools Chart 1 - See Above

Darke County Schools Chart 2 - See Below

What amount (percentage of the construction costs) of support/state funds are furnished for the seven/eight schools in Darke County.

Local Funding Share

   Varying with the district’s assessed property valuation per pupil, the district will pay a local share or percentage of the total project cost. For most districts, the local share is the total cost of the project multiplied by the eligibility ranking list percentile.

   School districts must also raise the equivalent of one half mill for each dollar of valuation for the maintenance of the new or renovated facilities. The district may elect to satisfy its local maintenance requirement by earmarking the proceeds of an existing continuing permanent improvement tax. A district can also satisfy the requirement by applying the proceeds of a property tax, an income tax, or a combination of the two.

Darke County Schools Chart 3 - See Below


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